Christmas is the period always associated with fun, celebrations, long holidays and time with family. While cherishing the gift of love and family, gifting one another is a tradition followed for more than hundreds of years. This gesture not only emphasis our love and care but also symbolizes how much we know them. So, this Christmas what to gift to my parents?


  1. Vacation: Being working professionals for more than three decades, my parents really could use the break. Couple of weeks on a different city or even a country would give them the much needed relaxation and also enjoy the experience of travelling, meeting new people, learning new things; In short broadening their horizons.
  2. Books: I would like my parents to enjoy some of the contemporary writing and classic English literature. I have had the privilege of knowing the books they enjoyed while growing up, this gave me a keen knowledge about my parents perception of the world and as well as their personality. In return, I would like them to know me more and my interest.
  3. Home Theatre System: While my parents cannot be categorized as movie-buffs, they do enjoy movies. With a Home Theatre system like “Bose”, movie-viewing experience at home would be made much more fun.
  4. Health Insurance: Sounds pathetic! Possible but with the cost of hospitalization soaring up, I would like to give them the Health Insurance with maximum coverage to ensure, they do not need to waste their savings.
  5. House Help: Employed, raised kids and satisfactorily discharged household works, it is high time for them to take a break. This is to ensure they spend more time accounting for themselves, doing thing they had missed out or compromised. Hence, I would employ helps for all household works.
  6. Time together: I would like to gift my parents’ time with each other. I feel companionship is necessary in ones’ life, it should be available for every individual at the two most vulnerable period of their lifetime – as a child and as a elderly person.
  7. Family Trip: Would like to take my entire family comprising of my parents, my sister’s family, and me all on a vacation for a quality family time.
  8. Computer Lesson: I would like my parents to learn the basic usage of computer as this would help them save time while paying bills and in future, if we happen to live in different cities, it would be an easy mode of communication and with advanced software like Skype, we could see other every day.
  9. Laptop / Desktop: Since my parents do not own a system of their own, according to their choice I would buy them a Laptop or a Desktop.
  10. Fulfilling their desire: As a child, I might go on listing what I could or should gift them but what about my parents, they might want something that has not occurred to me, after all each individual has their own likes and dislikes, instead of providing what I think they need, It would be only wiser to gift them what they desire.

The list could go on, after all the very sense of emotional bonding and inexpressible love that has governed and bonded, our parents and us in a unit called family for a lifetime. Within this simple yet complex relationship, the expression of love through gifts can never run out.

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