Our fascinating world has 195 distinct countries which have different languages, cultures, cuisines, races and tourist spots. These countries also have distinct source of income such as oil, steel, minerals, crops and other exported products. However, not all countries are rich even though they have income. They are still poor, who struggle for the good of its people. The countries’ incomes go to the welfare of the people like free education, free medication, livelihood programs, repairing of roads, repairing of schools, hospitals and many more public buildings. Yet, not all countries’ incomes go to its countrymen. Sometimes, they are being pocketed by some government officials. That is why, some countries have difficulties when it comes to progress. Whatever it is but seems that the developed countries have the most cash with them, surprising all the under-developed ones every year. So, what these richest countries in the world are? Read further to know.

20 Richest Countries in the World

Not all of the countries’ incomes come from its products. Other nations use tax as their source of income. Tax is a fee that is paid to the government by the people who have jobs and business. And if you have a car, lot and a house, you should pay for the tax of the properties you own. Other countries invite foreign investors to finance their businesses, in that way, many people will have jobs. And if most of the people have jobs, the higher the tax they can collect which usually leads to development.

The world’s 195 countries have its unique culture, beliefs and practices. They also have their remarkable tourist spots which they are famous of. The tourist spot in Paris was the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids in Egypt, Underground River in the Philippines, the Great Wall of China, the Hong Kong Disneyland, Twin Tower in Malaysia and many to mention tourist spots. These are just some of the sites that you can find in different places, and we are sure there are still more out there. Tourist spots attract many foreign people to visit a country. And if there are many foreign people, there are many jobs available for the locals and the more employed people that a country has, the greater possibility for a country to progress faster.

However, the countries’ incomes and progress does not solely rely on its leaders and foreign people. Citizens should also help their country’s leaders by supporting their programs, which at the end; citizens are also the ones who will benefit from it. It is not an easy task to take care of many citizens as well as make the country rich and progress constantly. It takes a lot of effort, a sound decision-making, balancing the economy, taking care and monitoring the public amenities, preserving the natural resources, making sure that the country is safe to live without forsaking the people’s rights. Nevertheless, every country’s development just depends on how the government and its citizens help each other to make their country a beautiful and peaceful place to live in with their loved ones.

The countries stated below are the richest countries in the world based on GDP per capita in 2015. The following are:

1. Qatar ($96,993 GDP per capita)

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Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world. This independent Arab country depends seriously on foreign hard-work to develop its economy. The country has verified to have oil reserves of 15,000,000,000. Qatar is an Arab nation whose land is composed of dry desert and a long Persian Harbor coastline of beaches and hills. Doha is the capital city of Qatar and is recognized for its high-tech multistory buildings, and other modernistic architecture motivated by ancient Islamic proposal.

2. Luxemburg ($79,785 GDP per capita)

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Luxemburg is the 2nd richest country in the world and has an established and great revenue market economy. The steel and iron industry extremely helped a lot to develop its economy. Luxemburg is a tiny European nation surrounded by Germany, France and Belguim. This nation is mostly countryside, with compressed Ardennes forest and nature grounds located on the Northern part, and the Moselle River in the Southeastern part. Luxemburg is often called as “Little Switzerland” because of its rocky valleys that are located in the eastern Mullerthal area. Luxemburg City is the capital city of Luxemburg which is famous for its invigorated medieval old town hanging on absolute cliffs.

3. Singapore ($61,567 GDP per capita)

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It is an independent city island and state country. It has an extremely industrialized market economy. Singapore is one of the Four Asian Tigers which include countries namely Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan. Its economy is competitive, innovative and business-friendly. It is also the only Asian country who receives AAA credit assessments. It is a worldwide commercial center with a sultry climate and diverse inhabitants. Singapore is also recognized for its varied street toll, aided in hawker centers such as Maxwell Road and Tiong Bahu.

4. Norway ($56,663 GDP per capita)

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Norway is known to be a very costly place to live in, but that does not affect the Norwegians. The reason why it did not affect them is because all Norwegians are millionaires. Norway has already incorporated the state capitalism and is sitting in a gigantic stack of oil money. Norway is a Scandinavian nation surrounding deep shore inlets, glaciers and mountains. Oslo is the capital city of Norway and it is a city of museums and green spaces. Norway is also recognized for skiing, fishing and hiking.

5. Hong Kong ($55,383 GDP per capita)

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Believe it or not, Hong Kong is one of the top global financial centers. This region has a main entrepreneurial economy considered by free trade and low taxation. Hong Kong is one of the 4 Asian Tigers alongside with Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea. Little did we know that Hong Kong is a region and formerly, a British Colony. It is lively and tightly inhabited. Hong Kong is a major port and international monetary center recognized for its tower-studded horizon. It is also famous for its dynamic food site and its shopping galore.

6. Brunei ($55,111 GDP per capita)

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Bandar Seri Begawan is Brunei’s capital city. Brunei is the 6th richest country in world. It has a small and well-off economy. The production of natural gas and crude oil make up the 90% of its GDP. Brunei is a small country located on the island of Borneo, which is surrounded by South China Sea and Malaysia. It is well-known for its rich rainforest and beaches as well as sheltered reserves.

7. United States ($54,980 GDP per capita)

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United States has a capitalist diversified economy that is powered by great productivity and natural resources. The country’s economy has extended the post industrial level of growth and the region comprises 67.8% of GDP. United States is a business influence. It is a nation which consists of 50 states. Major are metropolises New York, an international culture and finance center, and Washington, DC, capital city of U.S, and Los Angeles, famous for its filmmaking.

8. Switzerland ($47,863 GDP per capita)

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Switzerland has a prosperous, stable and high-tech economy. It entices many wealthy foreign people. Switzerland has the most competitive economy in the world. It is a steep Dominant European nation. Switzerland is a home to several high mountaintops of the Alps, villages and lakes. It is also a good place for skiing and hiking. Finance and banking are main businesses in Switzerland. This nation is also famous for its chocolates and watches.

9. Canada ($44,656 GDP per capita)

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Canada is a country that is rich in energy which is the main reason for their developed economy. The said country is ruled by the service trade. Oil and logging businesses help suggestively to the nation’s economy. Canada, extending from US, is full of lively cities which includes multicultural and massive Toronto. Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. The nation is a home of different sheltered wilderness.

10. Australia ($44,346 GDP per capita)

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Australia is a wealthy nation. Its treasure is evenly disseminated among its citizens compared to other rich countries. Australia is a progressive nation. Banking, mini-related exports, manufacturing and telecommunications are the various sources of Australia’s income. It is a country which is surrounded by the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Australia’s main coastal cities are Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney. The country’s capital city is Canberra and has a nickname called “Bush Capital”. Sydney is famous for its Great Barrier Reef, the vast Outback and Sydney Opera House.

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