None of the days would pass without the person thinking about stuffs such as cars, bikes, sports or else the girls meant for that matter. This is a natural tendency that every person will think in their life. The real fact is that, few people think that having these things in their life will define a true man. The luxury car brands are something that has to be admired.

The majority of car brands come down for making the satisfaction among people moreover with intention on earning money. I have searched about few of a car brands and listed in this article. This article will help you for getting details about the luxury car brands.

List Of Luxury Car Brands



It is from the Toyota Motors car division. Lexus is famous for name in churning out advanced luxury vehicles meant for rich tycoons. Some of the Lexus best luxury car brands are.

Lexus ES 350 Sedan

Midsized plus front wheel drive car as of Lexus will be providing luxury and the comfort at its best.

Lexus IS 250 C

This is known as Lexus entry level offering within its Convertible range; it is value for money.

Lexus GS 430

The first attempt of Lexus is GS 430 for bringing the sport oriented luxury sedan within market.



Cadillac is General Motors division and it is basically aimed to market in three countries currently such as China, United States and China. However, previous seen like luxury car brand vehicle for elder people, it is now shifting its notice towards youth people, which will be looking new technique for spending money and they will not be hesitating in buying luxury car for them.



The Buick is known to be oldest lively car maker, which is still flourishing and flourishing successfully. Buick traditional customers are basically old buyers. Due to emphasis to plush cars made this brand to attract a old buyers.

Buick Encore

It is latest tiny crossover SUV as of Buick is certainly a car to see in this luxury car brand lists. Buick has ended a great job by this car.

Buick Regal

Buick Regal is efficient and quiet through great interiors plus most excellent thing is to it is one among a reasonable luxury car than with competitors providing sports cars that of luxury one in market.

Buick Verano

This car is excellent to small family and it provides good equilibrium of both handling and riding.

Land Rover


They have made their debut in a year 1948; Land Rover is designed to extreme conditions as well as extremely hard and long lasting. You can see many of the Land Rover vehicles in service today. Present Land Rover was redesigned completely. They will be starting at price of $36,000 to LR2 plus they will be going around $85,000 to the newer Range Rover.



This car is the Volkswagen subsidiary and it is one among luxury car brand in a world. It is building fast moreover luxury cars to rich people as of 1919. In beginning years, they focused mainly on two staple series however recently they are expanding their range. Increasing in sales tells about the effort they are putting in for manufacturing the luxury brands.



Ferrari is the best one and it runs very fast. Ferrari Company is noted for constant participation in a racing, mainly Formula One and it has got great success in it. This is the most prestigious makers in universe. None of the cars have the history, passion and tradition like Ferrari.



Audi is most beautiful car in both exterior and interior. It is a very good balance of comfort and sportiness. Only con in this is motor oil consumption. It also has a very good engine. Audi is also comparatively cheaper than others.



One among the most popular luxury car brand is Mercedes. With legends such as the 600, the 300 SL gull-wing, the 450 SEL 6.9 as well as Pagoda within stables, Mercedes have paved it in premium luxury element top. The collaboration of Mercedes with AMG and McLaren, they are at present producing cars, which rival sporty Italians within a terms of flamboyance, speed, albeit German style.

Mercedes-Benz C class

It is known to be an admission level luxury car from Mercedes in affordable prices. Fresh style and the new engine builds this to be entry level car from Mercedes luxury car brands and it is good buy for new car owners.

Mercedes-Benz SL Class

Through hefty price tag, Mercedes-Benz SL class will be providing you a luxury hopeful is able to ask for. Safety equipment and a new tech features in this car made it to be one among personal desirable luxury car list among people.

Mercedes-Benz M Class

This car has the very impressive handling, excellent finish, quiet cabin and powerful engine brought jointly by redesigned look as well as feel give SUV a added luxury flavor. The other luxury features and the cutting edge technology in this car has made it to be the enormous fit for the wealthy family.



In this luxury car brands, the famous models might be Countach and Miura, but there are few others worth huge sums for the collectors. The initial 400 GT and 3000 GT, which paved way to Miura plus later on Diablo GT, are known to be highly valuable. Or possibly off-road LM002 which developed to Army through Countach’s 6 litre petrol V12 as well as petrol tank with 290 litres. Due to Lamborghini small production, exclusivity is guarantee.



BMW stands for Bravian Motor Works and it is the highly respected name in a luxury car brands field. They are famous for crafting luxury cars containing superior comfort level that provides driving enjoyment which will revolutionize driving experience, better and forever. By three brands MINI, BMW and Rolla-Royce-Motor Cars, BMW contains sights placed firmly in international automobile market premium sector. They are the leading premium services and premium products provider to individual mobility.

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