Wondering who is the highest paid actor?? Then what are you waiting for?? Have a look at these stunning top 10 Hollywood actors, who have not only won the hearts of millions of people but also have been paid in huge for their performances!!!

Number 1: Tom Cruise

Well, Tom doesn’t need any introduction!!! This year is proved lucky for Cruise as he is been the top paid actor in Hollywood. It is really sad to know about the divorce case of Tom and Katie Holmes.

top 10 Hollywood actors

He is the highest paid actor and holds the 1st position among the other top 10 Hollywood actors. He has earned $700 million for his awesome movie “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” and makes it a super blockbuster.

top 10 Hollywood actors

He gets paid about $75 million as his salary and has won the golden globe awards thrice. The first time when he got a huge 75 million dollars was for his movie “War of the Worlds”. This was the price which no body has touched.

top 10 Hollywood actors

In spite of being 50, he has a massive demand and has a smashing hit at the box offices (worldwide).

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