How to take a good picture of yourself?- Due to the mesmerizing trend of social networkers increases our virtual personality to new highs, discussing on this topic may be the favorite post for many of us. Everyone want to look our best, it is the nature of human. You need to have good pictures of yourself to use them in Facebook and Twitter profiles, press requests, LinkedIn profiles and conference. Bad picture of yourself may make you miss some opportunities. When you are in need to take your picture of your own, capturing nice picture can be challenging task. Some useful tricks and rules will support you to take nice picture of yourself.

You never find a 2nd chance at a 1st impression. Profile pictures play a major role in impressing your social media friends to know and it provides the right impression on someone you don’t know so far. Having great profile picture can be important in deciding whether to sign up you or not. Here are the guidelines that you have to take into consideration while taking the picture of yourself.

How To Take A Good Picture Of Yourself

How To Take A Good Picture Of Yourself?

Use Plain Background

Generally, plain background clearly shows off the subjects you are capturing. That works well for taking your own pictures too. When taking the pictures of you, just force yourself to concentrate the surrounding area. Ensure that no poles rise from your head and no cars seem to hang from ears.

Focus On Light

When you are taking photos inside of your home, always stand by facing where light is coming from (for example windows). It will help your picture to be free from your wrinkles as well as bags under eyes. Either you capture in outside or inside, don’t take in direct sunlight, it will throw intense shadows. If you are planning to shoot at outdoors, then avoid taking pictures between 11 am to 1 pm. The mid day sun is very harsh and can illustrate even tiny imperfections you have. Some times in sunset or early morning, the light is soft, amazing and makes you beautiful. It is also advised to find a place where the light appears little more moderate. At night it is a war since it all based on your camera including the flash, ISO and setup setting.

Adjust Your Makeup

When you are capturing yourself, you can attempt wearing more makeup hence your facial appearance are not swab out under lights. However don’t wear too much of makeup it may make you appear as wearing a makeup mask and you won’t appear like yourself. If you don’t like to apply more makeup, then just apply some lip-gloss and mascara to depict attention to your facial appearance. If you have oily face, don’t forget to remove oil by using natural oil blotter or use some mild powder on face. Oily face usually looks more oily in pictures.

Tilt Your Head

People generally appear good when they are not viewing precisely while capturing picture. In order to look good in photos, you can slightly turn your head or turn in slight angle. Hence, slightly tilt the head down and angle eyes up on the way to camera.

Take Many Photos

Keep the practice of taking photos everyday when you comfortable with how you appear. You can take in morning or evening – whenever you like to project yourself, here confident counts the matter. If you take dozens of photos on a very low self-esteem day, there is no matter how you actually appear, you will possibly find mistakes in them, this is because you think you do not appear look better that day. Take photos after putting some makeup like do various hairstyles. This can make you to find out in which style appear best.

Adjust Flash

As I said earlier, bright sun light can make unpleasant deep facial shadows. You can eliminate the shadows by adjusting the flash that can lighten your face. When capturing photos on sunny days make sure that, the flash is on. You can have option of full flash mode or fill flash mode. If you are placing you camera in a distance five feet away from you, use the fill flash mode. If you place beyond the five feet, then set the flash in the full power mode. If you are using digital camera means, you can use the “picture display panel” to analyze your result. During cloudy days, it is best to use the fill flash mode of the camera. Flash will support to brighten your face and makes you stand out. Flash can help to manage perfect color balance in sunlight. If your picture looks blurred or fuzzy, your face appears as odd shade, green, blue or a bit dark when the flash is off.

Sometimes, it is best to take pictures without flash, since soft light of cloudy days can sometimes provides quite pleasing photos by itself. Capturing your photo in a darkened area or while you are close to your camera or while you’re moving, can result the blurred image. The darkened area can also results noise in the photos as like a bad TV signal. In order to avoid blurry pictures, use flash here. Finally keep in mind that your camera possibly can’t capture fine flash picture if you camera is closer than 3 to 4 feet from you. In order to have good flash picture, it is advised to stay back 6 to 10 feet away from your camera. If your camera includes the option of anti-red-eye mode, then turn it on. The big flash mistake is capturing photos beyond the range of flash. Photos capturing beyond the maximum range of flash will results the dark image. For most cameras, the range of flash is less than 15 feet (that is about five steps away). Hence, before taking pictures, first check the range of flash by looking up into the manual of your camera. In case you can find it, then restrict yourself to stay not farther than 10 feet away. Film users usually extend their flash range with versatility plus film or Kodak Max versatility.

Trial With Different Angles

If you are looking for how to take a good picture of yourself, then you should attempt as many angles you can to find which one makes you appear your best.

  • If the camera is the position above you, you will show off slimmer and taller.
  • Avoid taking pictures from below since you will show off shorter or as like you are having double chin.
  • Avoid capturing pictures head-on. This will result you appear boxy. If you want to make your picture more dynamic, then take photos from the right or left.
  • Try to take photos in at least 10 to 20 different angles. Keep in mind that one hairstyle can appear good in one angle but not nice in another angle. Similarly not all hairstyles look nice in same setup.
  • Try the practice of taking photos in the front of your mirror. This will give a fun viewpoint to your shoot.

Differ Your Photo Themes

If you post 5 photos means, you should make at least two of them in different theme settings. If you have day light photos, ensure to add at least two of night photos. Try to wear different things in the different photos.

Use Camera Timer

If you want to take your own picture by yourself, then you can use the timer of your camera. Mostly all digital cameras and few decent film cameras include a timer mode. This mode waits for some minutes after the shutter button is pushed before the photo is actually taken. Most auto famous cameras set the focus immediately when the shutter button is pressed. Look via the viewfinder to know what your camera is focusing. For example, set the camera to focus on a wall you planed to stand and then go the spot so that you’ll also be in the focus of camera when the photo is taken.

Concentrate On Your Dress

Very dark or solid black clothing is almost your enemy for good photography, especially capturing photos at night or in indoor situations. The shades of all clothes from solid grey to black generally show off as black on the computer screen and the photos of this area will go flat. For women, this issue can result the appearance with no shape or far larger than you really are. We cannot use flash to make dark color to appear less dark, but it possibly will expose under-garments. The same trouble can arise with the wearing of dazzling plain white cloths.

If you really want to know how to take a good picture of yourself, here are the guidelines that can help you.

  • Avoid wearing black or colors near to black, mainly above the waist
  • Avoid outfits with weave or print pattern.
  • Avoid wearing a dress or top with too short or no sleeves and a dipping neckline.
  • If you wear dark color clothes, it is best to have something brighter in background. If you wear light color clothes, then stand in front of darker background.
  • Keep in mind that white with black background or black with white background won’t work, since simple cameras generally fix the exposure depending on the average brightness of the whole view. Try to find a different background but not too much different in brightness from the color you wearing. Choosing different colors are ok.

Resolution Settings

It is not advised to use low quality or low resolution setting on your camera. You should use a medium or high-quality setting on the camera, chiefly for the main photo. When the picture with low resolution is enlarged, too much, that will ends up appearing furry with jagged edges.

Trail In Different Poses

When it comes on how to take a good picture of yourself, you should practice different poses. Pictures with natural pose will always consider as a good picture. Just stand in front of mirror and try different posses with various facial expression including different varieties of smiles.

Here is the overview of worst poses that you need to avoid while taking pictures of yourself.

  • Avoid taking pictures in front of mirror. Today, the social media sites are occupied with the snaps of people that are taken in the way of using mirror reflection. Although you are attracted to do this, this way doesn’t provide the most flattering picture. It is hard to get the perfect lightening, since the flash may get reflection in the mirror.
  • Avoid the pictures that show up your arms in the frame or extend out, usually as like the pictures taken with your iPhone. In order to avoid the capturing photos in this way, hold your phone out at your shoulder level and angle other shoulder in the way of your camera. You can use image-editing software to crop the pictures in order to remove arm from the photo. There are several photo editing software that can have the capability to adjust the picture, but taking better picture is the best choice than editing it.
  • Another bad pose that you should need to avoid when taking pictures of yourself is being straight ahead. Looking straight ahead can make double chin or harsh line. It also makes you appear fattening in the photos. Avoid capturing snap from beneath your face; it may result with double chin though if you do not actually have one.

Here is the overview of best poses that you need to consider while taking pictures of yourself.

  • Angled body is one of the best poses that can give you the slim look. Just try the pose of slightly angle in one side, shoulder back, stomach sucked in, pelvis thrust out and one foot in front of other.
  • If you are looking for how to take a good picture of yourself, the next pose that you can try out is angle ahead. Looking straight ahead towards the camera is not naturally a flattering look. Slightly angle your head left or right can give you a fine look.

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