Birthdays of closed ones bring in celebration, joy and fun but with it, comes the most important part – GIFTS of course. Since birthdays are regular every year and with so many friends and loved ones around, you need to give something special. But every year gifts we present have become way too common. It is time to think different or probably something your closed one would be happy to open it. The gift that you give must make his moments memorable. If you are confused with what should you pick and what you shouldn’t, here are few things to check out. We have researched and listed 14 most exclusive birthday gift ideas for boyfriend. It is not that hard to impress your guy with a gift anymore. Out here, you will find gift ideas ranging from romantic to unique ones. I hope you find it useful.

Top 20 Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend

No 22 : The 1-Year Smartphone Backup Battery

Price : $38.51

Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

Almost everyone today owns a smart phone and obviously, there is going to be the usual battery backup problem too. If your boyfriend is a frequent traveler or a heavy smart phone user, getting him a “1 year smart phone backup battery” becomes a life saver during emergencies. Once charged, this lithium ion battery seals the power using a unique covered jack. So even after a year on the shelf, it retains 97% charge. This 3.4-inch device comes with an emergency beacon and LED flash light. It is fully chargeable in less than 3 hours.


No 21 : iSnapX – Remote Wireless Shutter Control

Price : $24.99

In the recent years, selfies got very popular like never before. If your boyfriend loves to take picture of himself and owns an Apple device, presenting iSnapX will be so thought full. Apple has increased its picture quality in an amazing way but the only pitfall is, to take shots no matter whether it’s a group portrait or a self portrait, you have to stand right next to your device. Well, iSnapx is all about changing this issue completely.

Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

The iSnapx is a wireless device which designed to take high definition pictures even from 10 feet away. Instead of using the self timers and running front and forth, now you can take pictures perfectly with this wireless shutter remote control with the touch of a button.

Start accumulating his beautiful memories with iSnapX shutter remote control. You can download iSnapX app from the App store.
Compatible with:
• IOS 5.1 or above required
• iPhone 4 or above required
• iPod Touch
• iPad, New iPad, iPad 2 and iPad Mini
Purchase iSnapx with portable & adjustable iPhone stand holder. This complete package is sure to impress your special man on his big day.

No 20 : Game Of Thrones Books

Price : $26.19

Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

Is your boyfriend a good reader? If yes, your job is pretty easier. Right now, George R.R Martin’s Game of thrones series is taking the world by storm. This epic story has turned the heads of millions world wide. Your boyfriend may or may not be one among them. It doesn’t matter. Undoubtedly, these books will inspire him for sure. So go ahead and buy this gift confidently. The best part about these books is that they will not hurt your wallet much. These are cheap yet effective.

No 19 : Sanctuary 4 Charging Station in One

Price : $68.99

Best Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend


Men mostly prefer the usable things over the memorable ones. They don’t like teddy bears or bunch of flowers. So gift your guy with something that is useful to him on every single day. One such gift you could buy for your boyfriend is, “Sanctuary 4 Charging Station in One”. This simple device can solve your loved one’s charging problem in a more compact way. As it provides 4 USB ports, he can charge 4 different gadgets all at the same time.


  • Constructed with 4 amp charger which makes it suitable for almost every device we use today.
  • It works fine with both big and small tablets.
  • It comes in 2 different colors (black and white). You can choose anything according to your design preferences.

No 18 : Busted Knuckle BKG-64 Garage Desktop Mini Toolbox

Price: $35.65


Best Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend

If your boyfriend is someone, who messes his desktop with tiny things around , I think you need to gift him a nice organized box, wherein he can keep everything. This will make the table look tidy too. Even though there are many products out there, I personally found this little box interesting. It has small wheels so that he can move it swiftly.


  • This mini box measures about 9-inches in width & 5-inches in height
  • It is exactly 3-inches deep
  • It is made of gauge steel (0.24- heavy duty)
  • It is spot-welded and bent to make an authentic design like that of professional toolboxes
  • The lid is made of rubber for that extra grip

No 17 : USB Thermoelectric Cooler & Warmer

Price :$ 17.81

Capacity : 12 oz. can

Best Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend

No matter how hot or cold the weather is, there is always a way to make your guy enjoy his favorite beverages at its best. This plug in single can thermoelectric cooler & warmer can make all your canned drinks chill down to 46° F and can even warm it up to 149° F. Its LED indicator will flash yellow whenit is cold and red when it is warm. Isn’t that cool? Nothing can be a better gift than this for your boyfriend.

No 16 : GreatShield PowerTube Portable Charger

Price: $15.99

Best Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend

This is one of the best gifts for your boyfriend on his birthday. Guys are usually fond of gadgets. It is something they worship day and night. But with frequent usage, obviously the battery is going to drain down quickly. Yeah, they can charge it instantly but what if they are out somewhere? They need something useful and portable right? This is when this gift comes to play.


  • This is ideal for power-hungry smart phones like iPods & other high-end devices.
  • This stable and reliable Samsung lithium-ion power pack battery makes sure that there is long-lasting battery life.
  • It supplies over 500-charge cycles.
  • This USB Output offers you complete flexibility for charging up iPhones, iPods, iPads, Tablets, Smart phones, GPS, even including Android Devices & lots more.
  • It comes in 3 exclusive colors: silver, pink and blue.
  • This inbuilt short circuit, over-heat and over-charge protection lets users for a fast, reliable and safe charge on the go.
  • Its suction cup acts like a cool kickstand with anti-static microfiber unique wiper, which offers a very convenient way of cleaning your device.
  • This compact design easily fits inside your palm along with metal casing, LED lights and mirror finish.
  • It has micro USB cable for charging as well.

No 15 : Spy Watch w/ Multi Media Device

Price: $149.99

Best Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend


Every man would just love to see his hands with a James Bond accessory. This is applicable to all men. If your boyfriend is one of the kind then this spy watch is what he needs as a gift. This isn’t just a watch but is more than what you think. It has an inbuilt video recorder, phone, mp3 player media player and the more. I am sure there are some freezing moments he must have missed just because he didn’t have the right gadget in his hand. But with this watch, your boyfriend would not miss any of such moments. From my view it is one of the best birthday gifts for boyfriend. It is not only stylish but also has some hidden cool features, which are listed below

  • Could be used as a phone, video camera, media player, mp3 player and of course watch.
  • 1.5 inch TFT touchscreen
  • Allows you to record about 115-minutes video footage (with audio)
  • 2 MP camera
  • 1280 * 960-VGA resolution
  • Stores pictures in JPEG format
  • Splash proof
  • Requires you to charge it for 2 to 3 hours and its done

No 14 : Universal Remote Control Pillow

Price : $24.88

Top Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend

If your boyfriend is a telly addict then with our “Universal Remote Control Pillow” you are sure to get the appreciations from him. As this 6 in 1 universal controller is gonna stay either on the couch or cushion just like all other pillow cases, in no way he misplaces the remote again. It operates via built in infrared LED technology.

No 13 : Glow LED Chess Set by LumiSource

Top Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend

Blue / White

Blue / Red


Does your boyfriend love chess? Well. Get him LumiSource’s GlowLED Chess Setwhich comes with an LED transparent pieces. When the sets are placed on the board, it gets light up instantly like a magic. It contains no batteries in the items.

In our list of birthday gift ideas for boyfriend, this unique gift will help you impress his entire family too. Nothing can be more memorable and useful for a chess player more than this glowing chess set.

Product Details:

  • Package contains chess board and LED chess pieces.
  • Available in 2 colors, white & blue
  • Size of the chess board : 15.7″ L x 15.7″ W x 1″ H
  • Operates on 4 AA batteries which are sold separately.
  • Chess pieces glow when it is on or brought near the board
  • 90 days manufacturer warranty.


No 12 : Ariel Atom Thrill

Price : $75

Top Birthday Gifts For BoyfriendBuy Now

Give your boyfriend an amazing experience of driving an Ariel Atom at the top speed of 150mph. With the light weight body work and light weight chassis, I bet this car must be the fastest he have ever driven. This car can achieve 0 to 60mph in just a matter of 2.5 seconds. At present this fun experience is available only for UK residents. To take part this activity one must complete his/her 18 years of age and should have full UK driving license as well.

No 11: Gucci Guilty Spray For Men

Price: $49.75

Top Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend


Just like we girlies don’t forget to wear accessories and perfume, same applies for men as well. Whenever, they step out, they make sure that they run little gel on their hairs and spray good perfume. I am sure you must have heard of the popular brand “Gucci”. This perfume is something you need to gift your boyfriend this birthday. This is a casual-wear fragrance and one would certainly feel happy opening this branded gift. The spray has a nice fragrance and even lasts long. You can also check out this list of top 10 best perfumes for men and get him the best.


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