When it comes to “personality”, clothes have its own impact. There is no doubt of how humans love to dress adorably and elegantly. The instinct to be unique from others frequently leads both men and women never to hesitate from paying big dollars. So, what according to you are the most expensive clothing brands this year? If you don’t have much idea on this, then learn through this post.

13 Most Expensive Clothing Brands

Whether it is your necessity, desire or being a fashion update always — “great outfits” make you look outstanding. And you will be surprised to see how lavishly few people spend on their clothes. And trust me, they are priced so high that it makes it very hard for a common man to reach.

13. Versace

  • Most Highly Priced Clothing Of Versace – A Safety Pin Little Black Dress
  • Price – $5000+

Most Expensive Clothing brands

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Donatella Versace’s is one of the most valued fashion houses in the whole world. Women are just crazy after its flattering gowns. But they come with a bigger price label. Even those simple ready-to-wear casual dresses start at $2000. When it comes to clothing, Versace, has this $5000+ LBD (Little Black Dress), which made the actress “Elizabeth Hurley” very popular the next day after she wore. This LBD is often referred as “That Dress”. It has oversized golden pins and is reported to be Versace’s one of the best and highly priced creation in clothing.

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12. Valentino

  • Most Highly Priced Clothing Of Valentino – A Dress Wore By Katy Perry
  • Price – $10,000+

Most Expensive Clothing brands

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Valentino is one of the most popular Italian fashion houses. Valentino Garavani launched this brand and today, he has become one of the favorites of Hollywood celebrities. You would often find them wearing his collections at the Red Carpet. Starting price of this brand would be between $900 & $1000.

A dress worn by Katy Perry is reported to be the most expensive clothing of Valentino brand. It was during a show at Paris, where Perry decided wearing this nude dress. I am not very sure of the exact cost but sources say that it is more than $10,000.

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11. Marc Jacobs

  • Most Highly Priced Clothing Of Marc Jacobs – An Embroidery Dress
  • Price – $28000

most expensive clothing brands

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Though Marc Jacobs is well known for its expensive sunglasses and handbags, it has managed to rock the clothing arena too with this season’s latest and most expensive “Puffy Embroidery Dress”, which is designed in an Embroidery Mill at Switzerland.

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10. Burberry

  • Most Highly Priced Clothing Of Burberry – A Coat Made Of Peacock Feathers
  • Price – $36,047

most expensive clothing brands

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Yet another most posh clothing brand is “Burberry”. This British fashion house is well admired for its exclusive tartan print. It is something you will find in majority of its products like scarves, perfume bottles & trench coats.  However, this well-liked symbol comes with a big price tag. Even a usual trench coat costs you about $2000. Talking about their evening dresses, it starts with $3000 on average. However, what has made this brand into this list is its newly arrived trench coat for a whopping $36,047. It is made from genuine peacock feathers. Anna Wintour (Editor of American Vogue) wore it recently and walked at a ramp. The coat came into controversies for it has killed many peacocks just to make this dress. This peacock coat was designed by a well known designer – “Christopher Bailey”. He was so happy after designing this coat. Unfortunately, an investigation from Daily Mail claimed that the coat’s origin isn’t what Burberry usually has. And, their website, in which this coat was put up for sale — claimed that the garment used peacock feathers (killed and imported from India). So, I am not sure if you will still be able to find this item on their site. It is illegal to own one.

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9. Dolce & Gabbana

  • Most Highly Priced Clothing Of Dolce & Gabbana – A Red Beaded Cocktail Frock
  • Price – $50,000

 most expensive clothing brands

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Dolce & Gabbana was launched in the year 1985 by 2 Italian designers named “Domenico Dolce” & “Stefano Gabbana”. Thus, the name Dolce & Gabbana / D&G, which most people name it. Though it started out small, today it is one of the world’s multi-billion dollar companies. It offers perfumes, cosmetics, sunglasses, footwear, clothes and handbags. Speaking exclusively about their dresses, there are unique. Its casual clothing starts somewhere around $1000, going up to $15000 or even more. They are never cheap.

However, what has made D&G in this list is for its $50,000 dress. Net-a-Porter seems to be betting on it. Net-a-Porter, a luxury retailer is all set to sell D&G’s most pricey dress ever. It is a red beaded cocktail frock from D&G’s 2013 Fall collection. In total, D&G has produced 12 of these dresses. This online retailer has already bought 6 dresses & is so confident about its sale. Check Net-a-Porter.com.

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8. Balmain

  • Most Highly Priced Clothing Of Blamain – A Crocodile Jacket
  • Price – $74,000

  Most Expensive Clothing brands

Image Credit: Purseblog

Pierre Balmain founded the Balmain Fashion House. He was born in the year 1914 at France. Balmain’s father had a drapery business & his sister as well as mom owned an exclusive fashion boutique. He often worked there after his dad’s death in the year 1921. Since then he had developed a passion for fashion & design. As the saying goes – rest is history! The brand’s clothing is never considered cheap. You need to have a big pocket to get one. Though they sell different expensive things, the most highly priced clothing piece from Balmain is its $74000 jacket made of crocodile skin.

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7. Hermes International

  • Most Highly Priced Clothing Product Of Hermes – Croc T-Shirt
  • Price – $91,500

most expensive clothing brands

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One of the world’s most expensive clothing brands is none other than “Hermes International”. When you see Hermes price tags, you are sure to wonder why are they so expensive? Well, every item of theirs is a masterpiece. And more often it describes one’s status. If you have one, it tells aloud that you are wealthy. Moreover, they are made from genuine and very high quality materials.

The company was established in the year 1837 and today it specializes in lifestyle accessories, leather, perfumery, clothing and other luxury goods. It has its logo as DUC Carriage along with a Horse. Even though it faced many difficulties, as of 2008, the company saw a good growth. It launched 14 exclusive product divisions incorporating scarves, leather, ties, women’s fashion, men’s wear, perfume, stationery, watches, gloves, footwear, enamel, tableware, jewelry and decorative arts. Hermes overall sales are occupied with 30% on leather goods, 12% on scarves, 15% on clothes & 43% on other wares. The company is incredibly attached to old-fashioned business models & rejects assembly lines, mechanization and mass production. The goods are completely handmade in France at middle-sized workshops, giving high importance to quality. Hermes claims its products to be made by a single person right from its beginning to end. Thus, it guarantees 100% uniqueness and quality. Even though it manufactures different products, Hermes scarves are globally known. In fact, many popular people have worn their scarves. Check who are they:

  • Queen Elizabeth wore Hermes Scarf for a portrait in the 1956 British stamp
  • Princess Grace Kelly wore for a snap on the Life magazine cover in the year 1965
  • Princess Grace used Hermes Scarf as a sling for her damaged arm
  • Well-known actress “Sharon Stone” used Hermes scarf in the movie “Basic Instinct” for a bondage scene

Though you can see different product range from Hermes, the most expensive is said to be its “Birkin Ginza Tanaka Bag”, which is worth $1.9-Million. However, when it comes to clothing, “Croc T-shirt” is reported to be of $91,500. The reason why this Croc T-shirt is been priced high is because it is made of a crocodile skin. The shirt might look stuffy and heavy from outside. However, it bears the tag of a luxury brand.

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6. Dior

  • Most Highly Priced Clothing Of Dior – A Wedding Dress Worn By Melania Knauss
  • Price – $125,000

 most expensive clothing brands

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Dior is globally known for its highly mesmerizing and elegant products, marketed for sophisticated people. Since it is Dior, quality certainly can’t be questioned. They are more of a person’s status symbol than just being products in wardrobe. Often it denotes high-class, stylish and being choosy in brands. Christian Dior founded the Dior fashion house. It is the most reputed icon for luxurious clothing. For more than 7 decades, the brand has made an exclusive statement. And if you are looking out for a satisfying, ready-to-wear outfit from Dior, have your wallet ready with at least $700 to $3,000. The most expensive Dior outfit was actually a wedding dress worn by Melania Knauss, an earlier Slovenia model, whom she married a billionaire named Donald Trump. The $125,000 wedding dress was very heavily embroidered. It took 550 man-hours just to make this dress. This white satin, voluminous, strapless gown was made from 300-feet material and it had 1500 pure crystal rhinestones + pearls encrusted in it.

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5. Prada

  • Most Highly Priced Clothing Of Prada – A Coat Made From Mink & Sable Furs
  • Price – $140,240

 most expensive clothing brands

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This luxurious clothing brand was found in the year 1913. It is a globally known Italian fashion house from Mario Prada. At first, it used to be an exclusive leather shop. The major qualities of Prada products incorporate durability, advanced designs and simplicity. With annual earnings of about $2.15-billion, it is no wonder why Prada often makes in the list of most expensive brands in the world.

Recently, when this brand presented its 2013 Autumn/Winter collection in Milan Fashion Week, critics just admired its sequins, prints and of course those metallic sandals. However, the one beautiful thing, which audience couldn’t stop admiring was this luxury coat made from mink & sable furs. Now, how much do you think this piece from Prada cost? It is a whopping $140,240.

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4. Louis Vuitton

  • Most Highly Priced Clothing Of Louis Vuitton – A Luxury Trunk Containing Different Things
  • Price – $170,000

most expensive clothing brands

Image Credit: bornrich

When it comes to luxury clothing brands, Louis Vuitton often makes it. It has been claimed to be one of the most valuable brands in the world. Its 2012 valuation was about $25.9-billion USD while 2013 valuation was $28.4 billion. At present, there are over 460 stores in 50 different countries. Like its contender Gucci, Vuitton has a well established history in leather and fashion. With its wide exclusive range of designer handbag collections, one is sure to find a masterpiece. Apart from handbags, you will find shoes, sunglasses, luggage & books holding the name — Louis Vuitton. And the best part — it is a main player in clothing arena. And the most expensive product of Louis Vuitton is claimed to be a $170,000 luxury trunk. It has a canvas case inside. It was custom designed for Australian cricket team’s captain – “Michael Clarke”.

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3. Armani

  • Most Highly Priced Clothing Of Armani – A Gown Wore By Cate Blanchett
  • Price – $200,000

most expensive clothing brands

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Armani is broadly considered as one of the most reputed brands in the world. Armani is globally known for its suits and tuxedos, which come with a heavy price tag. This brand functions under many sub-labels like Armani Collezioni, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani and Armani Exchange. It specializes in exclusive ready-to-wear, shoes, leather goods, jewelry, shoes, eyewear, watches, accessories, home interiors, haute couture and cosmetics. When it comes to clothing, the normal Armani price range starts at $1000. However, Cate Blanchett wore the most expensive Armani outfit in the year 2007. It was worth $200,000.

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2. Gucci

  • Most Highly Priced Item Of Gucci – A Diamond Belt
  • Price – $250,000

most expensive clothing brands

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Gucci is one of the most favorite brands among celebrities around the world. This Italian exclusive brand offers clothing, designer shoes to jewelry, handbags & cosmetics. And trust me, every one of them is highly expensive. The most highly priced item of Gucci is its “platinum diamond belt”, which is worth $250,000.

When it comes to Gucci clothing, they aren’t cheap either. Casual clothing will cost you around $2,000 in minimum. After researching for a while, I came across this post, where a guy claims to purchase a Gucci coat for $22,000 coat, making it one of the highest priced Gucci clothing.

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1. Chanel

  • Most Highly Priced Clothing Of Chanel – A Little Black Dress
  • Price – PRICELESS

most expensive clothing brands

Image Credit: fashionstyleguru

So, the one winning the list of most expensive clothing brands is none other than “Chanel”. The brand is well known for its complex blend of simplicity and luxury. Coco Chanel shared her idea of woman’s staple clothes on the Vogue magazine’s cover page (US edition) during the year 1926. The picture was of a simple, short black dress, straight and calf-length, embellished with just some diagonal lines. Chanel’s this exclusive design was the ultimate. It could be adopted on all occasions & functionality. Thus, giving women the power to “recreate” and “own” new looks. After its publication, the initial incarnation of LBD (Little Black Dress) came in a long-sleeved cover version. Rest is history. Even if you had to buy normal clothes of Chanel brand, you will hardly find them under $1,000.

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