For men, it is hard to move a day without thinking about cars, bikes, girls, parties and money. In fact, love on these things is an inborn tendency of every man. Among all these, owning one or few luxury car brands is every man’s dream. Tell me frankly, don’t you have a deep desire to drive in “Rolls Royce”? Don’t you want people to stare at you when you drive across them? Obviously your answer is yes. Not all car manufactures have the guts to manufacture their luxury cars to ride on roads. 80% of the car brands just settle at safer sides by offering affordable 4 wheelers to every household.

Overall, this list of luxury car brands may not seem acceptable to every reader. Because it is written to cover a wide range of audiences from those who have just started with the luxury cars & those who are well versed in this field.  This list is carefully prepared after several hours of research while considering parameters like cost, variety, popularity, luxurious interiors, reliability, comfort and many more. However, I invite suggestions to improve this list.




Luxury Car Brands


Porsche, a sport car manufacturer has made their new sporty family car with amazing luxury features in it. A Porsche has classic Porsche proportions. Panamera has all typical features of a Porsche. Panamera is a large car with a space for 4 people to sit comfortably. Cutting edge led head lights and chrome plates take Porsche panamera to a higher level. Porsche’s boot is large enough to hold stuffs for a family. Leather seating and dash board gives Porsche a special look. 3 poke steering wheel, automatic transmission and DSG gear box are some of the sporty features of Porsche panamera. A perfect performance family car with a blend of rich, sporty and luxurious interior has made Porsche to make it to tenth place on my list.




Luxury Car Brands


The jet lounge interior designing of Jaguar XJ gives the driver & the passengers, a feel as if they are riding on a jet. Panoramic sun roof adds an extra beauty to the car. Its high performance and four full leather furnished spacious seats is perfect for every family. The center console of Jaguar XJ has many features that make us go dizzy. Modern tech features like start/stop button, keyless go, automatic gear box, extra room for bottles and storage make the biggest highlights. Safety is never a less dimming mirror — its auto lights, wipers, hill hold and lane makes sure that you are  safe on road.




MASERATI GRANTURISIMOThe chrome grill of an exclusive granturisimo makes people blaze at your car when you pass by. Frame-less doors gives granturisimo a sporty look. The interiors of granturisimo has full leather black seats with red stitching on it. It’s a four seater with only two doors. The seats pull front automatically when a person wants to get in or out from the rear seats.  Maserati clock on the middle, touch screen navigation, full leather dash, sport mode, esp, dual zone climate control, automatic gear box, voice activation are all some special  features, which makes this car brand a posh one for the year 2014.

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Upon analyzing the reach of  what Mercedes has accomplished among the public, I strongly believe that this brand is one of the best luxury car brands I have ever come across. It has established sophistication, which I think even other luxury car brands should follow. Cars and SUVs manufactured from Mercedes are well known around the globe. So no matter what the model is, if you happen to drive in a Benz, get ready to see millions of eyes on you. The kind of reliability offered by Mercedes adds extra value to this brand.

Following are some of the best luxury car models from the brand Mercedes.

A. Mercedes-Benz-C Class


top 10 Luxury Car Brands

Mercedes-Benz-C Class

If you are on a plan to buy a posh car, then Mercedes Benz C will serve a great option. Its 2 best factors: fresh style and new engine make this a great buy. It offers solid and extreme comfort. As this entry level expensive sedan is available at an affordable cost, you should not miss out to buy if you are able to.

B. Mercedes-Benz SL Class


top 10 Luxury Car Brands

Mercedes-Benz SL Class

Although the price is too high, it offers all the facilities, which any luxury freak looks for. This luxury car from Mercedes is the one that I wish to take it to my garage. Its safety measures and advanced user-friendly features have forced me to write about it onto my personal list of “Top luxury Cars”.

C. Mercedes-Benz S Class


top 10 Luxury Car Brands

Mercedes, one of the largest car manufacturers has launched its latest version of Benz S class, which is right now supposed to be the best among all the other Mercedes Models. The new S-class has stunning looks and amazing features in it. To name a few — keyless doors, automatic opening and closing boot lids are new tech improvements of Mercedes S class. The interior comprises of black leather seats that can accommodate 4 persons to sit comfortably. Rear and side sun shields are all automatic. Its heated seats give S-class a more sporty appearance.

Black wood trims all around the car. You can choose your own ambient lighting based on your mood. Features that comfort a passenger and a driver are all included in this exclusive S model. For further safety, the S-class incorporates parking sensors,  cameras, auto brakes, side lane assist and automatic lights.




top 10 Luxury Car Brands


Pagani Huayra, is a concept based car model. It is inspired from Leona do Vinci. The kind of theme Pagani Huayra incorporates has actually made it beyond from what a luxury car is supposed to be. To put it in simple terms, it is an elegant looking aggressive car. The type of materials used in the Pagani Huayra has made it distinct from other cars.

Pagani uses an amalgamation of alloys. The kind of materials they choose for making is something you will not find in any other expensive car brand. The center console is fully made of carbon fiber, which ensures better safety when you drive a Pagani Huayra. The fuel tank in Huayra hides deep in the middle of the car made of a layer of ballistic composites. Every part in Pagani Huayra is crafted separately for perfection. Believe it or not, but it takes months to build a Pagani Huayra.

More than just power and performance, Pagani is a piece of art. Every single part of pagani is designed for perfection and thus making their customers very special. One-man and one engine — is exactly followed while constructing a Pagani Huayra’s locomotive. A single man right from the start to end builds the engine. The leather of Huayra is used only after a series of test taken by Pagani. The interiors of Pagani Huayra are built in a way to make every journey memorable. The interior parts are made from aluminum, carbon fiber and other durable materials. This indeed is a great car built by a great artist. Huayra is certainly a masterpiece from Pagani.

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