Internet is the one thing without which the majority of people will not be able to accomplish their tasks. Moreover, with the incoming of Wifi in the trends, the importance of the internet has been increased manifolds. However, due to the increased number of users, people have started securing their Wifi with the passwords, so that no other person, except who knows the Wifi password, can use the services. If you want to use someone’s Wifi, it is mandatory that you know there password or else you cannot use it. But, there is one more option with the help of which you can use the password protected Wifi and that without knowing the password. Yes, you heard it right, it is possible, and can be done by hacking the Wifi of your neighbor without telling him. Do not worry, you are not stealing anything, you are just using his or her Wifi without causing any loss. Now you will ask the question as how to crack Wifi password? So, the answer is here, just sit back, relax and acquaint yourself with the correct procedure of hacking a Wifi password.

how to crack a wifi password

You may definitely be thinking that hacking a Wifi is a troublesome task, especially, if you are not technically sound. However, the truth is just the opposite; whether you are technically sound or not, it hardly matters. The only thing you must know is a basic skills required to operate a computer. If you know this, hacking a Wifi will not take more than two minutes.

How To Crack Wifi Password?


There are numerous ways to hack a Wifi password, but the easiest way is to go with the help of android apps. Almost all the people today own at least one Android phone, and hence, just by downloading a few Wifi hacking apps, you can hack almost any Wifi, no matter how much secured it is. So, let us have a look on those apps, which can help you in breaking the security of a Wifi.

1. Before using the apps, it is important to root your Android device to break the WPS PIN. Not all the android phones or tablet can crack this WPS PIN and hence, it is mandatory that your device must have Broadcom bcm4329 or bcm4330 wireless chipset, and it should be rooted. If your phone has a Cyanogen ROM, the chances of success are high for your device. Some of devices that can support the process include

  • Nexus One
  • Galaxy Ace/S1/S2/S3
  • Desire HD
  • Nexus 7

2. The second step you need to do, is to install the bcmon app into your device. The main task of the app is to enable the Monitor Mode inside your Broadcom chipset. This activation is essential so that your device can break into the PIN of the secured Wifi. You can easily download the bcmon APK file either from the Google Code Website or even from the play store.

3. Once the APK file is installed in your Android device, run the setup so that the complete app can be installed in your device. Once done, open the app. While opening, if you see the message to install the firmware and tools, tap on the “Enable Monitor Mode” option. There are chances that your app may crash during the procedure. If it happens, open it and try following the procedure again.

4. Now, once you have completed with the procedure of bcmon, download and install ‘Reaver’. It is a program, which has been developed so that the WPS PIN can be cracked and WPA2 passphrase can be retrieved. You can easily download the Reaver APK from the thread of developers on the XDA-developers forums.

5. Once the Reaver is installed, launch it by tapping on the icon. After confirming that the process is not illegal, it will scan all the available access points. To whichever access point you want to connect, just select it and continue with the process. Before continuing with the process, you may need to verify the Monitor Mode. If everything is fine, the second thing to check is that the access point you want to connect must accept the WPS authentication. There are chances that some of the routers may not support this.

6. It is good, if you keep all the settings on the default mode. You may customize it according to your convenience, however, it is not recommended.  Moreover, make sure that  “Automatic advanced settings” box is already checked and if not check it.

7. Now comes the time to crack the Wifi password. Just tap on the option that says “Start Attack”, which is available at the bottom of the Settings menu of Reaver. One the process will start; you can see all the results on your screen.

8. Cracking the Wifi password is an easy but time-consuming process. Hence, once the process will start, it may take from 2-10+ hours to complete. Moreover, there may be a disappointment for you that the process may be unsuccessful for some of the times.

So, it was all about cracking a secured Wifi password. Go ahead; try yourself, because as it is said- ‘Everything comes at the expense of experience.’