Being a stay at home mom can be a valuable experience for you as well as your kid. Life is unpredictable, once you became a mom, you don’t find to be selfish anymore. If a woman decides to stay at home, it doesn’t mean that she is going to lose all the moneymaking possibilities. There is plenty of stay at home jobs for moms. There is lot of moms who had realized how to combine the entrepreneurial spirit with the delights of stay at home motherhood. Such entrepreneurial courage result a steady income. Are you searching for best jobs for stay at home moms? Then you should start from here. Here are some bright ideas for you. Before getting deep into the ideas, let us have a quick overview of the essential things that women should note down while choosing work at home.


Things To Concentrate

Most stay at home women feel torn since they think that their situation of raising their kid is important but at the same time, they also like to earn an income. Now there are several ways to balance these desires, particularly the emergence in the internet technologies makes it very simple to manage both things. Online marketing, data entry, SEO service and several other options are constantly being available. There is lots of stay at home mom jobs, but it is very essential to do some research before choosing it. Many women are not aware that have been fall as a prey of many scams and schemes that may be attached with the justifiable opportunities. You should do efficient research on how to earn money without losing your house and effort.

For most kind of work at home jobs, you will need an internet connection that should be reliable as well as fast. You’ll also require a PC to work and keep in touch with clients. Even a small amount of money can be beneficial for you and help you to pay for all little extras needed for your little one.

Before deciding to jump in to a job, look at your knowledge as well as skills, and then examine how to use those skills. You may have a knowledge in Editing, extensive marketing or have some experience in SEO, hence think off how to utilize those knowledge from your home. More than thousands of websites needs several different services to remain fresh & rank well. Everyone is interested in increasing the internet marketing and visitors to their sites. In addition to the internet marketing, several best jobs for stay at home moms are there based on their talents, habits and interest.

Always be cautious when dealing with clients until they have reached up to your trust. Some frauds may propose to pay you for satisfying in survey and other provides outrageous wages. Be careful, often these types of offers are not legitimate and may even engage criminal and outright fraud activity. Don’t rush into opportunities before taking enough time to fully examine it.  In case, if you have selected a wrong option, this will affect your children too.

What You Need To Be Successful In Stay At Home Jobs?

You need to focus on several factors in order to achieve success in your work at home. Here are few of them.

Right Attitude

In working at home, you can’t expect someone to guide you regarding what to do & when to do. If you are searching for the best jobs for stay at home moms and want to achieve success, you should be self-motivated to pull yourself. You should develop right attitude to achieve something. You should train yourself to complete your task before your baby wakes up and stay up after baby’s bedtime though you feel tired.


It is not only enough to crossing the fingers and winging when decided to work at home. Whatever field you choose, planning is essential to survive longer in the field. It is difficult to work if you have kids with you. It is possible to work only during the convenient times. Hence, plan well to utilize your convenient times. Try to work mostly on weekends, since your husbands can be at home with your kids.

A Support System

Try to find out the possible support systems to take care of your children. Do some swaps with your friends or other moms when you are having phone interviews. Hire baby sitter to support you when you are busy. Purchase some exciting new toys to keep your kids engaged when necessary.

Allocate Own Space

Even it is a tiny corner of your home, it is important to have a physical space dedicated to your work. Keep all the official items related to your work in that space. Most moms allocated a part in their drawing room as a professional space. At the end of your work, close the door of your office and don’t open again until you have work to do. Don’t allow others to use the space unnecessarily.

Best Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

1. Children’s Party Planner


Are you expert in planning thrill kid’s parties? Then turn your wonderful skill into your work at home job. Party planner is one of the excellent jobs for the creative moms who like to earn at home. Even planning a two hour hosted children party can make you to earn more than $600. Even a fairy tales and pirate themes are enough to make a party more energetic, since we can easily excite the kids.  It is a very simple profession, it requires you to work from 8.30am to 3 pm in weekdays and weekends when you host parties. Most of the children’s party planners earn around $35000 as their yearly income. Investment requirements for this profession may vary depend on the party and the equipments you have, like linens, tables and costumes. Approximately start up cost may range up to $40000 based on how royal would wish to go.  This business succeeds on marketing from family to family.

2. Home Beauty Services


When it comes on best jobs for stay at home moms, home beauty services are one of the best choices that should notice. When compared to men, women are having more interest to know how to enhance the beauty. Hence, it will be a most welcoming profession for the moms. Do a certification course as a massage therapist or esthetician and start your profession by offering manicures, facials & other beauty handling at home. Most people prefer the estheticians who service from home since there is a strong belief that those people can offer personalized service with better price.  If you planned to start home beauty service you will need to allocate a room in your house to keep the specialized equipments (like steam machine, massage table etc) and beauty products. Hence, to start up this service, you will need some capital. The main thing that you should concentrate in this service is perfect scheduling. You need to be at your home all the time. Availability plays lot in this field. In addition, you will need to find out is there any requirements, restriction and other laws as per your state for starting home based beauty service in your area.

3. Ebook Design & Production


 Giving something free can be a great way to increase the visitors to a web site. Most site owners prefer to offer ebooks to get more visitors. For this, someone have to design the ebooks. Many stay at home moms are more interested in creating these products.

4. Sell Crafts Online


If you are expert in sewing, knitting, woodworking, jewelry making, crocheting or other creative crafts then you have no need to look for best jobs for stay at home moms. You are having a best way to earn money within you. Just start to make some creative crafts by using your skills and sell your creativity online by using websites, Etsy for example. All you required to begin this profession are some start up materials, creative skills and knowledge to pack & mail orders. You will possible be paid through Paypal. If you set up the Paypal shipping option, you can print the shipping labels through your home computer itself. Today, we have a huge market for the handcrafted products, if you have good creativity and well in marketing, sure you will be successful in this quiet business.

5. Digital Web Editor


Another best job that stay at home moms can choose is digital web editor. The role of digital web editor is publishing the current stories and news to the website of the company. It also involves creating web pages, monitoring as well as promoting the sites via social media. If you are having associate’s degree and a basic knowledge in HTML as well as JavaScript, then you can choose this field.

6. Data Entry


Data Entry jobs can be anything that ranges from filling something in spreadsheet to large amount of paper works. At present, there are many opportunities for this job particularly for those who are looking for working at home. If you can type quickly & transfer information, then data entry can be great way for you to earn from home.

7. Wedding & Gift Registry Consultant


The wedding & gift registry consultant professionals involves in establishing customer registries, offering product expertise and maintaining customer relationship. If you have prior retail experience, good communication & organizational skills as well as strong computer proficiency, you can start this career. Arrangements of wedding are more stressful and involve several family members. It is uncommon to get the same opinion from multiple members of the family; hence, most people prefer to approach the private consultants. Wedding consultant registries also need to manage grooms, brides and wedding parties. You should use your better quality mediation and communication skills to ensure that groom, bride and other members who involved in the register process will receive all items they wish.

8. Transcription Services


Most professions including legal, health insurance and medical fields may record the audio and tapes files. These things may require to be transcribed in to written service. If you choose to offer this service, you will get more opportunities.

9. Gift Basket Maker


Gift Basket maker is an interesting job among the best jobs for stay at home moms. If you have presentation and creativity skills, you can start this business. This service requires only little start up cost.  A survey on gift basket service reports that 72% of respondents have achieved annual gross sales around $50000 with 27 % sales topped $20000. With corporate gift baskets, you can earn an average of $61.89. With birthday, sympathy and get-well gift baskets, you can earn an average of $ 48.41. Caren Hill, the proprietor of The Ultimate Goodie Bag earns around $5000 – $7000 per month with the children-party gift baskets. She usually sells most of her gifts for $ 8-$10 each.  The investment required to start this business depends on the kinds of items you are going to offer. This profession requires you to spend just 5 to 10 hours each week.

10. Cake Maker


Everyone have lot of reason to celebrate and it is very rare to find a celebration without cake. In wedding, birthday parties, baby shower parties, Christmas and more occasion, cake becomes a standard part in it. Then there is no surprise for adding baking cake for the parties in the list of best jobs for stay at home moms. To attract the new clients, you should be creative. Make your cards and fliers available at bridal shops, local flower shops and baby specialty shops.  This will help you to get the notice of people who are planning for baby shower, wedding, bridal shower etc. For birthday cakes people charges around $60. For custom wedding cakes, they charges around $400.

11. Painting


Is your painting attracts others? Then you can concentrate to become a painting professional.  Custom arts on canvas can be the best way to work at home. The income can change from $250 to $1000 based on the paintings. This profession can also give you identification as an artist.

 12. SEO Specialist


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important for site owners. It is very essential for the online companies to increase the visitors to ensure their presence. SEO specialist helps to achieve this. They should be knowledgeable in keyword selection, research, coding changes and several other areas.  If you are specialized in this field, then it can be an ideal job for you to work at home.

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