According to the recent survey reports, there are about 1 billion cars that are used worldwide. The invention of cars was phenomenal because it brought big change in the lives of people. It was in the year 1768 when the first moving vehicle capable of transporting people was created. It was solely powered by a steam and was invented by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot. Francois Isaac de Rivaz made the first car which moved with the use of hydrogen. It was during the year 1886 when Karl Benz invented a car that was fueled by petrol or gasoline.

Almost 165,000 cars are created every day and each car has approximately 30,000 parts. From Cugnot’s steam wagon to electric automobiles, new models of cars today are the enhanced version of what was created centuries ago. The different eras, like the Veteran, Brass and Vintage eras showcased different styles and colors of car. Different car models were developed and put on the market during the post and pre war eras. This day’s modern era offers cool and unique car colors and designs which give people wide variety to choose from. But still there are some of the most popular car colors, which never go out of trend. Today we will discuss about such 20 great colors. Read on.

20 Most Popular Car Colors In The World

Most Popular Car Colors

Here are 20 most popular car colors that are trending these days:

  1. Golden or gold
  2. Brown
  3. Pearl white or white
  4. Black
  5. Silver
  6. Golden-brown
  7. Ash black
  8. Red
  9. Grey
  10. Blue
  11. Maroon
  12. Green
  13. Orange
  14. Yellow
  15. Beige
  16. Greyish-green
  17. Pink
  18. Blue-green
  19. Deep Violet
  20. Yellow green

Silver, gold, white, black, grey, beige, gold and different hues of brown are colors which are highly associated with the corporate world and in fashion. These neutral colors are classic yet contemporary that could be fitted for the modern lifestyle of the urban. Consumers would probably choose to stick to this kind of color shade because it doesn’t go out of style and it can complement other more light colors. They also prefer not so loud colors to avoid too much attention on the road.

Gold or shades of gold become popular due to the dominance it brought. Since gold is very expensive, the color may let the costumer think that the car might be very expensive. Brown on the other hand, symbolizes masculinity and strength. The neutral color is simple and will be forever in style.

Silver, according to Chris Web, the trend and exterior color designer of GM North America, is probably the most used color in the US because of its appealingly architectural designed exterior. The color will hide the blotch, making it a little obvious, unlike other color. It is preferable than the color white because it doesn’t tarnish or fade and the color usually last longer. Cars in silver color increase its sale up to 10% that the white-colored cars, thus making the UK police agencies to change their patrol cars from white to silver.

White, the classic color which will always be on the top choice color for cars. During the year 1998, this color was basically the favorite of the celebrities in US. They have different car models but most of it were in color white.

Black, the usual color of cars for action figures in the movie. Another neutral color, this can never fall out of style and would always, gonna be in the list of the preferred colors for cars, even in other countries.

Ash black, the lighter color and version of pitch black. It was labelled and categorized as grey before, but was changed into ash black when they innovatively name new shades of colors for the modern and new generation.

Red, the color that is the “it” in the fashion world today. Red scribbled sophistication and finesse.

Grey, a monotone, effortless color that would almost compliment other colors.

Blue, Orange, Yellow, the color suitable for playful type of a person. According to a census, this type of colors are mostly chosen by the singles. This would undeniably attracts attention . The positive side of having cars in these type of colors is that it can easily draw attention, in case of some emergency.

Maroon is associated with red, and since the color is still in today, some still chose for this color.

Beige, another classic color, became popular during the year 2000.

Green will give a car a polish and chic look, but only few chose to venture in this kind of color. There are types and models of car that would never go along with green. Greyish green, like Green, is the less preferred color because of its dullness.

Pink colored cars belong to the younger group, especially for young females. Some may customized the color of their cars, coloring it with hot pink.

Blue green, deep violet and yellow green are the colors that are very rare to use today. The color is very unconventional and uncommon.

Car dealers will sell cars according to what are the colors that are popular in the market. Even the rental car companies prefer to use neutral color cars for their business.

The Difference Between Genders conducted a survey for Forbes on 2013 regarding the connection of the gender and the preference of the color of car. Males like these colors:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Black

Men associate this color mostly for some chic cars like sports cars. These three colors will ultimately complete the image of sexy and cool. Cars are men’s toy and whether we agree or not, men’s ego doubled if they are riding inside an attractive ride. These three colors are perfect for an additional appeal.

Women like the classic and neutral color for their cars. The genders are fairly associated with the kinds of cars that they want. If males are thinking of something chic and stylish cars to match for their color preferences, well, females are just doing the same thing also. These three colors are:

  • Silver
  • Brown
  • Gold

Coincidentally, popular SUV cars and minivans are under the three neutral colors (silver, brown and gold) mentioned above. It basically shows about family and parenting, with the notion that spacious cars are needed especially for driving the kids to school and for the groceries.

In addition, women like family-oriented cars and that they prefer to ride on cars which don’t have loud colors and are simple. Women tend to have a simpler taste for cars, taking into consideration the comfort and functionality of the car.

Your car color might tell you whether it absorbs too much heat or not. According to the magazine Motorwelt by The Automobile Club of Germany on 1969, these colors absorb less heat:

  • Silver
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red

Meanwhile, the colors below absorb more heat, thus increasing fuel consumption and damaging the A/C system of car.

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Green

“Any color you want, as long as it’s black” became a popular quote of Henry Ford when The Ford Model T was launched in early 1900. During the year of 1908, the first Model T was sold in the market. Colors were in darker shades, without a touch of bright insignia and that was the distinct characteristic of Ford. Ford, the company that was managed by Henry, gained its popularity because their products are specifically made to be accessible not just for the rich, but also for those who belonged in the middle class. They provided opportunity for other people to experience the convenience of riding in a four-wheeled car. The company gained popularity because of their affordable products, without compromising the quality of it. During 1915, Henry realized that the black paint, if applied to a car, will dry easily. For him, the faster he could paint the cars, the better chance of selling it in order to gain more. That became the start of how black became one of the most popular car colors during that time. The color black became popular during 1915 until the year 1926.

At the start of 1903, during the height of international automotive contest, the automobiles that would represent the different countries were painted with their national colors. The colors made it easier for the people to recognize what country the competitor represented during the match was.

Car Colors to Represent Countries:

  • Blue for France
  • White and blue for the US
  • Yellow for Belgium
  • White for Germany
  • Red for Italy
  • Green for Great Britain

The given colors on each car symbolized the nationality of the group that joined the competition and not the nationality of the one who made the automobiles.

Most Popular Car Colors In 1920s

One of the most popular car colors was green during the launch of the world’s primary motor vehicle. It was the 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen, which was in green color with bright red fully-exposed engine. That decade also became the start of using colors, ultimately making it the period of flashy ensign. Combinations like red and blue, dark with light green, dark and lighter blue, orange with black, maroons and red were also included on the list.

Most Popular Car Colors In 1930s

Colors like white and silver were finally on the track when a team from Germany was allowed to utilize this palette. The W25 Grand Prix car of Mercedes company graced the competition with its uncovered, unpainted aluminum car for the purposed of making it lightweight.

When the worldwide economy experienced recession during the start of 1930, the cars were seemed to be like under the depression also. The extravagant colors and unique designs were forgotten, replacing by boring, less trendy car colors. This continued until the end of the war era. The industry of automobiles became unpopular, making the business less profitable. Instead of multi-color, two-toned cars, the used of rich single colors raised later. Colors like solid brown, greyish green, deep maroons and deep blue emerged.

Most Popular Car Colors In 1940s

The World War II was the time when color of car wheels like red and ivory rose to fame. The Tracion Avant by Citroën used these colors and later that year, a collection of different hues were available. But due to the war’s devastated effect on the economy, the colors were only available until 1948. Car manufacturers started creating cars in black colors again, representing how low the economic status during and after the war. The production of cars in black color lasted until 1954. This year also highlighted the start of using grey color for cars.

Most Popular Car Colors In 1950s

The era where bright and colorful palette flourished. After the dark era brought by wars, the automobile industry got its way back to the track. More new designed cars and new models came up. The choice of color widened and gone are the days when you could only see cars in black and grey shades. Pastel colors became popular, especially in hues of green. Cars with two or three-color combination were the trend during the year.

Most Popular Car Colors In 1960s

Metallic paints for cars were discovered during the 30s but gained popularity on the 60s. It was very popular in the US together with the vinyl-covered roof, a new hit during 1960s. British manufacturers later adapted this new style, which made the trend last longer. Up until today, metallic paints are being used, especially in US.

Most Popular Car Colors In Trend During 1960s

  • Metallic Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Metallic Green
  • Gold- was popular after 1960s

Preferably, these bright colors were very useful during emergency purposes because it could easily caught one’s attention once it was on the road.

Most Popular Car Colors For Mercedes S Class During 1968

  • Cognac
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Maroon
  • Red
  • Black

Mercedes S Class colors today:

  • Beige
  • Black
  • Grey

 Most Popular Car Colors In 1970s

The color Bahama Yellow of the new model of Porsche also flourished between the years of 1960 and 1970.

Special-order for Porsche came in thee colors:

  • Signal Green
  • Tangerine
  • Signal Yellow

Additional colors were:

  • Lilac
  • Signal Orange
  • Chartreuse
  • Aubergine

Silver and black color Porsche decreased its value as soon as vibrant colors were produced. It is because it wasn’t, according to them, suitable during bad weather. Orange became popular in Europe while brown and green exploded during the late 70s.

The 1980s and the present…

The success of metallic paints is very evident, especially when the 80s started. Almost all automobiles around the world are converted to metallic paints, which made these three colors, white, red and black, as the primary for metallic-painted cars. Light grey became a complimentary color and as substitute for metallic silver.