Most of the gamers are excited with best video game console. However, as gamers as they go on to proceed with the games they probably do not look into the game console as they are hardcore gamers now. As gamers to the core, you may pay less attention to the gaming console. However, have you ever tried to explore best video game console available in the market? If no, here are some of the best game consoles you must look into especially if you are an all time gamer.

4 Best Video Game Console

1. Microsoft Xbox

Best Video Game Console

The device stands similar to PS4 when it comes to costing. It is an affordable bundle. Additionally, the Microsoft has removed paid Xbox Live Gold Requirement to get the entertainment apps. But, the dashboard of the Xbox still remains confusing occasionally while the PS4 have better performance and graphics on multiplatform games. The must-have titles still remain weak when compared to the older generation consoles. However, the PS-4 offers a competitive alternative.

2. PlayStation Vita Slim

Best Video Game Console

A Micro-USB cable provided with the game console is lighter and thinner and the console can be charged with any of the micro-USB cables. For local gaming streaming the PS4 works better and have a better battery life. Moreover, the library also offers some good features with freebies as well. The console appears less vivid with the new LCD display compared to the old Vita’s OLED display. Due to the absence of extra buttons and rumble some of the remote play PS4 games do not go well. Since two years, the device has refined to make itself a better place to hold a plenty of games. It’s really funny to have one and the price remains worthy of the product.

3. Nintendo Wii Mini

Best Video Game Console

The console is affordable and compact. No online functionality is available that is to say you are not able to play the downloaded retro Wii games. And the Netflix cannot be watched. The HD video cannot be displayed and the HDMI ports not be connected. The device does not do justice for your savings as you may have a stripped-down experience as the device is featured as to focus on playing disc games.

4. Sony PlayStation TV

Best Video Game Console

You can find the price range starts from an affordable range. With this, you can play some games as it works well with the existing DualShock 4 and 3 controllers. You can also stream the games from PlayStation Now or PS4 along with fistful video services. However, you cannot see a graceful leap into the big screen as a shocking amount of content is not available in HD. In the Wi-Fi mode, the remote play takes a lot of time and appears lagging. An expensive flash storage medium adds to the burden. Some of the important streaming services Hulu Plus and Netflix are absent. Hence, the device sticks to the paper as attractive but it remains out of gates as an entertainment and gaming box. The box appears small probably tiny than your deck of cards that has Apple TV and Roku.