Kids are choosy with what they eat. Kids always make a fuss with the food their mom gives. Many moms find it difficult to make their kids eat the right food because when it’s time for meals, you will find kids doing all sorts of naughty things like: going crazy, running all around the house, hopping and jumping on bed. You will see moms running after them with the plate just to make them eat the right food. You need to sit and make them understand the real importance of healthy eating habits. Tell them what disasters can happen to them if they don’t eat properly. There are great chances that, sometimes out of fear what you tell them, they begin to eat all the healthy foods. You can mostly see these kinds of habits among the kids of age group 2 to 10. But you can improve your kid’s habit with the following things:

A little change in the habit:

If they keep making a fuss about the food you give, then your kid might lack all the nutrition which is essential for his or her growth. Either the kids consume very less food or they will want to eat the food which they like. In this way they consume foods that contains more calories and therefore they lack in proteins and vitamins. Often kids prefer to eat fast food rather than the food cooked at home. The food that you bring from outside can be delicious but aren’t healthy. This creates a lot of change in the eating patterns. To some extent it can be parents’ mistake because they order food from outside and eat them home. In this way the eating patterns of kids’ changes and the taste buds tempts more for the fast foods.

healthy eating habits

It is essential that you do not order food from outside unless it is really necessary. It is really important that you make them understand about the healthy eating habits. You also need to know more about what kind of vegetables and fruits they like so that you can give them accordingly. In this way they will not make fuss anymore and always get excited to eat their favorite dish. Cook food at home instantly and serve hot. Make them understand the importance of eating the right food. You can even make up stories to tell the importance of consuming the right healthy food.

Incomplete nutrition:

Lack of nutrition and healthy food can impede the physical as well as mental growth. Improper eating patterns makes the kids to be anemic. The kids face problems like obesity, less immunity, rough skin etc. Hence it is essential to consume the food which has sufficient nutrition for growth. Healthy food for kids must include a complete diet containing things like: Fruits, green vegetables, dairy products and whole some grains. Only when they eat well, you can see them happy, healthy and handling stress can really be easy for them.

Best solution:

To keep the kids healthy, you need to serve them one to two fruit servings per day. It can either be raw fruits or fresh juice. Kids get instant energy with apples, bananas, fresh salads etc. If they consume the right fruits and vegetables, the body remains hydrated. Apart from these things cook delicious yet healthy dishes so that kids will prefer eating them.