“I’m a top performer, but my pay is low when compared to the market. When I mentioned this out during my last review, nothing happened.” Is this something are you worrying about? Then, you have reached the right place. Here we list you some of the useful tips to make you clear on how to ask for a raise at work. To get a raise at work, you’ll have to ask and you’ll have to do convincingly. Before going to ask for the raise, think about your strategy and include the following tips.


Tips On How To Ask For A Raise At Work

Do Some Research

The first thing one should do before ask for an appraisal is being clear on the typical salaries in their field. It is always a best idea to aware about the current rate for your position. You can gain this information from salary surveys and salary calculators offered by several websites. Those sites offer you the salary details after getting your zip code and job title. If you are member in professional associations, you can get the salary information from those associations itself.  It is worth in spending some time to examining the average salary for your position. Try to get information as close as possible by researching at companies in the same area and of same size. The variables that affect your pay are experience, education, performance, organization and size of organization.  Here are some of the resources that you can use to get the free salary information:

  • Salary.com
  • Getraised.com
  • Job posting
  • GenderGapApp
  • Keating Advisors
  • Vault.com

Know Your Worth

If you are asking for a raise, then it is important to decide what you bring to the discussion. To strengthen your side, create a list of your contribution and accomplishment. For example, collect the details of the percentage that you have contributed to increase the organization revenue or the percentage that you have helped the organization save by developing a certain procedure. In addition, show the emails from your client and coworkers if any as a proof to show that you are commendable of a raise. When discussing with your manager, you should articulate this information to show how you have contributed in the success of the organization. Map your talents against the values of company.  This will help to make your manger know that you are valuing your position and deserve to expect the raise.

Though you’re deserved to increase in salary, the result of your success depends only on how well you had prepared and how you listed your responsibilities. You should make your boss to know that each little task you are doing is above and beyond what they expect. Sell yourself with the additional responsibilities that you have added in your job. Increases in responsibilities, special projects, more employees supervised are the particulars can ground for a raise in salary.

Never Intimate To Leave The Organization

It is a worst practice to intimate that you are about to leave the company. This paves the way for boss to think about replacing you even you are deserve to get the raise. It is important to know what your boss requires, what is his goal? Usually boss prefers loyalty from their workers. If you are loyal, if the employer trust you then they can easily sign a check for you.

Be Clear On The Raise You Want

Typically, organization can offer 5 to 10 % increase for their employee per year. When boss asks, “how much you want”, most people embarrassed to say the amount. Companies respect the workers who know exactly what they are worth. They respect the employees who ask for what they are really worth.

Research On The Pay Practice Of Your Company

When it comes on how to get raise at work, it is best to be familiar on the pay practice on your company. Discus with your HR manager to aware about the company’s compensation policies, salary range and increase practices. If you are not aware about the internal and external pay comparison, then ask for the explanation.

Be Confident

When asking about a raise in salary, you should be confident on what you are saying. If you are not confident that you deserve more money, then you will have a very hard time to convince your boss. Before asking for a raise, improve your confident level with your responsibilities, accomplishments in addition to the proper pay comparisons.

Judge Your Boss’s Personality

Some bosses are convinced by data driven presentations, while others react to assertive sales pitches. When deciding to ask for raise, think about which method works best with your boss.

Be Patient

Keep in mind that your boss may take few days to think over and respond back to you, hence don’t be depressed if you don’t get an instant response. There may possibilities that your boss is not the only person to make this kind of decision. He might need to discuss with higher-ups about your request.

Increase Your Leverage

Anything that provides you confidence to stick to your opinion is a type of leverage.  It is best to search for a job when you’ve a job. Another option for more money is the obvious form of power. It boosts your confidence as you are having another option when negotiate for the raise.  A saving fund, a strong network that will support to get another position, diverse skill sets are some of the factors that can increase your leverage. Try to take the responsibilities that offer additional values. If you are possessing knowledge that is irreplaceable with others, then your manager will be forced to accept what you request.

Run A Rehearsal

You need to practice by making request, sharing data, answering questions and battling the objections. Don’t allow the first time of your approach to ask for salary raise be the meeting with your boss. You need to role-play the dialogue with a mentor, coach or someone to get a practice. This method will help you to learn how to manage a response.

Don’t Beg

This is the final and important step regarding how to ask for a raise at work. There is no need for your boss to care about your personnel issues, so don’t approach with why you want more money. Lead with how you helped to increases the profit of your company.

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