Brassed off with doing exercises and need effortless tips? Then here we go.. Exercises to improve posture is a common thing which everyone does. But did you know that a right posture can help you stay away from unwanted aches?? You need to be just careful while doing every day work. To make ourselves look fit, we do an ample of things each day. We do things from dieting to yoga but do you know that a proper work on posture will automatically make you look lean and relieve unwanted aches? I bet you wouldn’t have known this. Well yes it is true! Right work on posture will make you look and feel light.

Simple Exercises to improve posture

The following are the tips which need to be considered in your daily life:

1. Brush: You brush every day in the morning and almost all the people bend their neck towards the wash basin continuously till they complete brushing. It is natural but this can actually make your neck weak. Hence you need to make sure that you stand straight and shoulders must be even. You need to bend only when you want to spit but do not bend in too much. The benefit is that you will be relaxed the entire day and neck posture will be correct.
2. Work: To look into the computer screen, we often forward our face in the front but in this way; your shoulders will not go together with the head which in turn you feel a pain in neck and lower back. When you follow this each day, you will suffer from severe pain. You will have to take precautions now. You need to place the computer or laptop in the right place and the monitor must be exactly placed in 90 degree. You need to bend only 20 degrees and make sure that you have a straight eye contact with the computer screen. Sit straight and comfortable. If you do this regularly you will not have any back and neck pains. You will be fit always in work time and will not suffer from any pain.
3. Car drive: While driving, your head and neck shouldn’t be moved forward because this can weaken your muscles and create problems in lower back. exercises to improve postureYou need to keep your head straight and steady in a way as if someone is pulling your head from up. If you keep this thing in your mind while driving and follow it, then there wouldn’t be any pain in lower back, neck as well as shoulders. It will improve your body posture too.
4. Sleep: People often just switch off the light and tuck into the bed to sleep in any pose. You must never do this. You need to sleep straight in bed and keep your palms open and relax yourself. If you do this, your back bone gets a lot of relief and you will get a good sleep too.
5. Television: A lot of people sit in a wrong posture while watching TV. They just lie on the bed or sofa and keep watching telly for a long time. When you watch television, you need to sit straight and keep your legs on the floor.

exercises to improve posture

Make sure that both the knees are straight and head is straight. If you practice this regularly, your shoulders and knees will be in right posture.
6. Cook: Often you can see people giving stress on single leg and bend too much while cooking. While cooking you need to stand straight and never bend too much while chopping the vegetables. Keep your shoulders even and if you follow this, you will not have any kind of lower back aches.

Well, everyday we do an ample of exercises to improve posture. We practice them every day to avoid aches and keep ourselves active. But have you pondered on your body postures? Probably No! This is the right time to begin working on your postures. All you got to do is to be careful with daily activities. A right posture keeps your muscles strong and sturdy. Also get to know about things to do during winter.