You might have played many free android games but ever thought of downloading some android business apps for free which could really help you? You might be perplexed of which business app to download and which not to. This article lists you some 25 best android business apps along with the free android apps download link so that you don’t have to search in the market. You can download it directly.

15 -Top android business apps

No 15: SMS backup and restore (AD free)

 best android business apps

This is one of the best android apps for free present in the market. It is very easy to use, operates with a single click and entirely ad free. It gives the facility of restoring and deleting all the messages. It also has the ability to export the data to HTML or web page format. It also gives the facility of merging multiple conversations of the people who possess more than 1 contact number. To install this free android app, you must have an android OS of 1.6 or later version.

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No 14: Facebook Pages Manager

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It helps a Facebook page administrator to connect to their customers and maintain their activities with the pages. This is one of the best social android apps for free because it helps in posting new updates, pictures and responding to the comments efficiently through your device. You can even view your private messages that are sent to a page. Apart from all these, you can change your profile, add photos, share links from other applications and create a shortcut of your page in home screen.

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No 13: Splashtop 2 – Remote desktop

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This is one of the best business android apps in the market. This is the fastest remote desktop application through which a user can access Mac, Ubuntu and Windows from either an android phone or an android tablet. It also gives the facility of using 5 computers together with a splashtop account. It occupies 12 MB memory and is compatible with all the desktop applications as well as PDF documents.

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No 12: Advanced Task Manager

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Yet another top android business apps which features killing the selected tasks, helps in listing all the tasks that are running and saving your battery life is none other than “Advanced Task Manager” . If you wish to kill a task, then all you need to do is to just long press on a particular task and click the button “force stop”. The size and the android OS varies with the device you use.

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No 11: Astro file manager/ browser

One of the perfect available android apps for business which is absolutely free in the market is Astro File Manager. It helps in managing as well as organizing files and other stuffs like: pictures, videos, documents and music on your phone as well as on android tablet.

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No 10: Business Calendar free

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Though there are many calendar business android apps in the market, this business calendar application has both textual and graphical presentation. You can view the events based on a month, week or a specific day. It occupies 1.6 MB memory in your device and requires android operating system version of 2.1 or higher.

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No 9: Box

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This is a fantastic android business app through which you can easily edit the files. Apart from file sharing, you can get connected with the team at anywhere, any place. You can share those important files with your colleagues and also view the updated info of your spreadsheet. You can even save your files in external memory and view them without an internet connection. This is the best android apps free in the market and just needs to be downloaded.

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No 8: CamCard free – Business card R

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This is one of the best business apps for android and one must definitely have this app installed in the device. It is a business card scanner as well as reader and it helps an individual to make notes, search LinkedIn, group the contacts etc. All you need to do is to click a picture of the business card and it will have all the contact information automatically in the address book. It recognizes 16 different languages which are: simplified Chinese, English, Hungarian, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Italian, German, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, Japanese, traditional Chinese and Korean. It occupies a memory of 15 MB and requires android 2.0 or later.

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No 7: Documents to Go 3.0

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This is an android business app which helps a person to view the native Microsoft documents which are of type: word, excel, power-point presentations etc. This is a very useful app but you will have to pay if you wish to get the full version.

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No 6: Google Maps

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With this app, you don’t have to carry a paper-map. This is one of the best business apps for android. It gives you detailed 3D views of different places and you can get instant information about the hotels, airports, stores, restaurants etc.

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