Slides are one of the important presentation tools, and it is an asset to some while for some it serves just as any other application. The Google Slides Templates has its advantages over others, and that helps one in finding the solutions depending upon his/her requirements. Some of the advantages include the automatic saving, strong research tool, utilization of image in the presentation and more. Apart from inviting the collaboration by the shared presentation, one can enjoy the slides simultaneously provided that it is embedded with the metaphor presentation. Currently, there are not many themes available in the slides. However, you can find them on the online platform because these templates will be popping up like anything in the net. You can start using the Google Slide Templates while downloading the presentation templates from the internet that are available at free of cost. You can also try using the Slides Carnival to have a fun filled experience. To have the copy of the template, you need to sign in to the Google Drive. If the link that you have clicked is not providing the exact copy of your desired template, then you should only take a ‘view only’ option and next you should copy by yourself.

Google Slide Templates

Ten Steps To Create The Presentation Templates In The Google Slides

If you’re fed up using the default theme of the Google Slides, then you should try creating your themes and make the slides appear more distinguished from all others. Usually, students will be using the templates for their projects wherein most of them make use of the already available templates because the content is valued more than the design of the template. So, below are the steps given to help the reader in creating the template for himself/herself.

1. Firstly, create a presentation in the Google while choosing a very simple light template.

2. Think on what design pattern you would wish to have. Next, by using the editing program or the Google drawing one can edit the design followed by downloading it.

3. Choose the Master in the view menu.

4. You need to save the file in your desired file name.

5. Click or Select the Master Slide, where you are taken to the first of the layout slide. You should click on the slide titled ‘Master’ on that.

6. Go to the toolbar and select the background to upload and then insert the image for the background. Otherwise, the change in Master’s background will change the background of all the slides. Even the slight changes in the master will affect all the subsequent slides.

7. You can choose layouts below the Master and then make the necessary changes wherever it is required.

8. Select the plus button to add the new layouts.

9. You can place the text-box after choosing the right place from the list of options.

10. After editing and inserting the layouts click outside the master design layout and more importantly you can choose ‘X’ button on top right corner to exit from the layout.