In the recent years, the android app market has grown massively. Once there hardly used to be apps but today every other day you see developers launching their new apps with different concepts helpful to users. It is easy for you to download what’s popular these days but there are some amazing free apps for android, which you are unaware of. And this is something I am going to list you out here in this post. Check them out

25 Top Free Apps For Android To Download Now

I thought of starting the list of best free apps for android in the reverse chronological order so that you’ll be curious to know what’s on the first.

25. Fill And Sign PDF Forms

 Best Free Apps For Android

This free android app is for people, who want something easy with their PDF files. With this app, you can even attach your pictures, mail it, view it and share it.

It occupies a memory of 2.8 MB and takes 4.0 stars. It requires an android OS version of 1.5 or later.

Download The Free Android App Here

24. Smart RAM Booster


There is this one huge problem we android phone users face. Guess what it is? Many different processes keep running at the background. In turn, what happens is your battery keeps draining. To kill all these background-running processes, there is a free android app called “Smart RAM Booster”. I have personally used this app and it really works great. As soon as you install, you see a small red rectangle like symbol on the notification bar. Just touch it and all your processes are killed automatically. So, its just 1-click to free your memory instantly. It comes in 4 levels

  • Aggressive = Kills low priority applications
  • Strong = Kills low priority and average apps
  • Medium = Kills apps that are above the average
  • Gentle =  Kills apps that utilizes considerable memory

This free app has been rated 4.3 by the users and occupies a memory of 1.5 MB. It requires an android OS version of 2.2 or higher.

Download This Free Android App Here

23. Battery Saver 2×

 Best Free Apps For Android-1

The one drawback android smart phones usually face is battery draining off so fast. You would have just charged you phone up to 100% but the moment you begin using it, turn your WIFI or mobile data, the battery drains in no time. This is the time when you need an app like Battery Saver 2×. This android app helps in saving your battery life and boosts your smart phone to work even faster than ever.


  • Deep Sleep Settings = Syncs data that drains your battery
  • 1-Touch Task Optimizer = Saves battery energy with single touch. Protects your batter from drain
  • Battery Life Indicator = Notifies you about the limited time for your audio playback, standby, reading, web surfing and talk-time
  • Settings Optimizer = Turns off multiple functions with single touch button
  • Status Bar Notification = Check the battery percentage at your status bar

Download This Free Android App Here

22. Android Assistant

 Best Free Apps For Android-2

Yet another great android app for free is none other than android assistant. It helps in managing your android phone’s or tablet’s running speed and at the same time saves battery. It has 18 cool features. To name a few


  • Volume control
  • Batch install
  • Batch uninstall
  • System Info
  • Battery usage
  • Startup manager
  • Cache cleaner
  • Power saver
  • App backup & restore
  • Phone ringtone

It occupies a memory of only 834 KB and rates 4.4 stars. To install this app, you need an android OS version of 2.1 or higher.

Download This Free Android App Here

21. 3D Digital Weather Clock

 Best Free Apps For Android-3

The one thing your watch might not be able to tell you but this app can is weather condition. It not only displays the time but also shows the temperature of where you are residing. Let me list you its features


  • 12/24 clock
  • Battery icon at the clock
  • Multiple color choices
  • Two exclusive forecast layouts

It occupies a memory of only 2.1 MB and holds 4.4 stars. It needs an android OS version of 1.5 or later.

Download This Free Android App Here

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