From reading tons of books containing baby names to writing several combination of you and your husband’s given name, there is no denying that choosing a name for your little one is never an easy task. While some may prefer short, uncomplicated and ordinary names, other expectant mothers and some elated soon-to-be-parents have this fondness of naming their little bundle of joy after a queen or princess, may it be from a fictional character in a novel or movie, or from a real-life royalty. But it may be a burden sometimes, especially the time when a child reaches the age where she is starting to learn how to write and pronounce her name. The longer and complex the child’s name, the more is the time required for her to learn it. But this doesn’t stop parents from formulating distinctive names. Though there are millions and millions of names, we are here to list you the 43 most popular girl names that are widely used these days.

43 Most Popular Girl Names Used These Days

Most Popular Girl Names

A wide variety of names from queens and princesses from the past until the present are listed below. If you are having a problem trying to make your little girl’s name unique and cool, now is the time to stop stressing yourself. These suggestions are sure to help you.

Here is a list of the 43 most popular girl names in the royal world that are being used by parents these days:

CHARLOTTE Queen Charlotte Sophia of England;Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, Princess of Cambridge (daughter of Prince William and Princess Kate)
CATHERINE  In the movie Young Catherine, a Princess in Germany;The movie Catherine the Great;

Catherine of Aragon;

Catherine Middleton, also known as Kate Middleton

HELEN Helen of Troy
LOUISA/LOUISE  Lady Louise Windsor, Queen Elizabeth II granddaughter;Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll


ISABELLA Isabella of France
ELIZABETH Queen Elizabeth the First, Elizabeth TudorElizabeth II, the recent queen of the United Kingdom;


VICTORIA  Alexandrina Victoria, ruler of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
SARAH  Princess Sarah, the protagonist in the famous story with the same title;One of the queen’s daughter-in-law
SOPHIA/SOFIA  Sofia the first, the first ever fictional Latina Princess in cartoon television
ALICE  Queen Victorias’ second daughter;Alice of Jerusalem, offspring of a king named Baldwin the second and his spouse that was named Morphia
AGATHA  Agatha, the Princess of Hungary
ADELA  William the Conqueror’s daughter
FRANCES  Frances Shand Kydd, William’s other grandma;One of Princess Diana’s name
JOAN  The Lady of Wales, also famous as Lady Snowdon
ADELAIDE  branded as “Adi”, of Saxe-Meiningen
ANNE  One of the queen’s (Elizabeth) descendants
JUDITH  The other half of Tostig Godwinson (in Flanders);Other Judith (in France) became queen two times
CECILY  the   “rose of Raby”, mother of Richard the third
CLEMENTINE  A princess who lived in Belgium;A princess in Orleans
DOROTHEA  The princess living in Courland;A princess in Schelswig-Holstein
MARGARET  Margaret of Anjou, Henry VI wife;Princess Margaret, the current queen’s sister
MATILDA  Empress Matilda “Matilda the Good”, Henry the First’s daughter
MARY  Mary the first, the descendant of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon;Mary the second, tied the knot with King William, died due to smallpox
JANE  Jane Seymour, wife number three of Henry VIII
ALEXANDRA Queen Elizabeth’s cousin and grandma’s name
DIANA The Princess of Wales’ well-known identity
PHILIPPA Of Hainault, Partner of Edward III;The Countess of Ulster
 RUTH A Princess in Hawaii during 18th Dynasty;Lady Fermoy, grandmother of Princess Diana


ELSA The star in a hit movie Frozen
AMELIA A famous princess in united Kingdom, one of the children of George III;A princess also in Great Britain, a descendant of George II
CAROLE The mother of the Duchess of Cambridge
ELODIE A fictional star princess in a video game
SABRINA A given name to one of the darling in anime
SACHI Indrasakdi Sachi, the spouse of King Vajiravudh
FABIA Another fictional princess in a cartoon series
MARIE Another royalty in Denmark
EUGENIE A consort of a king in Spain;Eugenie is the celebrated duchess of York
ELEANOR A fictional character in a series
CELESTIA A princess character in a television
CADENCE Together with Celestia, this is also a fictional cartoon character
KAKO The loved princess of Akishino. A Japanese royalty
BEATRICE The first born of Prince Andrew
VERONICA A character in a song

Some parents like using lengthy, old and classic girl names that would make their precious daughter appear like a sophisticated, intelligent and clever princess or more of a valiant queen. They would also attach a common name to it sometimes, giving a modern twist to it.

6 Tips For Naming Your Sweet Little Girl

1. Match It Right

Pairing of names becomes easy if you have a list of possible unique names handy. Few pairs are very common today, like the pairing of name Mary to Joy, composing the name of Mary Joy. Grace and Anne can also be a pair from this royal name. Another name combination is Anne Marie and Anna Marie. Ruth Agatha will be a unique add to your choices.

2. Long Or Short

Some names listed above can be a source of formation of a new name. If you want to have the name longer, then be creative and inventive. The name Joan can be changed to Joanna. Carole can be Caroline or Carolina, Anne can be Annalisa, Annika and Angelica.

  • The name Jane can be Janessa, Janelle or even Jansen.
  • Beatrice can be cut into the name of Bea.
  • Helen can be Helena, Elena or even Elaine.
  • Belle can be taken from Isabelle, Liz, Eliza or Beth from Elizabeth.
  • While Diana can be made into Dana, Dina or Danica.

The famous Eugenie can be fixed into a simpler, more masculine Eugene, a perfect name for your cool little ones.

  • Elsa on the other hand, can be Eliza
  • Catherine will be Cate, Kate or Kathy
  • Isabella can be Yssa, Belle or Ella

Tip: This short version of names used by some royalties can be a selection of lovely nicknames for your youngster too.

3. Another Version

Meanwhile, to make it more dramatic, some names can be change into a more interesting version. Marie, for example, can be Maria. It is like leaping from one country to another, being Marie as an English name to Maria, which is common to Mexican, Columbian and other pure breed South-American. The mature and womanly Dorothea can transform into Dorothy and Diana to a younger, sophisticated Diane or Dianne. The female version of Alex, Alexandra can be an Alessandra. One of the popular girl names — Catherine can be Katharina or the Katherine with a K.

  • Cadence could be Candice if you wanted it to be sweeter and modernize.
  • Clementine is Clementina for those who wanted a classic add to their kid’s name.
  • Alice to Alicia can also be a great choice.

Sophia to Sofia and Margaret to Margarette, both pair may sound the same but the spelling will give them a distinct attitude. Nevertheless, both pair of names could be fantastic names for your daughter. The Isobel from Isabella is also an appealing name. And don’t ever forget the Carlota in Charlotte.

4. The Three Names, Or More…

Most parents these days have one or two names as their identity. While there are some who have long names, obviously this includes the princesses, queens and the other members of the higher class which complete the royal family. The three or more names were an expected sight written on the newspapers, whether it was praising or creating headline news to one particular member of the royal family. Ordinary people having three or more names aren’t very usual.

Tip: If you aspire naming your little one like one of those princesses, you must be more considerate first. While you like the combination of Isabelle Margaret Alexandra, your child might curse you for giving her a hard time memorizing and writing it. If you really want it, just use two long names, like the Alexandra and Isabelle, then add some cool yet short names, like Gia, Kia, Fe or Jen. You just have to be more creative.

5. Use It Instead

About 35% babies born in the year 2013, used Princess and Queen names. Some of them incorporated it to some other names and here are few of their examples:

  • Princess Guia
  • Princess Joy
  • Princess Daphne
  • Princess Jasmine
  • Queenie Marie

6. Please Rewrite The Spelling

You will certainly not like it if your daughter will spill this phrase to you. When adding some common names to your chosen royal names, check the spelling. We know a person who was mistakenly named as Alieen for Aileen. This becomes a very big issue especially when the child enters his or her teenage years.

THE Dos And Don’ts When Naming Your Child, Especially If It Is Based On The Royal Family


  • Pair it with shorter names, as stated before.
  • Know the meaning. This might be an issue if you really adore stories in the past, probably historical ones. Just because it sounded really good, it doesn’t mean the meaning of that name is pleasant. Examples are:

-Persephone the possessor or carrier of death

-Cassandra – a giver of trap to men, deceitful

  • Simplify some spelling, especially when you know how difficult the original name is.
  • Be creative; add a colorful touch like using a name of color to your long name. (Red Margaret, what you think?)
  • Mind the initials she will be getting. You don’t want your child to have funny initials written on their books or worse, their uniforms.
  • Be ultimately sure that you want long and classic royalty name for her. This is necessary.
  • Share your thought with someone you trust, we mean the ones you really rely on and trust. Ask them if they would like be named like this and that.
  • If ever, do an investigation, well just kidding. But if you want to use only one name coming from the royal family, and the rest will be coming from yours or your husband, make sure that it is not the name carried by some criminals. Your child won’t definitely be glad about it.
  • You may also want to take a sneak peek on your local cemetery, just in case you might see some names that you were planning to give your child. This would be a great life-saver. Your child will be free from embarrassment and of course, from questions.
  • Put some memorabilia in the name. Yeah you may like the queen and her descendants to the extent of copying and using their name for your daughter, but including the favorite name of a family member in your daughter’s name will be a big message of how you really admired and thanked them.
  • Pick a name from a decent personality in the show business. Let’s not deny that while you are not a diehard fan of the British monarchy and other Royal Families, you are ogling to some famed stars.


  • Name your child without a proper research.
  • Put weird top decorations like punctuation marks or numbers. Some countries like New Zealand, has strict policy regarding names.
  • Be so overwhelmed by the idea of naming your child. If you wanted it to be more like special, like those in the royal family, you have to give a time for yourself.

Most Popular Girl Names: Meanings To Their Royaltiness

Some given names of the royals have specific meanings that will surely guide you and enlighten your mind in choosing what is perfect and suitable for your dotted one.

  1. Elizabeth- my God is rich
  2. Victoria- triumph (Victory)
  3. Sofia/Sophia- intelligence
  4. Charlotte- liberated man or free
  5. Agatha – fine woman
  6. Adelaide- nobility
  7. Anne- elegance
  8. Judith- God will be lifted up
  9. Cecily- sightless
  10. Clementina- gentle and compassionate
  11. Dorothea- a present from God
  12. Matilda- a single to defeat thousand
  13. Mary- the luminary in the sea, a guide
  14. Ruth- witty and a fighter
  15. Sachi- full of blessing
  16. Isabelle- a beauty
  17. Jane- a present from God
  18. Eleanor- the brilliant one
  19. Cadence- the vibrant
  20. Margaret- beaming, sunny
  21. Alexandra-to look after the mankind