When it comes to the list of best luxury car brands, this British sports car maker deserves a special place. The best thing about this luxury sport car company is that it makes sure it fulfills the entire customer requirements. It does everything to make its customer happy. The newest addition from this luxury car brand is Aston Martin Rapide.

Following are the 4 different Aston Martin car models that caught my attention.

A. Aston Martin V8 Vantage


top 10 Luxury Car Brands

Aston Martin V8 Vantage

If you are just a beginner in the world of best luxury car brands, certainly Aston Martin V8 Vantage turns out to be the one that you can’t take your eyes off. I bet this car would never fail in bringing a satisfying smile on your face after you buy it.

B. Aston Martin Rapide


top Luxury Car Brands

Aston Martin Rapide

The unbelievable look and incredible performance are 2 great factors, which make Aston Martin Rapide to compete with other car brands and make it to position number 5. Apart from its performance measures, its hand built quality and bold interiors have made people drool over it.

C. Aston Martin Virage


Luxury Car Brands

Aston Martin Virage

The stunning sleek & classy look of Aston Martin Virage seem like a candy to every eye, which has a thirst for buying an expensive car from one of the popular luxury car brands. As this car includes some great qualities that any luxury car is supposed to have, its additional features and design has received a worldwide reputation.

D. ONE-77:


top 10 Luxury Car Brands


This is a 1.2 million pound and a 360 km/h super fast car. At present, only 77 cars are totally made. Driving One-77 is a very exciting experience. One-77 produces 740-horse power from a 7.3-liter v12 engine. It employs carbon fiber materials. Aston martin’s new design has made this car much lighter and faster than other models of Aston Martins. The interiors of one-77 are unique. The designs are bit familiar with old Aston’s interiors. However, the ones, which this incorporate is truly great. I personally like few of its carving, trims and shapes done at the corners and front. The center console is made of an aluminum sheet (around 1 ½ meter long) with water fall design. The gearshift in one-77 is much more improved from other Aston martins.


Being a subsidiary of Volkswagen, this brand has proudly started to build the fastest and best luxurious cars since 1999. During its initial years of car making, it showed its highlight only on 2 staple car series. The scenario has changed now and it has started to expand its range. Dramatic increase in their sales clearly states that Bentley puts loads of efforts on its improvements.

Given below is a small list of 3 best luxury cars you might want to take it to your garage.

A. Bentley Flying Spur


Luxury Car Brands

Bentley Flying Spur

Bentley Flying Spur should be the choice for people, who are looking for a luxury car that offers efficient fuel consumption. However, if you want to enjoy extreme level of comfort and luxury with elegant interiors then this is it. Don’t search further.

B. Bentley Continental GT Speed


Luxury Car Brands

Bentley Continental GT Speed

It rightly delivers the promise that comes with its name. With luxury and 205 mph speed limit, it serves as one of the best luxury cars, which one will definitely want to drive.

C. Bentley Mulsanne


top Luxury Car Brands

Bentley Mulsanne

This car makes the best when compared to Bentley’s other luxury range of cars. In every Bentley Mulsanne, you will find a ring around the main lights. Bentley has made Mulsanne interiors the most luxurious of all Bentleys’. The interior is a blend of modern technologies and heritage designs. The type of wood used in Mulsanne is very solid and is exclusively crafted too. The wooden panel, starting from center console passes all the way to its right doors, rear doors and back to its front door connecting the car. Mulsanne has got a bigger information display for the driver to see through. Its two dial on either side not only makes it look exclusive but also is a custom design of Bentley. The switches of Mulsanne are made of glass, which exactly gives a high quality finish. The other new features of this car include iPod connection, media player, digital speakers and so on. Moreover, it has 4 comfortable massage seats and separate climate controls for front as well as rear passengers.

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Being a part of BMW group, this car brand has gained worldwide reputation in making the most high performing and exclusive luxury cars. There is no doubt that only few of the rich tycoons and celebrities afford it. So there is no denying the fact why this car brand is considered as one of the best luxury car brands in the world. However, to increase its sales, Rolls Royce has attempted to make cheaper models like “Rolls Royce Ghost”. Though they claim it to be cheap but still it seems to be out of reach for many. Unquestionably, Rolls Royce gives a real feel of true luxury car brand and hence it is worth mentioning in my post.

Given below are some Rolls Royce models that have gained popularity worldwide.

A. Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe


top 10 Luxury Car Brands

Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe

If you have £300,000 in your savings account, you could probably think of owning this amazing branded car. To be true, the price tag of this car is so big that even a rich hesitates to buy. Your bank account should have that whopping balance anyway. Apart from offering you luxury, Phantom saloon of Rolls Royce also offers a sporty feel with extreme comfort.

B. Rolls Royce Ghost


Luxury Car Brands

Rolls Royce Ghost

To serve its large customer base, Rolls Royce offers a less expensive midsized sportier car named “Rolls Royce Ghost”. Even though it is priced less, it is still out of reach for a commoner. However, it meets all the standards of Rolls Royce in every means. When it comes to quality, ambiance, interior, performance or ride control you wouldn’t have a reason to complain.

C. Rolls Royce Wraith


top 10 Luxury Car Brands

Rolls Royce Wraith

A two door version, the successor of Rolls Royce ghost has a 6.0-liter twin turbo v12 engine with horsepower of 624bhp. It is claimed to be one of the best performance cars in the history of Rolls Royce. Moreover, the new wraith has well-equipped interiors too. Rolls Royce has made the pillars of wraith much wider and the two-tone leather seats make the interiors look more elegant. The center console is covered with a rare type of leather. The rear seats are of course well spaced with huge room for relaxing your legs. GPS assisted navigation system comes default with the car. The interiors though inspired a slight from BMW’s 7 series but still misses other tech features of BMW. Well it’s not that bad for a Rolls Royce.




High Rated Luxury Car Brands

Bugatti Veyron

The world’s fastest car is not only the fastest but also one of the top luxuries cars in the planet. When it comes to chemical compounds, carbon fiber and titanium are regarded as the costliest ones to be used in a car. Do not be surprised but most visible parts of a Bugatti are crafted from carbon fiber, aluminum and titanium. A Bugatti’s cabin is an example of exclusive craftsman’s work. From the center console to the rear boot space, every Bugatti is perfectly built and designed. Gem shaped buttons, rich leather seats and cockpit made of carbon fiber gives you an awesome feel when you enter into a Bugatti. Equipped with all latest features on to its centre console, a Bugatti is well positioned for a better view. All together Bugatti Veyron is a super luxury super sports car with an ultimate 411 km/hr.




Best Luxury Car Brands

Maybach Exelero

MayBach’s most expensive hyper car incorporates 700 hp twin turbo 5.9-liter v12 engine and thus making it the world’s most expensive car. It is tagged for a price of 8 million dollars. Ouch! That is really huge! This car is designed by Fulda and built by a German car manufacturing company. MayBach excelero is a high-end limousine with high quality luxury features. Excelero an updated version of MayBach, type 52 is a combination of 52 new features and upgrades like carbon fiber rim, 2 seats with carbon fiber door panels. It is so wide that even one with long limbs would find it extremely spacious. Luxury is not the only topic to be discussed about the all-new MayBach excelero. It has a top speed of 351 km/h, thus purely states its performance too. Fulda has also designed excelero with new 315/25 YR-23-carat tires. Coming to luxury, excelero is furnished with a rich legroom rear cabin with enough large cushion seats. No other car manufacturer can comfort you with their cars as May Bach.

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