There is no doubt that people are always on the hunt for finding answers to the questions like how do I apply for a credit card or how can I apply for a credit card. However, searching in online sometimes might not help you get the exact answers you might be looking for. One website might tell you one thing whereas the other. Therefore, you again search for new websites to find out further clear answers. Finally, what happens is that, searches become exhausting and you would wish if you had one website that could help you with all the answers. Well, do not worry, as this article is something that you are truly looking forward to. I promise that you will not leave disappointed.

How To Apply For A Credit Card Online ? – 9 Easy Steps


Step 1: Research About The Kind Of Credit Card That Suits All Your Requirements

The first step is to do some proper research on the companies offering credit cards. You need to initially jot down all your requirements and look for a credit card based on the criteria set. You will find many types of credit card. However, the major ones are listed below.

  • Standard Credit Cards: Do you really need a credit card that increases your monthly purchasing flexibility? Perhaps you are just exhausted of handing cash out or going to an ATM each time. This kind of credit card comes unsecured, which means that you do not require putting down any security deposit for proving that you can literally pay off your debts.
  • Rewards credit cards: Do you really wish to earn some rewards with particular retail store or airline or Gasoline Company to redeem the points for mileage, vacations or clothes then this is the right credit card for you to go with?
  • Business credit cards: Do you really want to open up credit line for your small business? Then business credit cards are something that you can prefer. A business credit card comes with some special bonuses, which may be appealing to any business owner.

Step 2: Watch Out For Benefits And Interest Rates

The next step on how to apply for a credit card is none other than to determine as to what kind of card will suit best for you. You need to decide carefully. Never take rash decisions without even investigating about the card. Check out the card’s interest rates, offers and other benefits. If you are perplexed with what should you look for while applying for a credit card then below are few things to note.

  • Annual Charges: Many credit card companies usually charge from $15 to $50 to use their credit card. However, these charges might be waived sometimes if you literally are a regular user of that card.
  • APR – Annual Percentage Rate: If you are wondering as to what an APR is, then read on. It is the amount of money in terms of interest and fees, one can expect for paying apart from the principal amount one borrows. For instance, if one pays $50 as fee and interest even after spending up $500, then the APR will be 10%. The APR rates are based on types: Fixed and variable. The fixed rates are bit higher but one will literally know as to what to anticipate each month whereas variable rates depend on present published index.
  • Grace Period: The next important thing to look on – how do I apply for a credit card is none other than the grace period. This is the period between your transactions posted and time when interest rates begin to charge.
  • Setup Fees For The Account: Most companies will charge you late fees (on paying up the bills late) & over limit fees (on exceeding credit limits). These are common but what you have to look in is the setup charges and it is rare for Credit Companies to charge for it. Ensure that it is free.

Step 3: Know About The Credit Score

Your credit ratings or credit score is something that plays a very massive role when it comes to the question on how can I apply for a credit card in online. In general, the credit scores range between 300 and 900. The 900 is the top score whereas 300 being lowest. This score will express a person’s credit worthiness. It also shows how far an individual is certain in repaying a debt. The average credit score is 650 whereas the credit score that is above 700 can be considered good and score below 620 is poor. You score certainly affects the ability in getting the credit card. Therefore, make sure that you have a proper credit score.

Step 4: Find Detailed Info On Credit Cards You Are Literally Interested To Apply For

Select few credit card companies and use online comparison tools in order to find the difference between their interest rates, penalties, rewards and due dates. Get to know each thing in detail.

Step 5: Check The Rewards Offered By Different Credit Cards

Certain credit cards have benefits, which one might use it on flights or other incentives. Few credit cards, nevertheless, gives out some reward points after spending some amount in order to make the deal less sweet. According to Federal government, 46% American families mostly carry credit card debts. As people sign-up for the reward programs often tend spending more money when compared to card users with no reward programs. Therefore, people with high debt loads have to stay away from reward programs.

Step 6: Check Out The Public reviews About The Service

This is something you really need to do when it comes to how to apply for a credit card in online. There is no doubt that before you, many people have dealt with “your deciding” credit card services. They will definitely write their opinions in its official website. Therefore, you need to read about the views of the customers to ensure that you are picking the right one.

Step 7: Gather All The Necessary Info Required To Apply

Once you decide on an appropriate credit card suiting all your requirements, you need to gather all the required details as specified by the company. Most of the credit card companies will ask you for:

  • Applicant’s name
  • SSN – Social Security Number
  • Residential Address
  • Contact numbers
  • Email address
  • Number of your driving license
  • Financial income
  • Work details

The above details are in general. The details will vary from one credit card Company to the other.

Step 8: Make Sure All The Info You Give Are Accurate

This is an important thing to note on how do you apply for a credit card in online. People often do the mistake of not checking their details properly before submitting it. You need to always check prior submitting the details to the credit card company. If you happen to give any wrong info even by mistake, there are massive chances of your application being rejected right away. Once you submit all the details after checking it, your credit card application will be processed and you will be replied via email regarding it. If all the details are accurate, you will receive your credit card within 15 to 20 working days.

Step 9: Once Your Credit Card Arrives, Treat It Like Real Cash

Give yourself conditions to use it. Perhaps, you can jot down in your mind that “you will be only using this card for living expenses, food and gas or you will be only utilizing it for purchasing plane tickets”. Set criteria and stick to it, as this will help you to spend little and keep everything under balance. Be responsible regarding your credit card in order to have proper credit score. If you happen to be irresponsible with the card, as in, incurring fees, missing payments, spending over the credit limit, paying bills late, owing debts then there is no doubt that your card will begin to work against you. Make sure to do the below things with your credit card in order to establish creditworthiness:

  • Pay all the debts
  • Never owe too many debts
  • Pay all the bills on time
  • Never miss any payments
  • Never exceed your credit limit

I hope you are now clear with the question on how to apply for a credit card in online. Now, if you still hesitate to apply for a credit card in online and question on if it is safe or not is troubling you then let me answer you this as well.

Applying A Credit Card In Online – Is It Safe?

When it comes to how can I apply for a credit card in online, the one thing that keeps concerning you is none other than – is it truly safe? Do you desire applying for a fresh credit card and hesitate to complete an application online? Then read on! There is no need for you to be worried. Technology advancements and secured e-commerce made the credit card application online literally faster as well as safer when compared to filling out with paper applications.

  • SSL Technology: Initially, banking institutions, which offers online applications employ updated technology for ensuring that their official websites are completely protected. It is 100% sure that there are no data theft and intrusions. The technology that keeps all your details safe and encrypted as you enter it is called SSL (Social Security Layer), which is transmission protocol to “encrypt” any info sent between your computer and bank like all personal info you require filling it out while applying credit card in online.
  • Encryption: When it comes to how can I apply for a credit card in online, you should know what encryption is. Encryption is the sophisticated mathematical procedure that disguises data just by altering bits of info in such a way that is undecipherable or unreadable to others.
  • Two-Way Encryption: In addition, today’s encryption techniques make use of “two-key” method or algorithm where a sending computer as well as a receiving computer utilizes both “public” key & “private” key for encrypting and decrypting any data that is exchanged or transferred between them. This process is too complex to clarify, but all you need to know is that it is an ultimate approach to make it unworkable for any criminal to interpret and capture any data or info transmitted between 2 computers on Internet websites that makes use of SSL technology, since criminals are unaware of both keys.

Online is the SAFER Method

In short, this SSL approach virtually guarantees to fill an application form in Internet using bank’s secure page. In this way, your personal info will be never broken or stolen. Therefore, if you literally require new card for expanding credit capabilities, obtain bonus points, travel rewards etc, the right thing is to visit the best websites, which allows you comparing offers and click through it to secured bank website for filling application in online. The process is not only safer but you will be approved within minutes rather than waiting for weeks.

I hope now you are completely clear with the question on how to apply for a credit card in online or how can I apply for a credit card in online. Hope that this piece of info has been useful reading and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to drop them in comments box.