There are people who get angry very easily. They find it really hard in dealing with anger. If you are wondering as to how to control your anger, then you have reached the right spot.  Temper or anger is that one common emotion that people possess within themselves and comes out every time when something goes wrong. Though it is natural to get tempered, you need to learn the tricks to come over it as it has some bad impacts on your health. If you are unaware about these impacts, then you must know about them by reading this article. Next time when you get angry on someone or something for any reason, think over these impacts and try to stop it. Before you step in knowing about how to deal with anger, let’s first check out the impacts that anger has on your health.


How does temper affect your health?

  • Many studies and researches have proved that temper has intense affects on your immune system. Since your immunity gets affected, it is obvious that you will be welcoming all sorts of diseases.
  • Temper affects your personality and lifestyle to an extreme extent.
  • Temper affects your prefrontal lobes present in the brain and alerts the reflexive part at the back. Thus, interrupting with the overall brain functions.
  • A depressed body begins to pumps out certain substances of cholesterol with catecholamine, which in turn leads to blocking up the blood vessels. This is when formation of fat begins inside. During depressed times, when an individual shows any signs of temper, then the chances of being attacked by heart attack or heart stroke increases by 3 times.
  • Temper interrupts the overall functions of your nervous system. It starts to pump blood to the muscles instead of your stomach.
  • Temper affects your digestive system and intestines as well.
  • Excess temper increases a stress hormone called “Cortisol”. It affects your oil glands to an extreme extent which in turn leads to formation of acne and other skin problems.
  • Frequent and excess temper reflects on your nervous system. The nerves get alert instantly and it becomes hard for the nerves to relax or calm down.

How to control your anger? –  Simple tips to overcome your temper

  • Count from 1 to 100.
  • Stay away from junk and oily foods.
  • Get some help from cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • Take deep and long breaths to feel better instantly.
  • Exercise every day to bring your temper under control.
  • Eat the right food and follow a healthy diet plan each day.
  • Drink a glass of water immediately whenever you get angry.
  • Think over the bad impacts of getting upset. Come up with a smart solution rather than giving rise to a temper literally.

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