Are you interested in knowing how to make candles at home? Let’s start now.

Required things to make candle

Since we are going to make 5 votive candles now, we need 5 votive molds, pillar wax, 5 votive wick pins, fragrance, saucepan, melting / pouring pot, scale, boiler and thermometer.

Step 1

Prepare The Wax

Try to figure out the amount of wax you need. Given below is a table given for your reference for calculating the required amount of wax.

To complete this project you will need 2 lbs of wax.

Place Wick Pins

Now we are going to set the wick pins into votive candle molds. So that it will be ready for later. At this point you should spray the mold release.

Prepare Double Boiler

Based on the type of double boiler you prefer, there will be a deviation at this step. I prefer to use the pouring pitcher inside the saucepan. If this is your preference then check out the following steps.

    • Take a medium sized pot and place it on the stove.
    • Fill this using the water until it reaches an inch
    • Now place the pouring pitcher inside the pot where we have already placed the wax.
    • You should fill the water in the pot but make sure it does not make the pitch to float inside the pot
    • Total weight of pitcher and wax should prevent this from happening.

Melt The Wax

Heat the wax until it reaches the state of water. Stirring it along the way will help in improving the process. Based on the amount of wax you are using, this process may take 1 to 2 hours or quite longer.

You can do anything else rather than just starring at the melting wax on the stove. But don’t take off your eyes fully. You should not let the wax boil over the pot. When the wax is melted fully and you find no chunks in it, feel free to continue with the next step given in the post how to make candles at home.

Add Coloring

If you want your candle to have some color in it, You can proceed with this step. Else skip over and move on to the next.

Based on the choice of your color, this step will go slightly different. You can see the directions to add color to the wax on the packaging itself.

Just as with anything, you should add more coloring to get darker shade and less to get the lighter shade. Remember the color of candle will seem more lighter when it dries than in the liquid form.

For example, for this project I would like to use 3 drops of red in 2 lbs of wax. It will result in a light red color.

For my project, I am using blue and only putting 3 drops in 2 lbs. of wax because I want to get a lighter blue color.

Add Fragrance

Just as color this step is also an optional one. If you want your candles to spread some nice odor, you can consider to add the fragrance in it. Depending on the type of fragrance you have purchased, the amount of fragrance required will get differ.

Finish Preparing Your Molds

In order to finish your preparation of molds for wax, you should coat those with the mold release.

Cool The Wax Slightly

Each and every type of candle has its unique pouring temperature. For votive, its 175°F. Find out the melting point of the candle which you make and set that on your stove burner. Cool the wax.

Pour The Wax

Once the wax gets cooled, pour it along the way such that it reaches the top. If you have kept the wick pin in the candle , align it to the center position.

If you have spilled anything on the counter floor, put all these back into the pouring pot.

Second Pour

As the wax concave naturally, it’s important to heat up all the remaining wax and pour on the candles. It will make the candles to get the beautiful rounded edge.

Now set the timer to point to one hour. This will actually make the candle to get dry enough for the 2nd pour.

Take out the candle from the mold

Once the candle gets dry completely, remove those from the mold. As you want to know how to make candles at home, you should stay patiently. Now turn this mold upside down. Open the tab of the mold so that it can release the candle. Take the wick pin using your fingers and gently move it to and from until it pulls the candle out.

Once you get the candle out, place the mold into a hot water for some seconds. This will melt the outer part of the candle and will allow it to come out freely.

Placing Wicks

Once you remove the wick pins, try to place the pre-tabbed wick inside the candle

Now your candle is ready. Hope you have find useful info on how to make candles at home.