People always have a craze towards the games. It is just a reflection of their child hood. There is always a day that they were desperate for the games to play in video games or PC. The best top 10 games are listed below which improvise the desire of the people to taste the top 10 best games in the current scenario.

#10.Far cry 3: The Blood Dragon- This PC game is released in May 1 of 2013, this a first modern person shooter oriented game. Even though it is released in this month is impressed a whole lot of people in the market and got the place in the ratings. The blood dragon contains 8 hours of real contents and the game features the open world adventure to explore the island. This game originated the far cry play on the system and it makes returns of the mechanics.

Best PC Games Ever

#9.STARCRAFT II: Heart of the swarm-The heart of the swarm game is released in 12th May of 2013. It has the genre of sci-fi strategy in real time. This game is the second release in the three games from the star craft. This game is based on the story of the star craft II in which the wing off liberty is left off. The outline of the game is that it focuses on the reunite of the swarm and the Sarah Kerrigan quest. The motive of this game is to take revenge on the Arcturus Mengsk.

Best PC Games Ever

#8.Far cry 3- This PC game was released in the 4th Dec of last year. This game got the attention of many people after the game is been released. This game has the genre of first-person modern shooter. The far cry 3 starts off with the stepping in the shoes of the Jason Brody. In which they will sneak and slash then shoot their way in the island. This game holds that the character had lost all his sense.

Best PC Games Ever

#7.Last Light: Metro– This game is released in the date of May 14 of this year. Yet it occupied many people’s PC. And this becomes one of their favorite games. This game also holds the position for the first person sci-fi shooter. The last light- Metro is a direct person shooter which sequels to Metro 2033. This game is set in the year of 2034 and it is based on the current scenario of 2034 in which the world has turned out to be a waste land.


#6.Bio shock infinite– This game has came to the market on May 26 of 2013. This is based on the infected people of the country. And the bio warrior will go to the infected city just in case to save the imprisoned Elizabeth. The agent of Pinkerton Booker De-Wit is sent flying to the Columbia. To save the victim Elizabeth who is imprisoned from childhood.

Bio shock infinite