You have worked so hard and now you have that extra $1,000 in your pocket. Or perhaps you were given a bonus or a gift that is worth $1,000 in cash. Isn’t that great? You have a thousand dollars and you can do anything and whatever you want with it. Hmm, what will be the best thing to do with a $1,000 that can actually help you? Spend it for a vacation… possible. Buy the latest gadgets… maybe. Re-decorate your house with new furniture… good idea. Now that you are thinking, you may be able to think about a lot more, each ideas probably better than the previous one.

But here’s the catch, when you think about the idea, make sure that you will still reap the rewards after some time. Sure thing that a much needed vacation is great and you will have the memories to hold in your heart, but is it really necessary for now? Gadgets are great and they are some sort of an investment but hey, their prices do depreciate after a few months. Furniture for your house is also a good idea but it will just be a dead investment. Dead investments are those that cannot generate income for you.

How To Invest 1000 Dollars Smartly?

How To Invest 1000 Dollars

How about using your $1000 to invest and make a good use out of it? Something that will help you earn more so that you can have extra income and save more for those vacations, gadgets and furniture? After all, how to invest 1000 dollars properly is actually up to your choice if you want it to earn rather than lose it on one time spending.

There are a lot of ways on how to invest 1000 dollars. Here are some of the best ways to spend that dollars to ensure that you will still reap its results even after the money has been invested. The best way to invest 1000 dollars are as follows:

1. Publish Your Own Book

If you are one of those people with a knack on writing, try publishing your own book. You can use that $1,000 you have to conceptualize and develop a story and write it. Sometimes, even famous authors are hiring ghostwriters to write for them. If you do not have any talent on writing but you have the funds, you may also hire a ghostwriter to write the story for you.

As you will be the one who will publish your own book, you do not need any agents, publishers and book deals nor wait for a long time for your book to be published. You may make use of Amazon Kindle ebook series that lets you publish your story and generate millions of readers from the Amazon’s database of customers.

Another best thing in having your own book published is the royalties that you can get. Even if you are sleeping, someone is always accessing or buying your book, you will have a part of the money earned on the side and once this is accumulated, you will not only become a successful and well-known writer but also will have a large amount of income as well.

2. Purchase A Franchise

Most “work from home” franchises will require an initial capital of $1,000. These franchises will include several home services such as caring for pets, guarding the home, plant care, checking and cleaning up mailboxes, as well as giving the home an occupied look when the owners are out. You can also have cleaning services intended for homes and other buildings. There are also a lot of franchises available for those who are knowledgeable when it comes to technology as they can work with data recovery and doing some repairs. A franchise will help you start a business using an already established name. Hence, you are sure that you will already have customers to avail your services and products. You just have to make sure that you provide great services to your customers so that they will be able to patronize you instead of other franchisers.

3. Maximize Your 401k Contribution

If your employer already processed and provided you with your 401k contribution, you are really up for a great investment. You do not need to put in full your $1,000. What you have to do is just to sign for a certain amount to be deducted on your monthly payroll. If you save $1,000, only $39 will be deducted from your paycheck and just imagine as to how much this accumulated $39 can bring you great profits in the future.

It is important for you to note that all of your investments here are returned 100% back to you. However, there is one major catch in this investment when you need to withdraw your money. Since the money is being deposited without paying for taxes and this is intended for your retirement funds, you are entitled to pay taxes and several other fees if you want to pull them out earlier. However, there are some exemptions such as emergency medical bills.

4. Purchase A Bond

As a matter of fact, you can even purchase a bond as low as $100 and still receive the interest rate. What more if you spend your whole $1,000 on buying a bond? Certainly, the interest rate that will be paid to you becomes higher. For those people who are not familiar with a bond, it is actually a debt wherein you become one of the lenders. The amount you invested will be grouped with the amount invested by other people to come up with a large sum and lend it to a company or even the government.

In fact, you can lend your money to the US Treasury by purchasing a government bond. You may register online at Treasury Direct so that you will be able to purchase the bonds you want. You will then be receiving interest payments on a regular basis as the return of your investment. An investment on bonds is sometimes better than investing on stock market and this is usually the safest place for you, especially if you are lending your bonds to the US government.

5. Be An Event Organizer

There are a lot of events that you can organize and start with your $1,000 such as concerts, clinics, seminars, and even races among many others. Now, you may ask as to how can you pull through an event with just a mediocre amount of $1000? It may sound crazy but is actually not. Here’s the real score, when planning an event that requires tickets such as in concerts and triathlons, people register in advance and buy tickets in advance. Hence, you can use the money from these sales to pull through with the expenses. You can use your $1000 for printing the first batch of tickets and once these tickets are sold, you may use the money to get several things needed for the events such as the stage, decorations and other equipments or stuffs required. You can also use social media as a form of advertising your event. In this case, you will have a free advertisement and will be able to save more money.

6. Sell Baked Goodies

If you are good in the kitchen, why don’t you use your $1,000 and buy some ingredients for a certain recipe? Usually, baked stuffs are saleable. You can start selling it in your neighborhood, office, family and friends. You can also post it online and accept online orders to widen your target market.

Once you have established your baked products, you can now add on other recipes that you think your customers will like. You may even start as giving these new treats for free when they order a particular number of your old products. This free treat will provide them a way to taste your new recipe and you can ask their reviews if it will be saleable or not, and this promo will also make them buy your old products more considering that you are offering a free treat along with it.                 Who knows? If all goes well and you have already established this kind of business, you might be able to open up your own bakeshop or even restaurant someday.

7. Do-It-Yourself And Craft Items Business

DIYs and craft items are very much common to young people lately. Hence, you will have a broad target market. This will help you enhance your creative skills by creating personal designs that can attract the attention of your customers. Just like most of start-up businesses, you may also advertise your products through social media to gain more followers and clients. Social media is a great venue for you to post pictures of your DIYs and craft items and encourage everyone to purchase it. If you still have some money left after purchasing the materials you need for your product, you may set up a website with a complete gallery of your products as well as their brief descriptions and corresponding prices. Equip the website with online order forms, contact details and other things that you think can attract your customers to your business.

8. Become A Retailer

How to invest 1000 dollars as a retailer is simple. With your thousand dollars, you have the capability to buy things in bulk, which will cost cheaper compared to buying the items individually. After which, you can sell the items to your friends, officemates, families and neighbors at the price of individual retail items. Sites like will offer you with a lot of items that you can buy in their wholesale prices. You may just start with one or two products at first and once you have established your business, you may add other products one by one. You may stock your items in your home if that’s okay with you but once your business grow bigger, you might need a warehouse to stock your items and if luck and good fate is with you, you will have the opportunity to open your own shop and sell these items to expand your target market.

9. Have Your Own Blog

Internet is one of the best ways to earn more money and you can do so as well. Even if you are not as genius as Mark Zuckerberg and can’t develop Facebook, you can still make a living out of internet and the ongoing technological advancements. Create your own blog and become your own star. Not only will you be able to let the whole world know about your write-ups but also be able to have followers. Make sure that your blog can generate traffic and that many people can visit your site. You can do this by back-linking your site with other existing blogs/sites. Most sites do back-linking for free so that they can advertise their site on your site as well.

Now once you have established your blog and able to generate traffic with more than a hundred visitors a day as well as keeping your blog updated, you may contact Google and apply for their Google AdSense. Google AdSense will place several ads on your website and they will pay you a certain amount for the ads they are posting. This will provide you an extra income without doing anything aside from maintaining and updating your blog.

10. Become A Paid Photographer

Invest those 1000 dollars of yours on a good-quality camera equipped with accessories such as lenses and take great pictures. If photography is your hobby and passion, as well as you have the gift of catching great precious moments on your camera, then this is the best answer for you on how to invest 1000 dollars. Not only will you be able to enjoy your passion but will also get paid by doing something you love. You can cover events such as weddings, birthdays, concerts and many more. You may even just take random pictures that you can sell to private individuals or even corporations who can pay you a large sum of money in exchange of your masterpiece.