Determining an appropriate time for replacement of mattress may be hard as it may require little attention as the mattress are hidden under the blanket. But there are few tips on how often should you replace your mattress. Read further to know them.

How Often Should You Replace Your Mattress?

How Often Should You Replace Your Mattress

Check Your Sleep

Are you sleeping comfortably without any pains or aches? When you wake up in the morning, you feel tired and if you feel comfortable sleeping outside in some hotel beds than your own then probably you must check the mattress now. If you no longer feel comfortable to sleep, then it is high time you bring a new one.

Check The Mattress For Worn Out Signs

Some of the signs those are visible like worn or torn. Or if your bed looked tired, dented, lumpy and sagged then it needs to be replaced.

Keep Track Of Time

Check how many days it’s been you replace the mattress. If it’s been seven years with your sleeping companion, then a new one probably improve your sleeping experience. If you find changes in your lifestyle or bodily changes off late or if you are suffering back pain decrease or other problems then the good old friend no more serve you as a better partner.

Speak To Your Partner

If you find your partner facing trouble while sleeping and tossing head throughout the night, then your mattress no more supports their postures. The motion transfer is no longer backed by your mattress.

Additionally, there are few simple tests that help you determine the right time for your mattress replacement.

  1. Lie on the back and consider bringing your hand behind the back. If your hand accomplishes the task easily leaving your hips and back uncomfortable then buddy, it is time to change.
  2. Try rolling over on the mattress and if you feel it is too soft to handle then you require a new mattress. Remember uncomfortable night sleep results in a restless day.

While some of the mattress industry advice replacing mattress once in five to ten years span. However, consumers report there is no time constraint on mattress replacement.

Let us look some of the factors that affect your bed usage resulting in replacement soon.

  • How often the mattress is used? If you are a home bird, then you are likely to use the mattress often than somebody travel for work. The general wear and tear occurs prompting the bed replacement.
  • The body style or if you are overweight then it diminishes the life of your mattress. In case of elderly people using the bed, they require more comfortable and cozy bed as they require more support. Your body undergoes changes in the due course and you may lose weight improving your sleeping posture in turn resulting in improved mattress life.
  • It also depends on the position of your mattress. The room where you place the mattress decides on the factor and how often your mattress has been moved.
  • What kind of mattress you have? The traditional coil one, organic latex mattress, or foam mattresses also affect the period of usage. The traditional mattress may last long when compared to others. However, few websites claim the foam mattresses available in the cheap price range have little life and need replacement in every couple of years. As these type of mattresses have a tendency towards sagging, unlike the latex core mattress.

Further, here are some quality mattress indicators that help you to gauge your sleeping pad.

Firmness And Softness

How soft and firm you need your mattress depends entirely on your personal comfort. Most of the people can freeze the exact terms. Your body weight plays a crucial role. While heavy built may choose something firm and can support them. In case, if you are looking something for kids, get something softer as the hard ones may cause spinal problems in children that affect in the long run. Saving money to get something uncomfortable will lead you paying off a lot in the long run.


Durability results from the high-quality products. Moreover, the warranty provided speaks more about the manufacturer and how they guarantee the life expectancy of their product. Rationally, the warranty provided for a queen bed may be 5 years for the mid quality, 8 years for a premium and 10 years for luxury ones. While reading the warranty make sure you are reading word to word and if at all you are given something more than 10 years then be more than cautious when embracing them.


As read before ideally warranty falls between 5 years and 10 years. Apart, from the term of the period mentioned in warranty there are other factors. Only a handful of manufacturers implements the terms without any questions. Therefore, it is essential for you to go through the document before proceeding to get one. Remember some manufacturers have a soft copy of their warranty posted on their website but when you visit their retail outlet, the hard copy do not reflect the same words. Be a cautious buyer look into terms like replacement mattress for free, no shipping cost if there are any issues and zero repair costs, etc.


Though you consider this parameter at last, it plays a crucial role in choosing the preferred bed. Opt for a larger one that can fit in your room as well your pockets. While you are sharing your bed with your partner, space plays a major role. More space you have to spread yourself makes you feel comfortable. Additionally, you relationship also can be kept healthy. While choosing for your kid you can get a 74-inch length mattress. But, in the long run, say, about ten years from now your children may need something longer as you can see their feet projected in the air.

Finally, not buying a high-quality mattress will give you long life expectancy but maintain them to get a long durable life. Take care of your mattress and clean them frequently.