How much does it cost to paint a house? – This is the first question that comes in everyone’s mind when it comes on painting a home. Painting is a simple, quick and low cost home renovation project. Painting a home can change its entire ambiance. Painting can make a cold room warm or dreary room lively. Everyone should be very conscious while painting their home, since an improper painting can turn a beautiful house into an ugly muddle. A new paint coat can help to seal, protect and waterproof the surface. Before applying paint it is essential to ensure that the surfaces of your home are smooth that is free from dents, holes, scratches or bumps. If it is there, then you have to cover them with plaster before painting. Drips, runs and bleed-through can direct to costly repairs & added expenses when it is done unprofessionally. Plastering is a deceptively complicated task hence it is a good idea to recruit professional plasterer. Many states now expect certifications for painting professionals and this method can help to eliminate unscrupulous members imitating experts.

Here is a guide to find out how much to paint a house interior and exterior. Each house is unique & needs special attention. For some home, paint jobs need as just as single day to finish and for others, it may take as long as 3 weeks or more.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House Exterior?

Painting a home exterior is a tough job that needs planning, preparation as well as prefect tools. The charge to paint a house exterior can range from $1.00 to $1.79 per square foot for a bonded, licensed and insured contractor. The rush or complex project also expect to pay in this range. Before hiring, it is vital to verify the prior work quality. The painting cost estimation can change based on the rates of the unit labor productivity, average material costs and national average hourly-wages.

When it comes on the price calculation for exterior painting, here are some of the factors that you should consider:

  • First, calculate the length and width of your home that you planned to paint.
  • Measure the width & height of the door and window to be painted.
  • Focus on the siding materials and check their condition.
  • Focus on the features of your home including the ornaments and the number of color you want to use.

The Factors That Affects Cost Of Painting

  • The size of the house plays a major role in the calculating cost. Mostly the cost estimation is based on the square foot of your house. When it comes on size of the home, the question about the accessibility also comes in the way. A large house with only one story can cost less than the small house with more stories and steep roof. If your house has more difficulty for the painters to access entire surface that you want to paint, then you may expect to pay more for the job.
  • The next factor that affects the painting charge is the type of paint you chose. Nowadays, the market includes the paints with different qualities. Choosing the higher quality in paint will increase the cost of painting.
  • Preparation work is the major factor that affects the price of the house painting. Prior to applying paint, you need to remove the old paint on the surface of your home by pressure washing or spraying. You need to ensure that there is no peeling or loose paint left on the surface of the home, since it is not possible to apply new paint in an appropriate way without proper peeling. In addition to the old paint removal, you need to repair the surface if there any cracks. Applying of primer coat is also required prior to the application of exterior paint. Doing the proper preparation works will worth by allowing the paint to last for years. Hence, even though this extra works considerably adds the labor cost, it is a best practice to follow the essential steps without skipping.
  • The technique that you chose to paint also works lot in the price range. To apply paint, most painters use sprayer technique that is faster when compared with brush painting. However, the spray technique requires more coats than the brush painting. In addition, the spray painting involves more time in preparation works since it needs all doors, windows and trims covered prior the painting begins.
  • When dealing about how much does it cost to paint a house, the color your chose to paint is the main factor that you need to consider. Choosing the color that is same or related color to the old paint requires only minimum coats. However changing of house from the dark color to the light needs some extra coats to cover the old color adequately. Depends on the amount of paint needed, the price could increase considerably.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House Interior?

When dealing with the cost to paint a house interior, the number of room you want to be painted and the condition of the walls are the things that are involved in the cost estimation. The cost of the house interior painting comes under the range $ 470 to $1589. Many homeowners consider painting to maintain their living spaces being rejuvenated for several years. Others repaint their home with new color for a change. Remodeling is another common reason for painting the ceilings and walls. In apartments, the repainting is done in regular basis. Sometimes painting may be done due to the request of the tenants. Whatever the reasons, interior home painting continues to be the most famous job in the market. It is best practice to recruit contractor for painting. Some building or apartments usually appoint their regular painter.

The Factors That Affects Cost Of Painting

Number Of Rooms

The number of rooms that are required to paint plays a major role in calculating how much to paint a house. Painting even 1 or 2 rooms needs a great amount of preparation work. If the walls want sanding, then the room has to be preserved in order to prevent the rest of the home from dust. Furniture and doors must be covered. Typically, painting of 1 or 2 rooms cost around $340 -$960, then 3 to 4 rooms comes in the range $474 -$1307 and 5 or 6 rooms comes in the range $689 – $ 1897. If the number of rooms needs to paint increase then the cost also increase. As like the accessibility of the surface of the house, the room accessibility also affects the cost. Another common question that everyone asks is, how much does it cost to paint a room? The cost depends on the size of the room, labor charge and materials you chose to use.

Here is a table that gives you an overview of the cost to price the room with various sizes. The prices are calculated based on the assumption of using branded, ordinary white gloss paint. The estimation also assumes that the surfaces are painted with the two coats.

Rooms Size of the Room(in meters- L/W/H) Estimated cost
Bedroom 3*4*3 £209
Living Room 4*6*3.5 £374
Kitchen 4*2*3.5 £193
Conservatory 4*5*3 £292
Attic Room 4*3*2 £152
Bathroom 3*3*3 £172

Use this table as guide when you want to know how much does it cost to paint a room. Remember that these estimation cost can change based on the several factors that are mentioned in this post.

Trims, Doors, Ceilings

Trim is usually painted with the same color. However, trims are different surface from walls, it requires different paint product. Trim painting involves the painting of fine lines; hence, it needs a professional or experienced painter. Painting trim adds additional cost in the range $494 -$1615 to the painting cost. Smooth finishing of the doors looks good; hence, it is best to call the same professional as trim. For door painting, you may expect to pay in the range $527 – $1721. Ceiling painting is the easiest job in the painting. The painting cost for the ceiling with average size comes in the range $182 – $416.

Multiple Colors

Due to the cost, most homes keep the trim in the same color as walls. Painting trim with different color looks good but it can double the expense and time of the paint job. To ensure the perfect lines, most contractors have precise painters to do only trim. Painting the trims with different color will charge extra amount in the range $204 – $582 to the paint job.

We hope this post provides an idea of how much does it cost to paint a house. Generally, the paint cost varies from home to home. It is better to estimate the cost required for your home by a professional painter.

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