If you think that paying huge bucks at a dental clinic is the only way to have your teeth completely whitened, then think again. There are some natural as well as inexpensive ways to have a bright sparking smile. If you are still wondering as to how to make your teeth white, then read on, as this article will help you list some of the best remedies in making your teeth sparkling white.

How To get Whiter Teeth – Do’s

How To get Whiter Teeth

1. Homemade Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda Toothpaste

A good answer to the question – how to get whiter teeth can be nothing better than baking soda. There is no doubt that baking soda does wonders to your teeth. All you need to make a simple paste. Make a nice paste of mixing 2 teaspoons of both hydrogen peroxide (bleaching agent) and baking soda in a cup. You can even add little mint flavor with it. Now use this paste to brush teeth. Ensure that you are leaving it for a minimum of 2 minutes. Again, use ordinary toothpaste for brushing the teeth so that you do not feel the taste of peroxide.

2. Chew Natural Vegetables and Fruits

This is an ultimate answer to the question – how to make teeth whiter. Natural foods will help you make your teeth whiter. Stay away from junk foods and consume green vegetables as well as fresh fruits. They are the ideal ways to clean your teeth. Not only will it sustain you white teeth but also keeps it strong and healthy. Chewing raw and natural ingredients like sugarcane, carrots, celery, apples, plums, blueberries, spinach, mint leaves, coriander etc. This promotes blood flow as well as massages the overall gums.

3. Salt Scrub

Salt scrub is yet another answer to the question as to how to get whiter teeth. This might sound strange to you but using salt on your brush while brushing will help you have sparkling teeth. Ensure that you are not swallowing the salt. It is true that there are many toothpaste in the market today that contains salt but nothing can beat the table salt that you apply directly on your teeth.

4. Rinse Your Mouth After Eating

Removing out the leftover residue or foods from the teeth helps in preventing decay and stain.

5. Eat Strawberries

If you are still wondering as to how to make your teeth white, then strawberries is the answer. Strawberries are always known for its antioxidant properties. However, it is also good for whitening your teeth. They can either be used as puree or cut in halves and then rubbed on the teeth in order to make them whiter.

How to make your teeth white – Don’ts

  • You need to avoid frizzy drinks
  • You need to drink water rather than a soda can as acid present in it will not only lose the natural whiteness but also weakens all the teeth
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid drinking juices that are dark colored. For instance, often intake of cranberry juice can stain your teeth. If you literally want to drink it, use a straw
  • If you want to have sparking white teeth, then avoid drinking black coffee. Prefer green or herbal tea rather
  • Avoid consuming too much of tomato sauce

I hope this piece of article is useful for you and it has answered the question how to get whiter teeth. Apply these tips to have your teeth sparking.

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