8. Age Of Pirates



This is one of the best adventure games for android to play with. This is a great RPG game with a unique adventure. Take your ship to different lands in search of fame. Explore the seas and trade at the markets with the treasure you have in over 120-towns.


  • It occupies 27 MB
  • It rates 4.2 stars
  • Improved touch
  • Better graphics and performance
  • Improved map
  • Needs android OS version of 2.0 or more

Download Here

7. Angry Birds Go



“Angry Birds” has become so popular that I don’t think it needs any introduction. The developers have been consistently giving out new versions and this one is the latest from them. There are great thrilling race, twists & turns to the end line. This is the first ever angry birds’ android adventure game world in 3D.


  • It rates 4.2
  • It occupies 168 MB
  • It needs 2.3.3 or higher
  • 3D world
  • Better sound, interface and graphics

Download Here

6. Haunted Manor 2



Yet another best android adventure game, wherein you will see a land in which anything can happen. This game tests your observation skills and mental abilities. Player has to explore & solve those challenging riddles. Once you succeed, you will be able to discover the ultimate secret behind the mystery house. With this game, you will have the most frightening and cinematic experience. Check its features


  • Great horror storyline
  • Clever puzzles
  • Fantastic game design
  • Special effects and great 3D sounds
  • HD and cool graphics
  • It rates 4.1
  • It occupies 49 MB
  • It needs android OS version 2.2 or higher

Download Here

5. Layton Brothers Mystery Room



This is a brand new game that has fresh concept of mystery-solving. In this adventure game, as a player you will have to investigate every detail taking place at the crime scene. Examine and zoom what you suspect in order to add them in your evidence list. Then piece each evidence in a way so that it solves the mystery behind. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Well, the pleasure of playing this android adventure games certainly requires experiencing.


  • It occupies a size of 100-MB
  • It requires an android version of 2.3.3 or above
  • It is free to play
  • It rates 4.2 stars

Download Here

4. Reunion



This is a brand new adventure android game with lot of thrill and twists. The storyline is short and trust me – it’s a shocking horror adventure game.


  • It just occupies 14 MB
  • It requires android OS version 2.3 or higher
  • Great graphics
  • It rates 4.6
  • Unexpected ending
  • Fun, easy and nice
  • It is free

Download Here

3. Another Case Solved



Become a detective & dig to the edge of curious conspiracy. This is one of the latest games from AT. The game features a city, which is completely clamping down in candy cravings. You will have to solve many quirky cases by collecting clues and recording down witnesses. Moreover, you will have to question suspects in order to come up with the fact behind the sugarcoated secret.


  • Make your personalized detective & customize their looks with props, outfits and more.
  • Start matching clues, record hidden items and identify suspects
  • Many story-driven cases for keeping you hooked with this sugary mystery
  • It holds 4.1 stars
  • It occupies a memory of 48 MB
  • It needs an android OS version of 2.3 or higher

Download This Game Here

2. Twin Moons



My list of adventure android games is almost incomplete if I don’t write about this game. It reveals shocking secrets of the past & save the future world with the thrilling adventure. The game features a guy named Jack, who is a researcher in Twin Moon Institute. After a car accident, he has lost his memory but however manages to get some flashbacks about him being participated in a dangerous experiment. Help him locate his answers and explore the locations to solve the mystery behind.


  • It has 51 creepy levels
  • It has 20 challenging levels
  • It has 18 achievements
  • It rates 4.3 stars
  • It requires android OS version of 2.2 or higher
  • It occupies 457 MB memory

Download Here

1. Glory Dragon Fly



This is one of the best action game for android phones. In this game, you as a player has stolen a dragon from Glory Dragon-Fly & now you will have to escape and save for your life from the the island. Trust me that Glory-Dragon Fly certainly is mind blowing.


  • Swipe for turning
  • Just double tap for jumping and escape from the dragon
  • Collect multiple coins
  • It rates 4.1 stars
  • It holds only 19 MB memory
  • It needs an android OS version of 2.2 or above
  • Great user interface
  • Colorful background, amazing sound and graphics

Download This Action Game For Android Here