World’s fastest cars, biggest cars, expensive cars, smallest cars and slowest cars are common to hear today but ever heard of the oldest car in the world? If no, then read this. You will be shocked to read how old it is and the price it was auctioned for.

Meet The Oldest Car In The World

The Oldest Car In The World

La Marquise – World’s Oldest Car

So, the oldest car in the world is called “La Marquise” and is reported to be the oldest running automobile. It is claimed to be 127+ years old and has been already sold for $4.6-million. La Marquise is an 1884 car model manufactured by a company named “De Dion-Bouton et Trepardoux”.

Three Frenchmen founded the company “De Dion-Bouton et Trepardoux” in the year 1883 at Paris. They were

  • Georges Bouton – A French Engineer
  • Charles Trepardoux – Bouton’s Brother-in-Law
  • Marquis Jules Albêrt de Dion – Pioneer of automobile industry at France

De Dion-Bouton was a well-known French railcar and automobile manufacturing company, which operated between the years 1883 & 1932. It is truly interesting to hear that this company started when Albert de Dion during the year 1881 looked at a toy engine in a store’s window & requested the toy-makers to make another. The toy makers or engineers were none other than Trépardoux and Böuton, who were starving for their living in those days. They earned by making technical toys and sold them in a shop at Passage de Léon. Trépardoux had always dreamed of making his own steam car. However, the problem was that he could not afford it. But De Diön, belonging from a rich noble family was inspired already by steam and since he had lots of money, he agreed to help him build one. This was how “De Diòn, Boutòn et Trépardoux” formed in the year 1883. And you wouldn’t believe, it soon became one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturing companies of its time. They were well known for quality, durability and reliability.

One of their manufactured cars “La Marquise” is today claimed to be the world’s oldest and first car race. This 4-wheeled “La Marquise”, was initially built for French Count De Diön, the founder himself. In the year 1887, this car made a 20-mile round trip from Paris to Versailles at an average speed of 16-miles an hour (26 km/hr). And the most interesting thing about this car was the kind of fuels it used. It employed only wood, paper bits and coal. The best thing – the oldest car still runs today.


  • Top speed of world’s oldest car – 38 m/h (61 km/h)
  • Time taken to build steam to drive – 30 to 40 minutes
  • Oldest car’s Age – 127+


Being the world’s oldest car, it had the number “0” at the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run in the year 1996. This steam-powered car was sold for $3.52 million at California’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance during the year 2007. And was resold for a whopping $4.6-million ($4,620,000) on 7 October 2011 at an auction late Friday, making it a record-breaking price any automobile could get.

RM Auctions (Auction Company) had already estimated that La Marquise would sell for this much. The price incorporated a “buyer’s premium” of 10% which goes for the auction company. The person who bought this car is still unknown, meaning it has not been publicized yet.

Here is the auction video of world’s oldest car