Getting a finance for a car is one the stressful task for so many. If you are the one who suffer from no credit history or bad credit history then it would be quite hard to get a car loan approval. Don’t worry there exists some ways to get a guaranteed loan. But you should be bit carful in choosing the predatory lenders.

How To Get A Loan For A Car Through 5 Simple Steps

Step 1

No matter, how worse your credit score is, you can get a guaranteed car loan for a used car. As these loans are packed with the high interest rates, paying off the borrowed money as soon as possible will be beneficial for you. When you pay off the loan on time, chances are you can afford a loan with low interest rate.


Step 2

Try to organize your personal and financial documents such that it will provide a support for the loan application. Make sure you have collected the documents like proof of utilities, tax returns, mortgages, pay stubs and lease documents  if any in your name. Most of the times, even you need to submit some proofs to the high risk lenders.

Step 3

 As you are going to get the guaranteed loan, definitely you will need to pay more than the average interest rate. However doing a little search will help you to end up with the better deal. Anyhow you will need to fill out the application form for your loan to each of the co signer.

Step  4

 You can fill out an application in the websites like These sites will forward your loan application to various lenders and dealers.

Step  5

 When all of your car loan applications ended up without any luck, walk into various car dealerships. Nowadays many new dealerships offer a guaranteed car loans without taking your credit history into account.

To help you in the search of how to get a car loan, we have also presented a post on bad credit loan lenders. You can check out this to get your dream vehicle.

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