Retirement! Finally free to take a break and reap the benefits from the long hard work and enjoy the endless vacation. When a colleague would finally have their retirement, it would a thoughtful idea to offer gifts that he can enjoy in his retired days and remembers you at the same time. So here are the top 10 retirement gifts for men that you can give.

10 Best Retirement Gifts For Men

1. Plane Tickets

Price: $50 – $200

useful retirement gifts for men

Now that he already has unlimited time for himself, a plane ticket would be one of the best retirement gift ideas for him to give. In fact, a gift like this can never go wrong for a retiree. He might give you a big, big hug and a kiss on the cheek for it, especially when he is out of the country. But, chances are that he might have already made out a plan for travel. Yes? Then, run an extra mile, find out his travel plan and buy him a ticket to somewhere not common. He is sure to love this. If not, you can consider an alternative of buying him few accessories like travel bags with chocolates or cards inside.


2. Notes And Flowers

Price: $46

best retirement gifts for men

Although they are traditional, it would be ideal to make it a little bigger, like the one in my brother’s wedding where they have this big framed paper with every friend and family in their wedding had their signature written on it. Believe it or not, collecting impressions from people you care and discovering what they really think about you is one of the precious retirement gifts. But you know, you can actually just give the notes to the retiree but running an extra mile for that person to feel extra special on the day of his testimonial. The finished piece of art is a good decoration on your wall and would be a great way to reminisce the memories you had with every person who wrote on that sheet. Then flowers…Flowers have a unique character that somehow stirs someone inside in a great way that the receiver smiles and glows the moment he receives it. It helps bring the message across how much your service is appreciated. Pick the nicest flower, let it dry and include it in the frame.

3. Books

Price: $10.15

Retirement Gifts For Men

Books open the gates to wherever… It may take you to places where pirates, goblins, ogres, gremlins or gargoyles exist. It may also take you to a kitchen where you can cook amazing food. However, one thing to consider when buying a book is the receiver’s personal interest. You wouldn’t want to give a book that will just go directly to the book shelf and will remain unread. Choose something that your recipient will love so the effort will not go waste.

4. Mementos

Price: $69.95

Retirement Gifts Ideas For Men

Work mementos don’t have to be trophies or something big because what if the one who is retiring isn’t that competent? Work mementos can be something that has special memories. A team building picture for instance or certificate of recognition, a memory book, wordings written on something, photo collage of pictures in a frame with personal sayings would also do.

5. DVD Collection

Price: Varies but the one mentioned here is $15.00

Retirement Gifts Ideas For Men

If the retiree is a movie buff, then a dvd collection will be a perfect gift for the him. Yes, we travel, we play, we socialize but as the day ends, we would want to just sit back in our cozy, comfy couch or sofa, insert a disc and enjoy the movie either all by yourself or with a partner with a bowl of popcorn and drinks; from solo flight to a practical movie date! It would also be best if you include some oldies, documentaries, comedies. I am sure that your recipient will love every dvd he will receive.

6. Gardening Tools Hamper

Price: $38.99

Retirement Gifts Ideas For Men

Unlike on the days when you are so busy with your work, always on the go, on the retiring days, you have more time noticing your surroundings and this is the time where the gardening tools are most useful. The Gardening tools hamper includes gardening tools, books about gardening, flowering samples and more.

7. Golf Kits And Club Subscription

Price: $179 – $275

Retirement Gifts Ideas For Men

Men who are in their early thirties like to have an active lifestyle even after retirement. Some would engage to triathlon and for those who are more conservative would go to golf. They find it more entertaining and relaxing at the same time. If the retiree has never experienced playing golf, then the membership program will be of great help so he can get the assistance he needed. Although this is pricey but this will go a long way and you will be remembered.

8. Gift Basket

Price: Varies

Top 10 Retirement Gifts For Men

The good thing about this one is that it will not be only coming from your personal pocket but especially if the budget is not that great but it could also come from your colleagues. You can collaborate with your office-mates regarding your intention of filling up the gift basket that you are planning to give. You can put all of your small gifts as one. You can also put his favorite wine, favorite food, favorite small items.

9. Dinner Vouchers

Price: Varies

Top 10 Retirement Gifts For Men

A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. so whether you are giving a gift to someone you admire secretly and If the retiree likes to dine out or someone who enjoys different cuisines at random restaurants, then the dinner voucher would be a nice gift to the retiree. He will appreciate a one voucher per month for twelve months at random top class restaurants offering different specialties.

10. Personalized Whiskey Tumblers

Price: $98.99

Top 10 Retirement Gifts For Men

Men like whiskey and if the retiree has a thing about whiskies then this would be a great gift for him to be able to enjoy while enjoying the silence and solitude. The tumblers can be personalized too where you can place his name or any sweet line in which he will remember you every pour, every gulp and ingest of his favorite whiskey.