Education isn’t cheap in the current economy. And when it comes to the most expensive colleges in US, it is certainly out of the picture. During a recent survey involving 149 universities and colleges of United States, you will be surprised to see the kind of fees these institutions charged (per student). And if you wish pursuing your education at any of these colleges, then better have a strong bank balance. Without wasting much time of yours, let me quickly list them to you.

The 10 Most Expensive Colleges In America

The high price tags associated with these education institutions is sure to make someone think 100 times before stepping inside to get an admission form. But this doesn’t mean you are out of reach. Yes, it is true! If you are dreaming of getting into any of these most expensive colleges in America, then there are still ways. Many of the listed schools here offer financial aid packages, which has to meet a student’s financial requirements. Often they consider 4 factors for this:

  • Family Income
  • Family contribution
  • Attendance
  • Student’s Performance

The list of most expensive colleges is been prepared after a very deep research, considering factors like boarding fees, room charges and tuition fees. And if you feel that your college is even more expensive than the ones listed here, feel free to tell us in the comments section. So, starting this list in the reverse chronological order, at number 10 is…

10. Bard College, New York, US

  • Tuition Fees:                           $44,176
  • Boarding & Room:                $12,782
  • Other Fees:                                     $622
  • Total:                                     $57,580

most expensive colleges in US

This private college was found in the year 1860. The college overlooks Catskill Mountains and Hudson River. This educational institute offers more than 20 graduate degree programs in arts & science. It has more than 35 allied programs, centers and institutes, spanning 5 sates, 4 continents, 12 cities and 7 countries. 23 academic departments offer about 40+ major programs and twelve interdisciplinary concentrations. The college hosts 2 much-admired yearly arts festivals called Bard Music Festival and Bard Summerscape.

In the 3-weeks foregoing their foremost semester, 1st-year students listen to an L&T (Language and Thinking) program, which is a writing-centered and intensive introduction on liberal arts. In interdisciplinary program, students get an overview of history, philosophy, fiction, poetry, science and religion. And on winter intercession, 1st year students participate in its Citizen Science curriculum, which is a 3-week program introducing about science & ideas on scientific techniques. The course is mainly designed to encourage science literacy. It explains about various infectious diseases in a society & the way they affect globally. The curriculum includes laboratory experiments, problem solving & analyzing scientific problems. It merges 3 discrete yet thematically rotations, each addressing an important question — How to reduce infectious disease globally?

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9. University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois US

  • Tuition Fees:                         $43,581
  • Boarding & Room:              $12,782
  • Other Fees:                                  $993
  • Total:                                    $57,711

Most expensive colleges in the US

This is a private research educational institute located atIllinois.This university offers different graduate programs & interdisciplinary committees structured into 4 divisions and 6 professional schools. It enrolls about 15000 students on the whole. This university is associated with around 89 Nobel Laureates, 49 Rhode Scholars & 9 Field medalists. The educational bodies of this university consist of 4 divisions for graduate research, 6 professional schools & 1 school for continuing higher education. It runs on quarter system, meaning an academic year will be divided in 4 terms: Autumn (Sep – Dec), Summer (Jun – Aug), Winter (Jan – Mar) & Spring (Apr – Jun).

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8.Drexel University, Philadelphia, US

  • Tuition Fees:                         $41,500
  • Boarding & Room:               $14,175
  • Other Fees:                               $2,300
  • Total:                                    $57,975

most expensive colleges in America

This private research college has 3 campuses at Philadelphia and another in Sacramento. Anthony J. Drexel (a philanthropist and a well-known financier) founded this college in the year 1891. Drexel offers more than 70 full-time UG programs & accelerated degrees. With its graduate level, Drexel University offers more than 100 doctoral, masters and professional programs. This university has big network of over 1600 governmental, non-profit and corporate partners in about 28 states & 25 international regions.

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7. Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, US

  • Tuition Fees:                          $43,782
  • Boarding & Room:                $12,954
  • Other Fees:                                $1,260
  • Total:                                    $57,996

most expensive colleges in USA

This private college was established in the year 1769 and is one of the oldest colleges in America. It is located at Hanover, NH. It is often classified in one among the universities that incorporates extreme research activity. Famous alumni include 2 former United States Treasury Secretaries — Timothy Geithner and Henry Paulson. The college also has its own newspaper named “The Dartmouth”, which was established in the year 1799 and is claimed to be one of the oldest college newspapers of America. There are over 160-student organizations at its campus with well-built sports culture. It is often nicknamed as Big Green. Moreover, every term, students of this college enjoy its “Party Weekend” or “Big Weekend” a time that is set away for celebratory events.

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6. Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, California

  • Tuition Fees:                          $43,840
  • Boarding & Room:                $13,980
  • Other Fees:                                    $245
  • Total:                                    $58,065

most expensive colleges in America

Short named as CMC (Claremont McKenna College) is a private educational institution located at Claremont, California, US. In the year 1946, this used to be a men’s institution. However, during 1976, it became co-educational. The college is built on a 69-acre spacious campus, located 35-miles east side of Downtown LA (Los Angeles). The college concentrates primarily on UG education but during 2007, the college established few master programs in finance too.

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5. Wesleyan University, Connecticut, US

  • Tuition Fees:                          $43,840
  • Boarding & Room:                $13,980
  • Other Fees:                                    $245
  • Total:                                    $58,065

most expensive colleges in America

This is a private arts school situated at Middletown, CT. Wesleyan University was started in the year 1831 by Methodist Church. It is known for its strong academics, student activism and small classes. Wesleyan offers forty academic departments & 47 concentrations. Around 1/3rd of students choose interdisciplinary majors whereas 40% decide on double majors. It also operates quantitative study center, which is a rapidly growing program offering collaboration across discipline and curriculum in data analysis.

You will be also happy to read that this expensive college offers a 5-year MA/BA program in sciences without tuition fees for the 5th or final year. This university operates Chinese music band & teaches dance courses as well. During spring break, it hosts popular dance shows. You will be fascinated to read that Woodrow Wilson during the period 1888 – 1890 taught political economy and history classes here.

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4. Columbia University, Upper Manhattan, NY

  • Tuition Fees:                          $45,028
  • Boarding & Room:                $11,496
  • Other Fees:                                $2,218
  • Total:                                    $58,742

most expensive colleges in America

The Columbia University is a private school at New York and ranks fourth in the list of most expensive colleges. It is one of the 5th oldest institutions at New York when it comes to higher learning. Moreover, it is founded before American Revolution and is one among the 9 colonial colleges. At present, it operates its centers overseas in Beijing, Paris, Rio, Mumbai, Amman, Istanbul, Nairobi and Santiago. George II (Great Britain) established this university in the year 1754. It had its former name as “King’s College”. However, it was renamed as Columbia University in the year 1896.

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3. Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, California

  • Tuition Fees:                          $44,159
  • Boarding & Room:               $14,471
  • Other Fees:                                   $283
  • Total:                                    $58,913

most expensive colleges in America

Harvey is not only expensive but also one of the best colleges in New York. It ranks third. This private college was found in the year 1955 and specializes in engineering, math and sciences. It also includes courses in humanities & arts. The best part what I like about this college is that students have complete freedom to access resources and classes to its close by Claremont McKenna, Scripps, Pomona and Pitzer colleges. Harvey encourages students to do a lot of research on technical solutions. It motivates students to study real-world problems. This college also has some sponsoring organizations such as Sandia Labs, Facebook and NASA.

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2. New York University, Lower Manhattan, New York

  • Tuition Fees:                      $40,878
  • Boarding & Room:             $16,133
  • Other Fees:                            $ 2,826
  • Total:                                 $59,837

most expensive colleges in New York

New York University takes second place when it comes to most expensive colleges in New York. This private college is popularly known as NYU and is one of the America’s biggest private nonprofit institutes. The university has won many different awards. NYU sends a lot of students to pursue their education abroad. NYU is been organized in over 20 schools, institutes and colleges located in 6 centers throughout Downtown Brooklyn and Manhattan. Few are sited in other parts of the world as well. And the online searches for the keyword “NYU” is the most than any other college.

Academics offered here is just great. NYU is the place exactly where faculty, community members and students can find details regarding resources, which support University’s academic happenings.  Current & prospective students are offered various school bulletins, where they can browse through courses. NYU’s support network can help students make the most from their learning opportunities. Right from academic advising to faculty interactions, there are 3-million book volumes housed in 12-storey Bobst Library. Moreover, NYU is well reputed for teaching & research.

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1. Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, New York

  • Tuition Fees:                         $45,900
  • Boarding & Room:               $14,312
  • Other Fees:                               $ 1024
  • Total:                                    $61,236

Most Expensive Colleges In America

Topping the list of most expensive colleges in America is none other than “Sarah Lawrence College”. With a whopping price tag of $61,236, a student is certain to think many times before he or she dreams of getting an admission. It has been ranking number 1 for the fifth year. It is a private college and is well known for its useful academic standards. In UG level, this college provides a BA degree (Bachelor of Arts), wherein instead of those traditional majors, one can choose different courses from these 4 curricular categories

  • Creative Arts – include theatre, music, film, dance, plastic arts, painting, writing, sculpting and drawing
  • History & Social Science – include economics, sociology, anthropology and political science
  • Humanities – include film studies, literature, religion, language and literature
  • Natural science & math – include physics, computers, biology, math and chemistry

Students learn in a highly interactive class. Professors also offer private tutorials and every student is allotted a faculty mentor, often called “don”, who plans the entire course study & offers academic guidance. Sarah Lawrence offers some Master programs as well. These feature dance, child development, teaching, theater and writing.

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