As soon as the wedding gets over and when guests have left, most of the couples plan for their honeymoon. They begin to find the best destinations or places in the world so that it becomes the most memorable part of their life. There is plethora of places out there in the world but you need to pick the best destination. It might be four days, a week, or perhaps more so that they can relax and spend time with each together at the most exotic spot in the world. The places from the world you select for your honeymoon has to be very special. You need to visit the most beautiful place with your partner so that it becomes even more special. A honeymoon package comes in different sizes. It can be beach vacation, a ski-trip, a safari and so on. Places out there in this world are endless so it can be confusing as to which should you pick for a honeymoon spot and this is why we have decided to list you the top 10 honeymoon destinations, which include sunny beaches, snow-capped mountains, beautiful theme parks etc.

Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations

No 10: New Zealand


This is one of the best places or destinations for your honeymoon. This place has got the most wonderful natural sceneries; especially the ones at the colder regions are just so delightful that some scenes were even filmed for the movie “Lord of the Rings”. This is why it is considered as the best places in the world. Second, it is the safest place for women and holds a population of just 4 million. You will see beautiful islands, plains, beaches, forests and hilltops. Third, with so much of geographical features packed together in a single country, you can literally do all kind of stuffs, which you might have never did before as couple.

No 9: Florida


If you are one among those couple who wants to have an affordable honeymoon and enjoy as well, then Florida is the perfect spot and this is why it has been included in the top 10 honeymoon destinations list. Apart from being affordable, it also has amazing weather, adventures, nice people around and most importantly it is the safest place. Resorts out here are just incredible. They offer you with best service, wine, meals, spas etc.

No 8: Mexico


Among the top 10 honeymoon destinations, we could not miss this place to list since it is so pretty! You no longer have to go very far for experiencing the Caribbean. Just some hours by plane or perhaps hours by ground, you will literally reach Mexico. This is the best honeymoon destinations where you can explore new world. You can taste authentic spicy foods, watch bullfights, go for trekking at Aztec temples and the most important thing; you can spend most of your time with your partner.

No 7: Italy


You might have always dreamed of having authentic Sicilian pasta and pizza, standing at the top of “Leaning Tower of Pisa”. The Seven Wonders of the World has an incredible architecture. Trust me, visiting this place can make your honeymoon even more special.

No 6: Greece


If you are one among those couples who seek lot of history, warm seas, diverse landscapes and hot sun, then Greece is the ideal spot for you. This country is full of culture, fun and some phenomenal sites that make this place the most desired destinations when it comes to honeymoon. I must say this that, people out here are very friendly and welcoming. You can have beautiful memories captured with your camera at this spot.