It is no more a hidden secret that women are damn good in keeping secrets. Few women secrets can be really stupid and telling them out can literally be embarrassing but few can really be life changing. It doesn’t matter how close you are with your partner but there will be few secrets which she might never ever tell you. These secrets will not reflect on the relationship you have with her but there are things which aren’t meant to be told out. Let us look on the 6 secrets which a female will never reveal it to you.

1. Crushes she hadcrush

Why will you ever be so damn interested in knowing about her crushes are something that women can’t comprehend. But if you wish to ask this question, never expect a true answer. There are few things which women will love to keep within themselves. The crushes they had will keep them reminded of those young little days which they spent with lot of fun and uncovering those crushes she had will literally mean that, you are trying to tamper or interfere with those good memories. This is the real reason why women like keeping such things to them.

2. Shopping budgetWomen-secrets

There is no doubt that women just loves to shop. They get stuffs and spend on what they like. There is no doubt that shopping agendas and plans will be made either instantly or well in advance. What should they buy, what do they really need and what can be the stuffs which can be put for hold for the time being are something which is stored in their brains. These details are something which they would never ever share with you well in advance.

3. What she and her pals talkgossips


Asking something about the talks which she had with her girlies will turn her strange. She will do all sorts of things to change the subject. If you still don’t understand this and push it even further, then she might stare at you and this is something more than enough for you to grasp that you should stop right away.

4. Who does she imagines about while masturbating?woman

Never ever will a woman tell you how often and when she masturbates. Even if she tells it to you by mistake, she will never reveal as to whom she imagines about while masturbating. A female’s dream person can be any guy and she will never want to share this piece of secret with you.

5. The hot guy at her workplaceman

It is natural that females have a soft corner for that one hot guy working at her workplace. She might steal glances at him, she will  smile whenever he passes, she will try to talk, she will try to do some sort of help. He is someone whom your female crushes on. There is no need for you to panic in this as this is completely natural and there is no need for you to even investigate about the guy.

6. Ladies roomladies-room


This is as secret as a men’s locker. When women puff some powder, adjust their inner and tidy everything, they talk a hell lot of stuffs which you cannot wonder about. They gossip about people, food, income of their man, character and so on. They are just endless and you can never expect them to tell all those things to you. Certain things aren’t meant to be told outside.