Depressed always? Wanna know the ways to be happy, then read this and get to know what to do to be happy and smiling always. Happiness is something that each person wants to be. There are many best ways to be happy all the time. If you don’t want to mess up your life and stay happy every time with positive attitude, then you need to follow the below best ways to be happy all the time.

ways to be happy


Things to do…

  • The first and foremost thing to do is to eat healthy and stay active all the time.
  • Take less stress.
  • Try to be patient.
  • Stop worrying for small things.
  • Be thankful with what you have.
  • Make tiny donations to charity.
  • You need to smile always and learn new things.
  • Spend about 30 minutes in exercising every day.
  • You need to forgive and forget the person hurting you.
  • Whenever you get time read some jokes, sing or dance.
  • Set goals on yourself and work on it until you achieve it.
  • When you commit a mistake or hurt someone, please apologize.
  • Participate in others success and enjoy rather than getting jealous.
  • You need to be honest to others and yourself. Respect others and yourself.
  • You need to eliminate the people or friends from your life who are supposed to be negative.

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