So, you have bought Christmas gifts for your friends, brothers, sisters, girlfriend and mom but what about your dad? Have you thought something for him? If you are perplexed with what to get and what to not, this article is something you need to read. I am going to list you 16 unique and best Christmas gift ideas for dad this year. Take a look.

Top 16 Christmas Present Ideas For Dad

The best part of these Christmas gifts listed over here is that you will find in every price range. Most of them are affordable and different from other lists you see on the internet. If you like any of our collections and wish you could buy immediately, just click the “Shop Now” option below the image to lead you to the Amazon Sale Page.

1. Portable Speaker

Price: $18.99

If your dad is fond of gadgets then this portable speaker with Expansive Resonator Constructor Design (ERCD) technology is something you need to gift this Christmas. It gives a high quality sound and is compatible with all MP3 players, iPhones, iPods, laptops and CD players. I personally love its rich dashing look. This full-bodied modular design can connect to multiple speakers, thus giving a maximum sound. The best part – it is portable and has a long-lasting battery.

2. Nikon Coolpix Digital Camera

Price: $199

If you are looking for something expensive and useful but still one of the best Christmas gifts for dad, then nothing can be better than a branded digital camera. Though there are many cameras of different brands, I have picked this one. It has good ratings and reviews from users. It is affordable too. It includes:

  • 30× powerful optical zoom, which lets one to shoot great close-up pictures
  • 16 MP CMOS sensor, which gives outstanding image quality
  • Great for low-light photo shoots
  • Records HD videos with great sound
  • Has a big ergonomic design
  • Easy to handle

3. Small-Sized Vacuum Cleaner For Keyboards

Price: $2.55

When it comes to best Christmas gift ideas for dads, this one can’t be missed. This $2.55 priced small vacuum cleaner is great for cleaning keyboards. It is designed with the concept – “plug & play” – all you have to do is to connect it to a USB port and use it. It is 100% safe and powerful. The brush has a special head to clean even the minute dirt stuck inside.

4. Perfume From Mont Blanc

Price: $31.53

Yet another great Christmas gift for dad this year is this spray from Mont Blanc. This 2.5-ounce bottle has a nice smell and great to wear on any occasion.

5. The Potted Pen-Stand

Price: $11.00

If your dad is professional, then this potted pen-stand serves him right. This potted faux green grass is a perfect way to bring your dad’s desk into life. You don’t have to water it. It is great for holding pens, notes and pencils.

6. Portable Small-Sized Fridge (Both Warm & Cool)

Price: $79.99

This gift is something your dad will find it very helpful this Christmas. This mini fridge is portable and has a switch designed for hot and cold temperatures. It comes with a AC and DC adaptor. This mini fridge has the capacity to hold 6 cans, each of 16-oz. It is 10-inch long, 7-inch wide and 10.5-inch deep.

7. Diesel Bag For Men

Price: $81.00

This branded and imported Diesel bag would make a great gift this year. Your dad is going to love it for sure. It is made of 40% Polyvinyl Chloride and 60% Nylon. Thus, guarantees 100% durability. It has a zipper closure with 18-inches shoulder drop to help you carry it wherever you want to. It can be washed in machine and is extremely lightweight. It is 12-inches high & 15-inches wide.

8. Handmade & Rich Looking Necktie

Price: $28.99

This handmade rich-looking necktie is something your dad will love to wear. This necktie is 150-cm in length and 8.5-cm wide. It comes with a simple protective packing and makes a great gift for men.

9. The Tricolor Water Glow Faucet With Temperature Sensor

Price: $7.49

No one must have thought of this gift idea for Christmas. This tiny device perfectly fits most taps. It has a set of LEDs inside, which lights up as soon as you turn the tap. It transforms the water stream into beautiful light waterfall. The color changes based on the water temperature. If the water is hot (above 44°C), it shows Red, green if moderate and blue when it is cool.

10. Memo & Pen Holder For His Office Desk

Price: $15.00

Looking for an inexpensive yet useful Christmas gift for your dad? Then consider this mini holder for his desk. The magnetic butt easily holds all his paper clips. It comes with cutter, tape dispenser, business card holder, note holder and penholder. So, its like all in 1 and that too for just $15. It’s truly worth the price.

11. 50-cm Waterproof Rain Lights

Price: $16.99

If your dad is more into decoration or loves to see his garden or house decorated, then this could make a great gift. This LED rain lights takes a very low power supply. It is waterproof and ultra durable. Each of its bulbs turns on & off in sequence, making it to appear like snowfall. Those rich colors make the view completely beautiful. These kind of bulbs are used widely for architectural decorations, tree decorations, market lighting, rivers, parks, gardens, shopping malls, hotels and so on. It comes in 3 exclusive colors: blue, white and multicolor.

12. The “Best Dad” Personalized T-Shirt

Price: $11.96

This 5/5 rated great tee is something your dad is going to love wearing. Thus, making one of the best Christmas gift ideas for dad on my list. Just put your kid’s hand-prints onto this cotton t-shirt. It includes three non-toxic acrylic paint colors along with instructions of how to customize it. Overall, this is not only a great gift but also involves the entire family to do a nice activity together.

13. Parker Pen

Price: $30.99

If you are looking for one of the best Christmas gift ideas for men, then this fountain pen from Parker could never go wrong. This handy gift gives you an option to add a personalized laser engraved message of your choice at NO COST. Moreover, it comes packed in a stylish box, making it great for Christmas and birthdays too.

14. 5-Level Desk Lamp

Price: $65.98

Yet another best Christmas gift idea for your dad this year is this 5-level desk lamp. It is elegant, bright, simple, natural and stylish. I personally like its flexible positioning, which can be used on bedroom, office and school. Great for reading and doing other works. It can be easily folded and occupies very less space.

15. Trendy & Color-Changing LED Crystal Car Freshener


How can a car accessory be left out on the best Christmas gifts for men? No doubt of how crazy men are, after cars. Keeping this factor in mind, I have picked this great gift from Amazon. This color-changing crystal perfume bottle is something your dad is going to love to have in his car. The bet part – it gets charged automatically by sun-rays in the day. And vibrations automatically begin when the car starts at night, giving out colorful lights. Apart from its beautiful light, it gives out a nice aroma too.

16. Sports Watch

Price: $49.95

Last but not the least on this list of Christmas gifts for dad is a “sports watch”. This designer watch is now been offered with a discount. Thus, making it to only $49.95 per piece. It can be wore on almost all occasions – right from formal occasions to special events. It is made of fine stainless steel and is 100% durable + water resistant.

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