So you want to know the answer on how to create your own website? You are tired searching at the internet and on various websites about it but still do not find proper solution for it. Yeah? Then I guess this is the right article to read, as it gives you a complete guidance on how to create your own website. Let us discuss them in detail.

How To Create Your Own Website?


Having an own website is truly a good experience. It does not matter if it is for your personal usage or perhaps for your online business, in both ways, you will need making a website so that you can meet your requirements and attract as many people you can. Let us now review a step-by-step procedure to create a website.

1. Get A Good Domain

The initial thing on how to create your own website is none other than to buy a good domain. There are many different websites, which allows you registering your domain name & is frequently less than just $15. On the other hand, trendy domain names may be too expensive. Since you are just starting yourself at the internet market, better not to go with expensive ones.

2. Choose A Good Web-Hosting Company

So you have bought a domain now. What’s next? You will have to host it. There are many companies offering several benefits and plans. It is up to you to choose it. Never do anything out of haste. Do little research. Since you are starting, go with the basic plans.

3. Come Up With An Attractive Design

So now, you have the domain name & hosted as well. What’s next? It is the way you want your website to appear for the viewers.  Since you just are reading this guide as to how to make your own website, I am going to think you aren’t hiring anyone for this process. A design procedure has incredible options & you will see many programs to assist you always. It is time to find and try a program, which suits your requirements. Dreamweaver is suggested because it lets you doing anything for your website & is easy to learn. If you are finding it hard this way, then you can go with the default theme templates.

WordPress Themes

In case you are making use of WordPress platform for making your site, then the complete design process will be much easier. For the reason that it is open source, you will be able to create new themes and even submit to its community to use. Apart from that, you will see many different options for selecting a theme for you website. There is truly no limit on what you will be able to do with WordPress. It is considered as the easiest platforms, when it comes to how to create your own website.

4. Begin Posting Your Articles & Make Sure Of SEO

Once you have outlined a theme for your website, you can begin posting your articles. There is something called SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which you will have to integrate while writing your articles.

SEO is specially something you cannot ignore for the reason that search engines are the ones through which you will get most of the traffic from. All you need to do is

  • Create high quality content
  • Make sure that there are no errors in your articles
  • Use keywords
  • Make sure that your URL is of proper structure

If you have done all these, search engines will certainly recognize your website.

I hope I have given out proper info on how to create your own website. Feel free to drop your comments.


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