Hair fall is a disgusting factor which could affect a person’s self-esteem. There are various types of hair falls and the reasons for them are also differs. Once in a lifetime, every person will face the situation of hair fall. In medical terms, hair fall is referred as alopecia. Knowing the facts about the hair fall will enrich your knowledge about your hair.


Know About Your Hair

  • Human hair consists of a protein known as keratin which is responsible for the hair structure and growth. A hair consists of three important divisions namely hair shaft that is the portion we see, a root under the scalp and next is follicle from which the roots of the hair growth.
  • The hair color is determined by the pigment that is the melanin which is produced in the lower ends of follicles. A loss of 80 to 100 hairs per day is considered normal. If there is more than the level of hair on it may mean something was wrong.


Hair Loss Issues

  • Hard loss is directly related to stress, sometimes stress is caused by overwork, family problems, illness or surgery. Hair loss can be caused by hormonal problems also. Hormonal problems can be caused by the overactive or underactive thyroid gland. This is common in both men and women.
  • Hair loss can be frequent in between 3-5 months of pregnancy called as Tolegen effluvium and it is a problem with a hormonal disorder. During pregnancy, a high level of specific hormones causes the natural hair fall and it is a common temporary problem. There are various home remedies for hair fall which can be useful to you.
  • Hair loss is caused by the use of certain drugs or treatments, especially anticoagulants, drug drugs, chemotherapy drugs (used to treat cancer), Vitamin A (in large quantities), contraceptives and antidepressants. You should communicate your problems with your doctor and he may suggest a change of medication or treatment that will not lead to hair loss.


Preventive Ways

Types In Hair Loss


  • A type of hair loss called as Alopecia Areata is caused by one’s immune system. This autoimmune disease begins with small bald spots on your scalp and in some cases it may increase. Hair grows naturally throughout the year, but patients can experience this type of alopecia again and again.
  • Hair loss can be caused by poor nutrition. People with the eating disorders like Bulimic and Anorexic will face hair loss because of the lack of proteins and other nutrients in their body which is needed for a good hair growth.
  • A very common type of alopecia commonly called as androgenetic alopecia. This can be caused not only by genetic factors but by various other factors, including hormonal issues. This can begin in the middle of adolescents and it is common in patients who are taking steroids.


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Preventive Ways

  • You can take advantage of and take care of your hair by eating a balanced and healthy diet. Vegetarian people can also experience some kind of hair loss if they do not get the sufficient nutrient contents which are available in meat resources.
  • After washing your hair, avoid rubbing your hair very heavily with the towel and most probably you should allow it to dry naturally. It is best to brush your hair when it is dry if you brush your hair when it is too wet and it can stretch and break easily. And simultaneously there will be heavy hair fall.
  • If you suffer from hair loss or have a genetic disorder which leads to shedding the hair strands, you should avoid using a hairdryer. In case of emergency situations, you can use it in a lower heat setting. Avoid applying chemicals on your hair strands if you have hair loss problems.
  • If you are going to buy the hair care products for your hair, for example, shampoo or hair color, you should first try to get a small quantity applying on your skin. Later you must check with is there any allergies or patches found. If not you may proceed using those products if yes, consult your physician.
  • Make a regular habit of washing your hair in cold water. Avoid hot water because it will create hair breakage and splits. Be concentrated in the conditioners which are using for your hair. Read the chemical compositions and use according to your hair type. Every care you apply as in precaution will help you to get the better hair growth.
  • If you are in need to know about the home remedies for hair fall, you can surf the websites and get the genuine results. Don’t get involved in all the remedies mentioned in that particular site. Have a discussion and get the valid opinion from your physician before utilizing them.