11. Austria ($43,796 GDP per capita)

richest countries in the world

Austria has a well-built societal fair economy. It is accountable for the creation of PEZ. Austria’s citizens appreciate a high typical of living. It is a country with citizens speaking in German located in Central Europe. Austria is described by its baroque city architecture, mountain villages, rugged alpine terrain and Imperial history rugged alpine terrain. Vienna is the capital city of Austria which is a home to the Hofburg and Schonbrunn palaces. Austria’s residents are Sigmund Freud, Strauss and Mozart.

12. Ireland ($42,806 GDP per capita)

Top 20 Richest Countries in the World To Live

Ireland has a knowledge-based industry. Since 1980, the country’s industry has been converted from agricultural to modern knowledge industry. The country’s economy is purely concentrated on services and high-tech industries. Ireland is the 3rd largest nation in Europe.

13. Netherlands ($42,586 GDP per capita)

world richest country

Netherlands is known to be a very wealthy country. It is a great nation to raise your kids. For the past 4 centuries, Netherlands has been one of the major economies in Europe. It is famous for its tulip fields, canals, landscape, cycling routes and windmills. Amsterdam is the capital city of Netherlands.

14. Sweden ($42,037 GDP per capita)

richest country in the world

Sweden is one of the progressive countries in the world. Its economy is progressing because of the engineering business. Sweden is wealthy in the form of timber, iron and hydropower. It is a Scandinavian country of thousands inland lakes, coastal islands, mountains and forests. Sweden’s capital city is Stockholm where you can find museums, parkland and royal palaces.

15. Taiwan ($41,581 GDP per capita)

richest countries in the world

Taiwan is a tiny island country that has hot spring resorts, dramatic rocky land and modern-day cities. Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan which is famous for its street-food sellers and busy night shops. Taiwan is also one of the 4 Asian tigers.

16. Germany ($41,248 GDP per capita)

richest countries in the world

Germany is the most populated country associate part of the European Union. It is the key economic influence of the state. Citizens of this progressive nation appreciate a very high customary way of living. Germany has a societal market industry with a great level of improvement. The country has a land of vast forests, mountain ranges and rivers. Berlin is the capital of Germany, a place that is great in night life, thriving art and the great Brandenburg Gate. Munich, which is also located in Germany, is famous for its reverberating beer rooms and Oktoberfest.

17. Iceland ($40,870 GDP per capita)

richest countries in the world

Iceland is a Nordic country. The nation’s economy has been specialized into service industries and manufacturing in the last ten years. Tourism also helps in Iceland’s economy. It is famous for its whale watching and eco-tourism. The country also has hot springs, geysers, black-sand beaches, waterfalls and glaciers. Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland. Snowmobiling, hiking and ice climbing are also good in Snaefellsnes and Vatnajokull, both are located in Iceland.

18. Kuwait ($39,861 GDP per capita)

Top 20 Richest Countries in the World To Live

Kuwait is a tiny Arab country that is rich in oil. The major export products of Kuwait are fertilizers and petroleum. Kuwait City is the capital city of Kuwait and its currency is Kuwaiti Dinar, which also has the highest value.

19. Belgium ($38,826 GDP per capita)

richest countries in the world

Belgium is a developed country. Belgium’s economy is described by high export products, high GNP and dynamic work force. The capital city of Belgium is Brussels where you can found the ornate guildhalls and an art nouveau. Belgium is parted into two multilingual states: the Dutch-speaking and French-speaking.

20. Denmark ($37,794 GDP per capita)

richest countries in the world

Denmark has one of the most influential economies in the world. It also has the slightest gap between the poor and rich which means that the nation is governed by great leaders. Copenhagen is Denmark’s capital city.

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