Traveling the world is almost everybody’s dream. However, only a few people can actually reach that dream because of the expenses that goes with it. But what if you are given a chance to travel and earn at the same time? You will be able to save your travel fees because it is already a part of your work. You will be able to get your salary and simultaneously, enjoy the sceneries and tourist spots on the place you are working. It is really great and an amazing opportunity, right? Believe it or not, there are a number of jobs that require travel. Curious to know what they are? Read further.

12 Great Jobs That Require International Travel

In this article, we have prepared a list of works that require you to travel to other places which you might develop a liking to. Most often, the jobs that involve traveling travel are the ones being taken by those who love to take adventures and explore the other side of the continent that they are currently in. Jobs requiring travel include:

1. Tour Guides

jobs that require travel

Should we say more? Definitely, tour guides have a chance to travel a lot because of their work. Not only do they go wherever the tourists go but also develop a certain attachment to the places they usually visit because they have in-depth knowledge of the sites and the histories of the place where they work in.

2. Flight Attendants

best jobs that require travel

As long as you have the required amount of height and weight plus a pleasing personality, you can apply as a flight attendant for different airlines. For starters, you may have limited schedules and may take local destinations but in the long run, you might get promoted and take on international routes depending on your performance at work.

3. Pilots

Great Jobs That Require International Travel

The way to becoming a pilot might be hard because the training is quite extensive. Most of the commercial airlines want to hire fresh college graduates who have at least 250 hours of flight experiences atop of passing an intensive physical examination that includes perfect vision and hearing.

4. Cruise Ship Crew

Jobs That Require International Travel

It is usually the rich and the famous, who enjoy the luxuries of cruising and travel. But working as a crew in a cruise ship will also do wonders to your travel bucket list. Sure, you will be working in the middle of the sea, but you have free time where they let you go outside the ship and visit the places where you docked. There are a variety of works being offered in a cruise ship like:

  • Cleaning and maintenance crew
  • Childcare worker
  • Bartender
  • Casino dealer
  • Waiter/waitress
  • Entertainer/performer
  • Chef
  • Electrician

5. Sailor

jobs requiring travel

Be it a navy or a yacht sailor, you have the benefits to travel. Hence, this is one of the best jobs that require travel. A navy sailor may be quite risky but no matter how the nation’s economy is working, being part of the navy will provide you with health and insurance benefits. If you are not keen to become a navy sailor, you might consider being a sailor yacht. There are a lot of private yachts owned by rich people that are in need of a crew. Not only can you sail the world, but you can also make good connections with the people you are acquainted of.

6. Diplomat

jobs that involve traveling

Diplomats usually have the best services and benefits that we can only dream about of having. Diplomats can travel to a lot of places, even those places that an average tourist may not be allowed to go. They also enjoy subsidized accommodations, vacation times and duty-free goods.

7. Travel Agent

best jobs that involve traveling

Travel agents sell the places and accommodations to tourists and other travelers. As a travel agent, you must have the knowledge of the services offered by certain hotels and resorts, or the different attractions of the place that you are offering your clients. In this case, most travel agents usually go before hand to the place and see for themselves if it is actually a great place that can amaze their clients or not, hence the free travel.

8. Au Pair

Top 12 Jobs That Require Travel

The word au pair came from France which means ‘equal to’. The host family and the au pair are both exposed to each other’s cultures. Typically, the au pair will take care of the children of the family as well as doing a few household works. Now, you might ask where the travelling comes on this job? Families hiring an au pair are usually rich and they always bring you wherever they go for vacation.

9. Athletic Scout

Top 12 Jobs That Require Travel

Athletic scouts go from one place to another, from universities to colleges, and other places or events can help them scout for new athletes. They are usually hired by schools or professional teams to go and look for great players that they can ask to play for them.

10. Archaeologist

jobs requiring travel

Next on the list of jobs that require travel is none other than archaeologists. Believe it or not, they have one of the most exciting works in the world. Not only do they travel to a lot of different places but also have the opportunity to be the first person to see or touch buried treasures and other remains of the past that have been kept hidden for a thousand or even millions of years ago.

11. Travel Nurse

jobs that require travel

Who says that nurses’ works are confined inside a clinic or a hospital setting? There is what we call a travel nurse where they fill open positions temporarily on institutions where they are needed. Travel nurses work under a company that spend for their transportation expenses, accommodations and give them salaries that are usually higher than the regular nurses.

12. Executive Assistants

good jobs that require travel

Working as an assistant may not be that easy job especially if you are under a terror boss. But keep this in mind, wherever the boss is, the assistant usually goes with him/her. Usually, big bosses go to different places to have meetings, conferences or close deals and projects and you will also have the opportunity to travel with your boss when these things arises.


The jobs that require you to travel is not only limited to these 12 job opportunities. There are a lot of jobs out there that you may wish to check out such as being a freelancer, interpreter, importer/exporter or busking among many others. Definitely, having a work which provides you with great travel opportunities will provide you with the income you need as well as the experiences that only exposure to different cultures and places can bring.