Generally turtles have a really long life span. At the same time no one can predict the exact life span of the sea turtles. Surprisingly if you see how long do sea turtles live from the researches, you will get amazed. Because usually turtles life span seems longer than what was predicted before. Anyhow the predicted life span of turtles from the researches comes around 80 years.

This is why predicting the turtles life usually becomes a hard task. Apart from the flat back sea turtles which are found in Australia, every other sea turtles are entitled as endangered species.

How Long Do Sea Turtles Live

Predators of Sea Turtles

Usually the Sea turtles have numerous numbers of natural predators. Killer whales and tiger sharks usually eats the adult sea turtles. Seabirds, raccoons and Dogs eat hatching and eggs of sea turtles.

Just as human, Sea turtles cannot live without an air.

How long do sea turtles live is also based on the level of human activity. Its life threatening factors include beach development, buildings of new hotels, homes etc. These all factors reduces the number of suitable places where the sea turtles can nest.

Trash, noises, light are some other disturbances that makes the sea turtles to go away from their nesting sites. There are cases when the sea turtles have died by eating trashes by mistakenly eaten them as food.

one of the most serious problem posed by the human to the sea turtles are risk of getting drown into the large commercial nets which are being used to catch shrimps.

As I mentioned before sea turtles need an air to survive. These can ‘t stay under the water for a very long time. This is why getting into the nest poses high risk to their survival.

As a sad d fact, each year several thousands of sea turtles die by getting caught into these commercial nets.

How we can you contribute to the life span of sea turtles?

Other threats like illegal hunting of sea turtles for their shells , meat, collisions and egg collecting also determines how long do sea turtles live.

What can we do to increase the numbers for your question, how long do sea turtles live.

Stop leaving trash on the beach

Never ever shine artificial lights on the beaches where you think sea turtles nest.

Don’t buy any products like combs, sea turtles shell and eye glass frames. If you do so, you will be encouraging the illegal trade of sea turtles hunting.

Continue to read regarding the endangered sea turtles. Do not stop by just reading. Spread the words in all the way you can to protect the sea turtles.

These simple things can increase the immature death of sea turtles and increase the numbers on how long do sea turtles live.

Life cycle of sea turtle

Generally the life cycle of sea turtles starts at the time female sea turtle lays its on their nesting beach. After the 2 months, a very small hatching will make reach the surface of the sand. Here it faces many life threatening predators.

The period sea turtle takes their very first swim and finally returning to the coastal waters, it is referred as juveniles. It can be as long as a decade.

It is also referred as lost years. Movements of sea turtles at this point of time is very difficult. Its whereabouts becomes unknown too.

Sea Turtle Life Cycle:

Phase 1: Hatchlings

Phase 2 : Juveniles

Phase 3 : Adults

Phase 4 : Diet

After the Juveniles , these sea turtles reaches to the size of our dinner plates. Phase of pelagic reaches its end here. They also returns to their coastal waters too. This is the phase fro where it’s starts to get mature. In this time these reptiles seems as highly mobile. Eventually they starts to look around for food in the ocean.

As the sub adults and adults of sea turtles are quite easy to be studied, researches uses many different techniques to learn about their habitat, distribution and behavior. Although the time of sexual maturity used to vary from species to species , generally these years are not more than 10 to 50 years. This factor also determines, how long do sea turtles live.

After reaching its sexual maturity period, sea turtles starts to migrate to the favorable areas of ocean to breed. Mostly female sea turtles visits the ashore to lay eggs. In most cases, this area will be same as the one they were born.

mostly the sea turtles lay eggs in the interval of 2 to 4 years.

Although the life span of sea turtles are not known exactly, it is sure if we take steps to protect the sea turtles by doing the needed from our side, these species will live as long as century.