You often come across “Abraham Lincoln” in textbooks, newspapers and websites but how much you know about him? You think you know everything associated to his life? Well, think over because today I am going to list you 45 interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln. Some facts may be common while others might be unheard still. Check them out.

45 Interesting Facts About Abraham Lincoln

Interesting Facts About Abraham Lincoln


After researching a while, I have picked up 45 Abraham Lincoln interesting facts. After you read this post, impress your family and friends with your knowledge.

  1. Abraham Lincoln was born on 12 February 1809 & died on 15 April 1865 (age: 56)
  2. His home town is Illinois
  3. Lincoln loved eating oysters and chicken casserole
  4. He loved eating fresh fruits too
  5. Lincoln practiced law without any degree. He had only done 18-months of schooling
  6. He was the 16th president of United States
  7. He neither used chewing gums nor drink or smoke
  8. He loved animals. He never fished or hunted
  9. He had a dog named “Fido” and a cat named “Tabby”
  10. He was obsessed with cats
  11. His cat – “Tabby” ate at the dinner table in White House
  12. Not only a cat and dog lived in White House but also 2 goats as well. They had their names as Nanko & Nanny
  13. He was a wrestler and there are documents that show he took part in various wrestling bouts
  14. He did not have a middle name
  15. He hated when someone called him “Abe”. They say that he preferred being denoted with his last name. In fact, his wife (Mary) called him “Mr. Lincoln”
  16. He was the 1st president to make use of “telegraph”
  17. His mother was killed by “poisoned milk”
  18. Lincoln was the one, who declared “Thanksgiving” as “National Holiday”
  19. He was the 1st president to have a beard
  20. His coffin was opened 5 times
  21. His shoe size is claimed to be between 12 & 14
  22. Lincoln was assassinated on Good Friday
  23. One of the fun facts about Abraham Lincoln is that as a kid (1818), he almost died after being kicked by a horse
  24. He kept all his important papers and notes in his stovepipe hat
  25. He was the tallest (6 feet. 4 inches) president of US. And after wearing his stovepipe hat, he was nearly 7-feet
  26. In the year 1860, a girl from Westfield (New York) – “Grace Bedell” wrote a letter to Lincoln asking him to grow his beard, as this would make him the US president one day. And you would not believe it, by the time the beard grew, he was elected the United States President
  27. He was the 1st US president to be born out of 13 colonies
  28. He did not have any direct descendants
  29. He helped initiate the Republican party
  30. Mary Todd Lincoln belonged to a rich family
  31. Lincoln belonged to a poor family
  32. Mary Todd’s parents disagreed to give her hands to Lincoln since he was poor
  33. He married Mary Todd on 4th November and together they had four children (all boys)
  34. He was assassinated by “John Wilkes Booth” on 15 April 1865 at Washington’s Ford theatre
  35. John Wilkes Booth’s brother saved Lincoln’s son at New Jersey’s train platform
  36. Lincoln was the 1st president to be assassinated
  37. He was buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois
  38. A 60-foot high (that is 18 meters) Lincoln’s head is sculpted at Mt. Rushmore, Southern Dakota
  39. Before entering politics, Abraham worked as flatboat pilot and ferry operator
  40. In the year 1849, he got a patent for a device, which keeps a boat afloat when it passed shallow waters or a sandbar. And to this date, he is the only US president to have a patent
  41. His bedroom was more of a meeting place in those times. Lincoln used it as a office to meet cabinet ministers and is exactly where he also signed “Emancipation Proclamation”
  42. He and his father did not have good relations. Thus, he did not attend his father’s funeral too
  43. Lincoln ran for United States senate 2 times and lost
  44. After a year Lincoln died, a drunken assailant killed his dog “Fido” too
  45. Lincoln’s vice presidents were Andrew Johnson and Hannibal Hamlin