Choosing a nice gift for first anniversary might be difficult. Therefore, I decided to write an article and list you some of the best first anniversary gift ideas. Let us see as to what they are.

Perfect First Anniversary Gift Ideas


 I will give you 4 romantic gift ideas

Many couples think that their first anniversary gift might be the hardest thing to buy – Their marriage still is fully new and packed with romance. Both the spouses will desire to mark this occasion in a very special and memorable way. The traditional present on a first anniversary is usually a paper whereas the new approach goes for clocks. My 5 over-romantic first anniversary gifts ideas is a collection of 4 creative and spectacular mementos that highlights your love on each other. Take a look

1. Artistic Framed Map

If you ask me as to what could be, the best when it comes to first anniversary gift ideas, then I without doubt would list a framed map at first. If the relationship has incorporated journey to exotic places, then a beautiful map marked with places you have been with your partner is just perfect to gift.

2. A Scrapbook

Nothing can be a better gift than showing all your memories you have spent with your partner. You can make a scrapbook either on your own or with the help of online tools. You can collect down all the pictures and stick them neatly with nice captions. This indeed is one of the best first anniversary gift ideas. When you present this to your partner, he or she certainly will cherish it for their lifetime. To make your scrapbook even more special you can stick those concert tickets, dried flowers, code tags, which had been pulled from the bags after your trip at airport, if you have them with you.

3. A sundial

A modern present for Paper Anniversary can be nothing better than a clock. It symbolizes the time together & years ahead you. Sundial ties that tradition in the past & speaks about your relationship cycles along with the planet movement. In addition, it is an attractive piece. What’s more? Well, sundial adds splendor to your outdoor spaces and serves as charming indoor conversation part too.

4. A Memory box

Next in the list of best first anniversary gift ideas is none other than a memory box. If you are wondering as to what it is then let me explain you. It is a huge box, which will be filled with stuffs that helped in bringing you two close to each other. Did you two meet each other at a coffee shop or at a concert? Gift something that is associated with it and put it in your memory box. Collect as much as you can to gift it.

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