Humans as we are, we have our own collections – something that we really love to have. There are a lot of things that you can collect, from simple stones to expensive cars, and whatever these collections are, I am sure that you treasure them the most. Some people have this fascination of collecting shoes since it has been said that beautiful shoes take you to wonderful places. If you believe in this, then you must be someone who invests more on shoes rather than clothes and other accessories. Most often, those who have a large shoe collection are celebrities and A-listers because they use these on their everyday lives and work. Philippines’ former first lady Imelda Marcos, the wife of President Ferdinand Marcos, has more than 3000+ pairs of shoes! And Imelda is a lady of substance and style, so I bet that her shoes are as expensive as her tastes. Her shoes may worth millions accumulatively, but I doubt if she has one pair that is as expensive as these shoes on our list. So, let’s get started with 20 most expensive shoes in the world, which I personally feel that only multi-millionaires can afford. It is certainly far from common people like you and me.

Top 20 Most Expensive Shoes In The World

While some of us are happy and contented with shoes that are within budget, there are shoes that are really expensive that some even costs millions! Yes, millions as in with six zeroes behind its first digit. With the price of these shoes, we can buy ourselves a house and perhaps a car too! But what we can do now is to just ogle and envy those people who got the chance to wear the world’s most expensive shoes.

Here is the list of the top 20 most expensive shoes in the world that can both fascinate and disappoint (because you don’t own one) you. Let’s start with the “least” expensive one:

20. Men’s Dress Shoes (House of Testoni)

Cost – $30,000

20 Most Expensive Shoes In The World

The House of Testoni is an Italian company that showcased the best of the best in Italian craftsmanship. The company’s target market is the luxurious people all throughout the globe. Their men’s dress shoes is said to be water resistant and feathery light. Among all men’s leather shoes, this dress shoes is the most expensive in the world.

19. Testoni Shoes (House of Testoni)

Cost – $38,000

the most expensive shoes

Another shoes from the House of Testoni cost a staggering $38,000! That’s already equal to how many years of my salary. So what makes this particular Testoni made product expensive? Well, it’s simply because the skin of the world’s finest alligators are used to make the shoes. The brand also uses the Norvegese technique and the shoes are very durable and of high quality.

18. So Cal Air Force 1 Supreme Max (Nike)

Cost – $50,000

 the most expensive shoes

Sneaks are just sneaks usually used for running, but can you still consider sneaks with a price of $50,000 normal? To some, yes. Nike’s So Cal Air Force 1 Supreme Max consists of chocolate-colored diamonds that weighs 11-carats. These diamonds outline the Nike’s insignia on the shoes. This is the reason why it is one of the most expensive shoes in the world.

17. Air Jordan Silver Shoes (Nike)

Cost – $60,000

the most expensive shoes

Another of Nike’s creation made it on the top most expensive shoes in the world. With a $10,000 higher price than So Cal, the shoes are signed by Michael Jordan himself! Hence, it is no question that many of MJ’s real and die-hard fans would do anything in their power to get their hands on a pair of this. The shoe has silver detailing and is considered as Nike’s worldwide brand ambassador considering that it garnered too much attention since it was first launched.

16. Reebok Question Allen Iverson (Reebok)

Cost – $65,000

most expensive shoe in the world

Basically, the shoes being sold on the market is cheaper and affordable. However, there is one shoe of the same design made by Reebok that uses 246 real diamonds. These diamonds are encrusted on the shoe and perfect for any bling-fanatics out there. The one who owns this one diamond encrusted Question Allen Iverson shoes is definitely one lucky dude.

15. Slippers from Nizam Sikandar Jah

Cost – $160,000

most expensive shoe in the world

India has a very rich culture and heritage. These $160,000 slippers belonged to the Nizam of Hyderabad, Nizam Sikandar Jah. It is adorned with emeralds, rubies, diamonds and other expensive stones aside from the fact that it is fully embroidered with gold threads. Since the Nizam was born in 1768, his slippers became a symbol of royalty during the 18th century. The slippers was showcased on one of Toronto’s renowned museum, however, it was stolen from there. No one knew the whereabouts of the slippers after it was stolen. But luckily enough, it was recovered along with few damages.

14. Diamond Studded Nike Boots (Nike)

Cost – $218,000

most expensive shoes in the world

Nike usually has the most expensive sports shoes. A $218,000 sports shoe was designed by Luisa Di Marco which consists of white gold, black diamonds and sapphire stones. This pair of shoes was already worn by England footballer Johnny Terry, Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney.

13. Borgezie Stilettos (House of Borgezie)

Cost – $216,000

most expensive shoes in the world

The House of Borgezie, in collaboration with jewelry designer Christopher Michael Shellis, made the Borgezie Stilettos. They have said that the shoe is of very high-quality and it can lasts for a thousand years which makes it a great inheritance to be given to the next future generations in your family and be considered as an heirloom. The stilettos have pure gold and precious stones more than 2,200 in number. There are more than 30 carats of stones in one pair which makes it one of the most expensive shoes in the world.

12. Kathryn Wilson’s Pumps (Kathryn Wilson)

Cost – $418,450

worlds most expensive shoes

Next on the list of 20 most expensive shoes in the world is none other than Kathryn Wilson, a New Zealand based-designer who created the pumps for a charity event auction. It took her 50 hours to finish the work and it did not disappoint. It showcased diamonds that are worth million pounds each which was pasted individually by hand within that 50 hours. The pumps generated more than $400,000 at the auction despite the fact that it is not actually wearable.

11. Diamond Drea, Stilettos (Stuart Weitzman)

Cost – $500,000

worlds most expensive shoes

Now that we are getting higher and higher on the amount of shoes on this list, you might think as to how these shoes have become expensive as they are. Due to the fact that they are encrusted with expensive stones, these shoes are made by the best shoe manufacturers known to men, and one of these manufacturers is no other than Stuart Weitzman. Stuart’s Diamond Dream is a perfect girl’s dream shoes considering that it has 1,420 diamonds on the shoes plus the fact that it is high-heeled. The diamonds weigh 30 carats and set in platinum. One lucky person who was able to wear such is actress, Anika Noni, who debuted and modeled the shoes on the red carpet of the 2007 Academy Awards.

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