In the passage of time, when you and your boyfriend were together soaked in love, do you feel in recent times, that the love has become stagnant? Have you found yourself, not getting texts about your well-being from the office and you are at home? Is the man who looked lovingly at your eyes, canceling the holidays to go for a trek with his male friends? Have you started getting doubts that the spark has died in the relationship? There are also chances that you have broken ties with your boyfriend or in the relationship with your ex-boyfriend, you want to give a shot another time? Read on this article on how to make your boyfriend miss you?

how to make your boyfriend miss you

How To Make A Guy Miss You?

Men always like regular attention; they love the facts that there are others to nurture and take care of their needs. In some cases, they can be more demanding and it will be cumbersome to provide them the balance in the relationship. In such cases, you give a pause, and follow these methods to know how to make a man miss you.

If you satisfy his requirements, he might have taken you for granted. IF you want to ignite the sparks once again, let him get what he wants, make your guy miss your presence, and let him imagine what you were/are doing. Kindly follow the instructions.

1. Get Attention

Do not feel creepy, but looking in the eye is regarded as the safest way to catch a person off-guard and attention. If you are in a party, or crowd, it is wise to make him know you have acknowledged his presence. You can throw your best smile and from that moment, you may have earned a place in his heart for that day.

2. Touch Barrier

You can convey different feelings through a single touch. If he is your boyfriend or ex, you can touch the arm during a conversation or move your hand over his hair. As per the human psychology, people get sensitive when others touch them. You might stay on his mind thereafter.

3. Keep The Conversation Short And Sweet

You desperately need him to enjoy your company, but the idea is to give a break when the conversation gets exciting. You may be requested for a date or a candle-lit dinner to continue the conversation.

4. Try To Remain Detached Or Mysterious

The society is built on the basics of humanity and man/woman are social animals. It is vital that you need to keep certain secrets to yourself, change the topic as per the need and he might want to know the specific reason.

5. Make Fun

The idea is to make fun so that he can laugh at himself. Do not make jokes and he can feel offended. The best way is to show your superiority is when he calls for a date (if), tell him that you are busy.

6. Do Not Close The Doors

Do not be unapproachable. He would not get a chance to talk to you. It is mandatory that you keep the best body language during the conversation. First, the smile should be genuine. Eye contact should be proper.

Kindly note, you can give the relationship the best shot, but in case of boyfriends or ex, it is impossible to force someone to love you. If you both are lacking in feelings of love, and do not get intimate regardless of the countless measures taken, it is better to set the ball rolling instead of wasting energy.

How To Make A Man Miss You?

Rekindle The Relationship

Have you analyzed the reason the relationship broke the first time? If you get the feeling that the result is not going to be same, go for the instructions given. Else, save the energy and find another worthy boyfriend or enjoy your single life.

Analyze The Mistakes

Were you too possessive, or did you disrespect his long goals for the future? Remember, you rarely have a chance if your boyfriend thinks he will run into the similar problems once again.

Understood, it hurts one’s ego when apologizing for a mistake, but take proper actions and say the right words. At present, you need to prove that you will be more than a positive presence in his future life.

Do Not Stay Always With Him

He will not miss if you are constantly in touch with him. All of a sudden, stop taking calls, sending texts and messages. Your boyfriend will realize what he has lost, when you are out of his reach.

Make Him Feel That You Are Happy Without Him

If you are with a depressed look, you will not look attractive. Let your appearance convey to him that you enjoy being single and you are living the life to the fullest.

You can make good value of the time, you had spent with him and utilize the same for taking a break. Go for a trip with family, and friends. He should not think that you are ruing over your loss.

Decide For The Future

Now, is the time to decide. Love will endure many storms and typhoons, but analyze if you both can be positive in each other’s lives. Both of you, after two decades, should think you have made the best decision in becoming a part of each other’s lives.

As explained above, if you are interested give it a second shot. However, do not hang on the same guy forever, if he does not like you or tries to avoid you. You just have to move on…….