Have you ever wondered about the deep sea animals that live in ocean without much light? So how do these underwater animals or ocean animals see when there isn’t adequate light? This remains a tricky question. Let us know in detail about it.deep_sea_01



Below 120 meters (which is basically about 400 feet), there is not enough sunlight in the sea for plants to grow. However some of the most fantastic sea creatures live in water up to 40 times as deep. Most of them have cold body temperatures matching the cold waters. Several of the deep sea fish living 30 meters below have lights on their strange looking bodies. In some species, light is produced by bacteria that live in certain parts of the fish’s body. Other fish have their own light making cells. Some deep sea shrimps and squids shoot out a luminous link to warn away the predators.new-deep-sea-creatures-kermadec-ridge-worm_54921_600x450

But there are certain sea creatures which have bad vision. Light diffuses in water and it is difficult to sense the surroundings sometimes. Species like the sharks make use of smell in order to find their prey because when compared to light, odors travel faster under water. uzkxigtzhndkqhqhfs1e



Thus sharks have the ability to detect even the minute vibrations that happen under water. Whereas deep sea animals or species like dolphins and whales make use of sound which is in the form of SONAR (Sound Navigation and Ranging) so that they can navigate and also understand what is happening under water.AXYTG7_2027733b


Around 1 km deep, there exists sound channel that works exactly like fiber optics, which literally prevents sound from scattering. Whales use this to make communications even from extreme long distances. Some fishes like Angler fish that lives in complete darkness can produce light and this is what attracts its prey.