Infectious diseases list is just endless. Disease either small or big, we don’t need them and neither do we invite but it still attacks us some how or the other, no matter what! We finally land in a sickbay spending dollars. We regret those times and wish it shouldn’t have happened. You will always want to cure yourself in a better way. Herbal home remedies can do wonders and can prevent diseases from occurring. Today you will find many diseases that can be easily attacked and people might not be immune to prevent infectious disease. Doctors can cure it with the help of pills, tonics and tablets but they have bad side effects on your health.  From ancient times, herbs did a lot of things to people and is practiced even now. You can use natural therapies to cure yourself from tiny as well as large diseases. But below are the home remedies regarding small infectious disease.

Infectious diseases

Natural tips to prevent infectious disease are as follows:

  • Ulcer: Chew basil leaves regularly in the morning to prevent ulcer as well as oral diseases.
  • Indigestion problems: If you are among the people who has issues with digestion, acidity and burning sensation in chest, then all you need to do is to add 1 spoon of lemon in half cup water and drink regularly. You will overcome all these issues.
  • Cold: Take 5 black peppers, 5 basil leaves and grind them together. Mix this with a cup of tea and drink twice in a day. You will feel better and relieved from cold soon.
  • Fever: Take 3 neem (Indian Lilac) leaves, 3 basil leaves and 1 clove (cap removed). Grind them together. Mix this paste with 1/2 cup of warm water and drink it before going to bed. You will get relief from fever.
  • Scratch: Take few newly born neem (Indian Lilac) leaves instead of larger ones. Chew these tiny leaves every morning to get relieved from scratch and irritation.

When you move on with herbal medicines to cure yourself, then they are ideal option because they do not give you any side affects later. Take a look on the things to do during winter to keep the body well hydrated.