So, how hard is it to get a job at Google? Damn easy or too tough? Determining whether Google’s interview process is easy or hard, all comes down to 3 things

  • They kind of questions you have been put up
  • The way you react to their questions and
  • How effectively you derive with the answers

But as far as I researched about their interview sessions, majority of candidates found it nerve-racking. Read more in the below section

How Hard Is It To Get A Job At Google?

How Hard Is It To Get A Job At Google

Since it is the one of the world’s biggest companies, getting a job at Google isn’t that easy. There is no doubt how people dream of working here. But do you have what it takes to? If you want to be hired at Google, then it certainly requires good preparation. Every applicant in the Google’s interview process goes through 5 rounds. And if you are thinking that 5-rounds are pretty easy to make you enter into Google then think again. Those 5 rounds can turn your dreams into nightmare.

I am sure you must have heard some of Google’s controversial questions – how much will you charge to clean all the windows at Seattle (Answer: $X per window)? Remember? Thankfully, they are banned now. Though the answers are stupid and easy, the reason why they purposely put up such tricky questions is to learn how good a candidate is in his or her “thought process”. So, it is not just about getting the answers right. They pay a lot of attention on how you derived the answer. Explanation truly counts! Now, even if you had prepared the answers to their questions in advance, you would be still locked when they ask you to clarify it. It is not that easy to trick them.

Their questions operate mainly on 3 different levels. They test you

  • To know how much expertise you have in your field
  • To know if you have the ability to adapt if put in a new context
  • To know how creative you are in finding a solution

If You Don’t Have What It Takes To Be In Google, Then Better Don’t Apply…

Right from the beginning, Google is extremely clear about the kind of employee it wants. They need bright extroverts. The company is based on rigorous collaborations and this is seen even in its office layout. And employees, who often need privacy, who loves working alone or probably hates distractions do not make a perfect fit for Google.

During a recent interview with Laszlo Bock (Senior Vice President of People Operations, Google), he highlighted many sensible things, which really filtered my answers to the question — how hard is it to get a job at Google. As a senior in People Operations, he is determined of what he exactly wants from the employees. He says, Google is not only a moneymaking company. It is to develop a master race of employees. So, do you really have what it takes to? If you are smart enough and have the ability to demonstrate right spark at the right time, then you are ‘in’ to enjoy its rewards. And I am sure you must have heard the kind of facilities Google offers to its employees – free bikes, free meals, free cars, free haircuts, free beer & free wine too.

Since Google is one of the world’s leading companies, if you really want to be in – it is certainly not easy! We all know about Google’s stringent interviews. However, Laszlo has explained about the 5 qualities they often look for. So, make sure you ask these 5 questions before thinking of Google.


1. Do You Have Your IQ Higher Than 130?

The worst and the possible for this question is a “Yes”. Laszlo particularly needs “intellectual humility” and without which one cannot learn. People, who had been clever in their lives, tend to commit often and he adds, “The basic attribution here is that – when something happens good, the person thinks it’s his or her genius and if bad happens, the person believes he or she is idiot.” Taking few IQ tests suggests the wrong blend of insecurity and self-aggrandizement.

2. What Shall We Have This Evening For Dinner?

Never say “I am easy”, “Whatever you love to”, “What would you want” or “I really don’t mind” because these are rubbish answers, which can easily exclude you from their hiring list. If they are solving a dinner menu, even your suggestion is required and is exactly the reason why you have been put up with such a question. You are supposed to standup & give it. It shows that you have “leadership” skills or readiness to take charge whenever the company needs it.

3. Why Did You Select The Last 5 Articles You Read?

If your answer is going to be, “I don’t know” then get ready to see the interviewer firing right on your face. What do you actually mean by such an answer? Laszlo’s foremost criterion is to check for “candidate’s learning ability”. You should show some interest on learning. So, act smart.

4. Are You Lazy And Incompetent?

Yes? Great. Laszlo loves hiring candidates, who not only feels “ownership” of organization’s projects but also have sufficient “humility” to do something useful. And if you are incompetent, you are certainly going to ruin in whatever you are involved with. Therefore, never volunteering could be right. Active and being clever is still a successful mixture.

5. Do You’ve Any Records Of Doing Things Well?

If yes, then it more like a disaster. Whenever a person is faced an issue, he says, “Experts: Oh, I have seen this a 100 times.” And if you are one of them who have great accomplishments, sadly the company doesn’t wants it. They want people, who can actually try solving the problem in new ways instead of boasting about it.


How To Get A Job At Google?

If you are planning to attend an interview at Google then here are few things to keep in mind.

1. Read Their Guidelines

The first important to do is to read their guidelines on what they expect from a candidate. Google takes hiring process seriously. If you are interested in applying, better to be aware of what they want.

2. Find Where Are They Hiring

The next step is to check where exactly are they hiring. You can do this by accessing its office location page here. It lists every main Google office in the world. You can click the icon corresponding a particular city & scan for job postings in that office. Every city has its career page that lists different postings.

3. Google Wants Smart People

If you enter into the interview room thinking that you may perform well, then it is certainly not enough. You should have 100% confidence to say — yes, I can do it. This is the only thing that motivates you to do better and gets you what you want. But this doesn’t mean you can be overconfident. Be prepared for those tricky and brain teasing interview questions, which Google has always been well known for.

4. Don’t Get Frustrated

There are chances that one could get frustrated with Google’s interview process. Don’t forget that it is the world’s leading firm. So, it is obvious that the process is going to be exhaustive and stressing but remain enthusiastic until it ends.

5. Be Creative & Independent

Team players always flourish a company. However, Google wants candidates to demonstrate creative skills by working independently as well. And if you feel that you are incapable of doing things on your own, then chances of being hired at Google are less.

6. Coding Knowledge Isn’t Always Necessary

Often candidates misunderstand that to get a job at Google, one requires an engineering or computer science degree. However, the fact is that it is not. To become a Google’s part, you don’t have to know coding. They constantly offer many job designations — right from architects, engineers, data managers to even sales managers and marketers. The key here is to be good in your area of interest.

7. Have Some Ideas On TNBT

TNBT (The Next Big Thing) is something hirers often look for. You should have good information on this. There are many resources from where you can learn this. For instance, YouTube offers storytelling about different emerging brands. This is exactly where teenagers can acquire a lot of information. So, what will be the future of technology in the next 20 years? A better way to think – what is that thing, which present technology isn’t doing and you think it should? This helps you get an idea on a new invention.

8. Turn Into A Ninja

Google certainly wants people, who are skilled in an area. This way they would be able to build a specialized team. The takeaway: you don’t have to be an all-rounder. It is important to know one thing but deeply. Rather sounding like you know everything – concentrate on 1 or 2 areas, which you think you can really excel.

9. State That You Love Staying Connected

If you are going to work in tech, no doubt that you should be passionate —and it also means not being irritated by those Skype sessions and Google hangouts. And, don’t complain how your previous boss emailed you most of the time during work. Saying such a thing could be offensive. This can even put you in trouble. Tech jobs require constant connection.