Between those hectic workweeks & social schedules, it can be little hard to think about finding your ideal match. Admit it – Not all guys are comfortable and frank when it comes to girls. There are still men, who struggle asking a girl out. It is time to have your confidence up so that you successfully approach your beloved. Don’t ever make it effortless for her to say that hurting “NO” or even willing to say “NO”. A girl just loves it when a guy is creative, puts some thoughts and efforts in asking her out. To help you out, here are 14 cute ways to ask a girl out. I bet, these will never go wrong.

14 Romantic & Cute Ways To Ask A Girl Out


Whether you’re a teenager or an energetic young guy in his 20s or in past 30s, it is little stressful when asking a girl out. If you’re pretty much over the lady, it is natural for you to be excited to know the conclusion. Will she accept your invitation or will she laugh on your face? Well, this entirely depends on the way you carry out things. You act like a fool or kid; it is obvious for her to reject you. It doesn’t matter which of these 14 ways you apply in your real situation but the point is to stay natural, honest, creative and charming.

First, Decide How Are You Gonna Ask…

You might have got those encouraging and motivating tips from your friends. You may even have plans to tell her few best lines but when the moment comes, you start sweating. However, if you truly like her, wish knowing her closer and have made your mind to ask her out, then wipe those sweating palms and just take a deep breath. Now, prepare how to ask a girl out. Decide how you are going to do it? Few guys choose to just ask directly while others might like going in a romantic way.

For few, it isn’t that hard to walk to the girl & ask her out, even when she is with her friends but let me repeat, not all are same. Few guys may be shy and would want it to do it in their own way. So, what sort of character are you? Bold? Shy? Frank or open? This is up to you. You gotta decide how are you going to ask the girl out. Will it be through phone or in person or just sending a text? Well, let me also tell you that the method you pick, depends on the girl too.

1. A ‘Note’ Could Never Fail

Even though this is a traditional and common way, it is still one of the cute ways to ask a girl out. Notes are always a thoughtful and lovely way of inviting a girl out. But you have to be honest here. Don’t forget to write down that you would be 100% honored to spend your special evening in getting to know her better. And please don’t drop innuendos. Also, make sure that the note is sweet and simple. Send this note either to her workplace or home with a chocolate box and few roses. This idea perfectly fits if the girl is more of romantic kind or likes romantic gestures.

2. Write Few Messages On Your White Tee

If your girl is more of creative or someone, who expects things to be different from her beloved then this could be the best way to ask her out. All you have to do is to get few markers, spray paint and a plain white t-shirt. Just write it down – “Do you wanna go out with me?” Now, show this up at her locker, car, house or a place where she can see this. Just get her to see your tee once. If she smiles, then you are ‘in’ but if she stares – run for your life!

3. Gift Her Something

It will be a wonder if I had to say girls don’t like gifts. A little present at her doorway along with a sweet note can never go wrong. She will be attracted and is sure to open it up. But also, ask her in person. This shows little respect.

4. Call Her Up

In this new brave internet dating & texting world, it is no wonder that a man is still scared to approach a woman for a date. Though email and social media helps expedite our work hours, social skills still suffer. This is what survey reports tell us. It does make sense: the era of social media and texting may be helpful but what we are actually losing is a face-to-face talk. It truly seems obsolete. Well, with our heads constantly buried inside our smart phones, we have almost forgotten the worth of real life communications. So, no more asking on Facebook or Twitter (especially when she doesn’t likes it this way). Dial those 10 little numbers of hers and reach your dream girl.

5. Burn A Nice CD

If you are still pondering over how do I ask a girl out, then here is a quick tip. However, this works only when you know her properly and the kind of songs she loves listening to. This is a surefire way of getting her attention. Oh just wait. Songs are something you are not going to burn in it. In the end, record a question if she would love to go on a date with you.

6. Get Her A Cute Teddy Bear With A Recorder Inside

This is one of the cute ways to ask a girl out for a date. There may be few exceptions but almost all the girls love teddy bears. So, try getting one that comes with a recorder inside. Now, record about asking her for a day out & present the teddy to her. If she is fond of it, she will go crazy after this idea! And would probably reply you instantly.

7. Bake Her Something

You can do this only if you are interested in cooking and know how things are done. Get a simple recipe printed from the internet and just bake a nice cake for her. The best part is the “icing”. Decorate the cake by asking her to come out with you in short.

8. Flowers Are Always Right

Whether it is a single rose or a bouquet, flowers are always a perfect way of asking a girl out. If you cannot afford a big bouquet, then go for 2 or 3 roses with a sweet little note saying that – “Will you like to go out with me? , I promise to be sweet to you”! This will win her heart for sure.

9. Heart Shaped Red Balloons

This is one of the most romantic ways to ask a girl out. Just use heart shaped red color balloons and your woman is in. After you fill those balloons with air, write down – “will you come out for a date with me” in bold using a marker.

10. Most Beautiful Women In The World

This trick can never fail and is sure to bring a big smile on your girl’s face. All you have to do is to email yourself reminding to ask the most beautiful women in the world out for a date and purposely add her as a recipient. But don’t show it as if you have done it on purpose. For time being, tell her that it was an accident. Then when the relationship goes further, you can tell her the truth.

11. Serenade Her

This is one of the cute ways to ask a girl out. All you have to do is to write a romantic song or poem for her. Then surprise her at home, school or workplace by singing it for her. But this needs little guts, especially when you don’t sing well. And yeah, please make sure that you add lyrics about asking her out in the end. This is surely going to impress her and there is no chance of getting a NO from her.

12. Make An Outline With Chalk At Her House

This is another great and cute way of asking a girl out. All you have to do is get few chalks and leave a sweet message saying that “I would die to go out with you. Plz can you accept my invitation?” And don’t forget to sign your name in the end. This creative and romantic idea will surely leave her blushing.

13. A Creative Crossword Puzzle

Create a crossword puzzle in a way that your name and message “Will you spend some time with me?” becomes the result when she completes the puzzle. Trust me, this idea is not only fun but also quite creative.

14. Just Ask Her!

If you feel that the above listed cute ways to ask a girl out is not of your type or just won’t work for you then just ask her directly for a date. But remember this rule: Look at her eyes while asking. Never ever let your eyes roll elsewhere. She might love the genuineness she sees in your eyes & decides to say a “yes”…

This brings us to the end of this article. I hope you loved reading it and if there are any suggestions, do tell us through comments section. Asking a girl out for a date is no rocket science. It is always how well you handle the situation. With little preparation on what your girl likes and what sort of character is she helps you decide. However, this needs to be done at right time & right place. Remember to guess her mood & her attraction towards you. If she’s in good mood & demonstrates her likeness with her body language – don’t let this moment go! Ask her out.